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  By: RodManly

I can view my new neighbor’s house though the trees in my back yard. The neighbors are a pair of newly weds who recently moved into the house behind me.  I hadn’t yet met them, but the word was she was some eastern European mail order bride that the husband hooked up with on the internet that promised very submissive women willing to do anything to get into the good ‘ole USA. 


I had first spotted them through the trees out by their pool.  I’m familiar with their house and yard because of the previous neighbor and I would hang out occasionally and have a few beers. I woud look out after his house when he was on the road, and I still had a key to the house that I had meant to return.  I knew that from their house it looked as though they had a lot of privacy.  But I actually had a great view of both the back yard and their master bedroom because of large picture windows in the bedroom, Plus the master bath also had a large picture window beside the bathtub.  I never understood why someone would have a big, open window by his or her bath tub, but I’m not complaining.


The woman had what I always pictured as an eastern European woman’s body: very slender, dark hair, semi dark complexion, a tight little ass and very firm “B” to “C” size tits. She looked to be in her young 20’s, and very hot.  The husband was a 40ish, geeky, skinny guy.   The word was also he was a software programmer who made a lot of cash.  I figured he needed lots of money to get or buy a hot looking chick like that for his wife.


She was wearing a thong bikini, showing off the tight little ass of her’s.  Her top was a matching little string thing with triangles over the nipples. 


The husband was sitting in a lounge chair by the pool.  I could see him say something to her.  She immediately took off her top.  My 9 inches of meat got hard immediately.  Her tips were everything I imagined. 


She dove into the pool and swan a few laps. Mostly on her back with her fine tits exposed to the air and sun.  I could see she was showing off for her husband.


He said something to her again. She climbed out of the pool and dried off.  She walked over to him, reached down and pulled his cock out of his pants and started to suck him off. I realized I was jacking off as I watched this hot chick giving head.


The he grabbed by the hair and pulled off his cock, got up and dragged her into the house.  In a moment I could see them in the bedroom.  He still had her by the hair and through onto the bed, releasing her hair.  I thought she would be pissed or scared, but I saw her look at him with very horny eyes and starting moving and gyrating her body around the bed.  I grabbed the binoculars.  I could see she was saying, “fuck me, fuck me!” He came back over the bed, now naked with his 5 inch dick sticking out.  He slapped her hard on the ass.  She loved it.  She sucked his cock some more.  The she positioned herself on the bed, dog style, with both hands gripping the brass headboard. I saw him tie her hands tight the to bed.  He then blindfolded and gagged her. She was digging it. He removed her thong and I could see her unshaved, dark haired pussy.  She was wiggling her ass with horny desire to get fucked.  He tied her legs so she could not get out of that position.  At this point my raging nine incher needed tap some of that pussy.


I grabbed a blond wig and a ski mask.  I couldn’t believe I was thinking of doing this.  It was like I was watching myself as I slid on some old clothes and grabbed the house key of theirs that I still had.  Slipping though the trees and between our houses, I approached their house carefully reaching their back door.  It turned out I didn’t need a key, they had left it open in their horny haste.


I quietly walked up to the bedroom door that was also open.  I could hear them fucking from the moment I entered the house.  It sounded like he liked it rough and she was doing her best to go along.  Lots of, “You like it, bitch!” followed by a loud SLAP!  Than she would say, “Oh yes, fuck my pussy more with your huge dick, oh fuck me harder”.  I listened for a moment and got the distinct impression that she  wasn’t getting off as much as she tried to make it sound.  I was behind them and could see her tight, slender body tied to the bed, still blind folded and being fucked doggy style, but the gag had been removed so I know I had to be careful and quick.  My nine inch monster was out and I wanted to plunge it into that pussy with the dark hair around the opening BAD! 


The husband had shot his load already and it was apparently trying to get it up again by slapping his puny dick against her ass.  Neither knew I was in the room yet. He started to back off the bed.  I quickly pinned his arms and smother his nose and mouth with a cloth drenched in chloroform.  While of average height, I am very strong and his skinny, geeky ass wasn’t any problem.  He passed out and I laid him quietly on the floor. She was still on the bed.  She could hear a little commotion.  “Honey, everything okay?”


I didn’t say anything but stayed behind her, and slapped her hard on the ass.  “Oooohhhh, okay, you want some more honey? I could use some more.”


Positioning myself behind her, I knew that as soon as I pressed the thick head of my monster against her horny pussy she would know something was wrong. There was no way she would mistake my two inch thick cock with her husband less than average dick.  I reached from behind and replaced the gag on her, making sure it was firmly in place.


She made uummmm sounds and wiggled her ass. I slapped ass harder this time.  She made more “Oooohhh, uuummm” sounds though the gag.  She started to wiggle her ass some more, trying to push herself back to contact her husband cock.  Instead, her pussy lips began to open up and slide over the head of my throbbing monster.  I grabbed her hips and thrust my hard meat fully deep into her on the first thrust.  I could feel her flinch at the sudden size and penetration.  I expected her to freak. Instead I heard her saying something through the gag that sound like “Ohh, toy!” 


The guy must use a strap on to actually satisfy this hot little pussy.  I heard her faking before when he was fucking, but now her moans changed and I could feel her body and pussy twitching and tightening around my cock.  I was surprised how fast and hard she was reaching orgasm, which was good for me because I was starting to cum and shoot my load into her.  She could feel my hot load of cum filling her pussy and running down her legs.  She couldn’t stop herself from cumming and she was still moving her ass back against me for more cock.  But through the gag I could hear, “Honey?”


I pulled my cock out of her pussy.  Her pussy was so tight around my cock, it made a popping sound and she twitched violently in orgasm.  I wasn’t done.  I found some rope and duct tape and proceeded to tie the husband up and sat him in a chair so he was straddling it backwards, with his little five incher hanging out.  He would have a perfect view when he woke up of either me still fucking his wife, or her still tied on the bed with a pussy full of cum. 


I’m from Boston, but can do a very good “southern redneck” voice.  I was still dressed in old, baggy non-descript clothes and ski mask. 


By now the wife knew something wasn’t quite right.  Thinking about fucking her again and the geek with the small dick waking up to see it had gotten my cock hard again.  I got back on the bed.  This time, even though she was still blindfolded and gagged, she was trying to move way, saying in that eastern European voice a gagged, “Honey, honey?”


I grabbed her assed, slapped it again, and slid my big, hard meat back into her.  This time going more slowly and smoothly into that tight pussy, enjoying the feel of it as it enveloped my cock.  This elicited a groan from her and a “fuck me” wiggle from her ass.  She was trying not to go along, but her horny little pussy seemed to have a mind of its own as it started to taste my large cock once more.  She began to realize that this might be the real thing and tried to resist, but her pussy wasn’t cooperating with her!


I left the gag in place, but reached up and pulled off the blindfold, then quickly and firmly grabbed her hips, ready for the “bucking bronco” ride.


She turned her head quickly.  Her eyes got huge as she realized she was be raped in her bedroom and her husband was tied up and unconscious. 


In my best southern redneck I said, “Now, sweet thang, you don’t want me to hurt your man now do you?” the whole time still slowly fucking her pussy. 


Surprisingly, even though she was shocked and not very happy with the situation, she didn’t try to pull away even before I said anything.  Her ass and pussy kept pushing back, responding to my deep thrusts that were filling her pussy more that the dick she’d been used to.


In that eastern European accent I could hear her though the gag, “Please stop, ooohhhhh,  please stop, ooooohhhhhh, aghhhhhhhh, hmmmp, hmmp, aghhhh, please stop, ooohhhhhh, aaaaahhhhhh, ohhhhh mmmmyyy godddd!” as she couldn’t resist starting another orgasm as my large cock hit everything in her pussy at once. 


She quite saying “please stop” and gave into the deep fucking.  I could feel her pussy tighten more.  Her body was writhing. She could not stop herself. I started fucking her harder, my large balls slapping up against her black, bushy pussy mound.

The husband came awake and started making noises, but I had him well gagged.  The woman knew her husband was watching, but just couldn’t stop fucking my long, thick cock.  I looked at him and said he needed to be quiet or I’d put him out again.  He shut up.  He was pissed and wanted to kill me I could tell.  But as I kept fucking his wife, he could not look away. 


Between grunts and moans, the woman kept saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but I can stop cumming, aaahhhhhhhhhhhh, oooohhhhhhhh, god, not again, aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, ooohhh shhhhhiiit, I’m cumming again honey! I’m sorrrrrryyyyyyyyyy……..!”


I was getting ready to shoot my second load into her pussy.  I looked at him and said, in matter of fact way, “You’re going to lick her pussy clean when I’m done.”


He stared absolute hate at me. 


I started pumping his wife’s pussy harder.  She was still moaning.  I leaned forward and whispered in her ear to tell her husband she wanted him lick her pussy.  As I unloaded what felt like a gallon of cum into her pussy, she turned her face to her husband and said, “I……want…….you……..lick………pussyyyyyy……..AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH SSHHHHIIIITTTT!”


I had just buried my fire hose spurting cum deep within her pussy, her cum and my cum now running out of her pussy and down her thighs. 


Unexpectedly, she said, “Honey, you liked that?” to her husband. 


Looking over at him I saw he little five inch dick was rock hard and pre-cum dripping out of the tip.  The geek little bitch was turned on by the sight of me raping his wife!


I pulled my cock out of his wife’s pussy, walked over to him with my cock dripping his wife’s cum, told him he better not yell or make any noise I don’t like.  The whole time I made sure to stay sounding like a southern redneck.  I removed the gag, kept his hands hand and his feet tied, with his hands behind him.  I put him on his back on the bed, positioning under his wife’s pussy and told her to sit up on his face. 


“Oh, honey”, she said to her husband as she did what I told her. 


 What happened next surprised me.  Instead of trying to avoid or resist having a pussy full of another man’s cum lowered onto his face, he suddenly was eagerly lapping up the cum out her pussy like a hungry dog.  Suddenly she’s saying, “Ohhhh baby, oohhhhh baby!”


I watch as she pressed her pussy down hard onto his face.  I love how this woman cums and orgasms!  Her ass cheeks squeezing tight.  I found myself stroking my own cock back to life as I watched.


I started to rub her ass with my hands.  Than I saw some lube beside the nightstand.  I grabbed it and started to massage her anus, working in a finger than increasing to two and three fingers as her anus relaxed. 


I told them both I was going to fuck her in the ass while she sat on her husbands face. 


I could her him mumble with a mouth full of cum filled pussy, “oh no, please no.”


I told him to shut the fuck up.  I straddled over him and placed the head of my cock against his wife now lubed, open and inviting asshole.  His chin was just below it.   I pressed my cock into her asshole.  I didn’t know if she could take the whole nine inches up her ass or not. 


The wife hadn’t said anything except to keep moaning and say an occasional, “I’m sorry honey, I can’t help myself.” As she kept reaching multiple orgasms. 


I was working my cock deeper into her pussy.  She starting fucking harder, alternating between pushing down harder onto her husband hungry mouth, and pushing her ass back onto my eager cock, trying to draw me deeper in.  I was getting to the hilt of my nine inch cock.  My big, hairy balls were now slamming into the husbands chin.  He seemed to be intent on really licking his wife’s pussy clean. 


The woman looked back at my masked face and over my shoulder.  Her eyes widening.  I looked behind me, and down.  Her husband was so turned on he was shooting his load with no one touching his cock!


I figured it was about time I got done and out of there.  I told her I was going to fill her ass with my cum.  She actually said, “Oh, yes……..”


She started to shudder with one more orgasm as I slammed my cock hard into her ass with short thrusts.  Then I held myself tight against her asshole, pouring cum far up the chocolate tunnel.  My balls were pressed against the husbands throat and chin.  He was still eating cum like a hungry bitch.  I pull my spent cock out of her ass.  Her asshole stayed wide open.  Suddenly I saw my second load of cum pouring out of her ass, down her crack and into her bitch husband’s waiting mouth.  As I watched and didn’t say anything.  The wife and husband both moved to better position or him to run his tongue deep into her ass.  I could hear him sucking my cum out of the beautiful asshole.  I thought, “Yeah, bitch, eat the evidence!”


When it looked like he HAD actually eaten all of the cum out of her pussy and asshole, I had them reposition so he could fuck her in both pussy and asshole, adding his cum to the mix, further confounding and DNA evidence.  Without a thought, he shot a load into both places.  As he collapsed on the bed, I hit him with the chloroform to knock him out.  I needed to get out of there and be well gone, home and everything cleaned up before they were able to do anything.


As I knocked her out with the chloroform, she looked at her husband then at me.  The last thing she said to me was, “I really needed a good fuck….”

I slipped out of the house, got home, disposed of all the clothes and wig.  I took a shower and got dressed for work. 


Then the call came of a home break in and assault.  The dispatcher said it was in my neighborhood and asked if I wanted to respond.  I said yes, of course.  My partner and I arrived back at the neighbor’s house. 


The husband and wife only reported a break in and assault, using chloroform to subdue them.  She was still dressed hot.  They said they thought the guy was a huge redneck.  Funny how guys don’t want to admit to be taken down but an average build guy.  They never did say anything about the severe fucking.



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I'd love the idea of fucking you in the ass, easypeasy
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Oh fuck, love the idea of getting my ass fucked

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