"After The Party" A Newspaper Fetish Story   added 4 years ago    

  By: paperman83

“Party at my place.” I tell all my friends.  Saturday is the only day we all have an opportunity to get loose and have a few drinks.  Each of my friends came to me and asked if they can invite someone special and I said yes.  “The more, the merrier”, I say in hopes that my party will be a fun.  “My band will also be playing a few songs we wrote”, I expressed to them.  Everyone seemed to be excited and told me that Saturday couldn’t come quick enough.  I agreed, as my plans for food, drinks, music and fun were in store for all of us.  Then we all went about our day.


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The week surprisingly flew by faster than ever and Saturday was finally here.  I had a few friends stop in to help me set everything up.  Everything from seating to where I wanted the keg was successfully complete.  My band’s instruments were displayed out on the porch, where we would have everyone out by the pool, while we played.  Then everyone started showing up.  “Listen up, no one is to be in any of the bedrooms. “ I explain the rules.  They all agreed and we started the party.  My friend Chris started the radio, while we started the line for the drinks and food.  We had everything from hot dogs and chips to ham and cheese sandwiches.  So I made sure my guests were well fed. 

After everyone ate and were starting on their second or third drink, I lead everyone outside to the pool.  “My band will be playing a few of our songs for you, tonight. I hope you like them. 1…2…1, 2, 3, go!” I said as my band and I began to play.  A few moments into the show, the band and I could tell that everyone was enjoying our music.  There were people standing in the pool and some were even enjoying the diving board.  We reached the solo of our third song and I kicked my guitar into high gear with a powerful bend of the strings.  By then, I knew I had everyone’s attention.  I just let my guitar sing.  Our next song was our last.  It was the only ballad we had written, so far, and was our best song.  I could see hearts melting in front of us.  It was sad to see our set come to an end, but the party must go on.

After our show, a good portion of my guests left.  My band had taken off for the night and I was left to cater my group of friends.  I could see that a lady friend of mine had brought along a lady friend of hers that also decided to stay.  She was very petite and very cute.  I was in the middle of talking with my lady friend, when her friend had interrupted.  “Sorry to interrupt your conversation, but I’ve been wanting to talk to you all night.” She said.  I smiled and introduced myself to her and she introduced herself to me.  “I’m Missy. I was watching your band from the pool. Your solo was awesome, but your ballad was so amazingly beautiful that I got a little teary eyed.” She finished.  Her compliment had made my night.  “Thank you! I’ll have to play it again for you, some time.” I replied.  Kate looked towards me.  “Well, I better head out, now.” She said.  My other guests were leaving as well, so I walked them to the door and said good night.  Then I walked back to the living room to notice Missy was still sitting on the couch.

“I thought you had left with Kate?” I said surprised to see her waiting for me.  “I thought we could talk more, if that’s okay. But I can go, if you want.” Missy replied.  I looked at her with a smile.  “No, you don’t have to. I was just thinking that I’d like to get to know you more.” I said as I sat down beside her.  We talked for awhile and the conversation was great.  I started to get a little tired, so I stood up.  “Well, I should be heading off to bed, now.” I said to her.  She stood to her feet as well.  “Do you mind if I use the bathroom real quick?” she asked.  I said okay and walked her to the bathroom.  My bedroom was across from the bathroom, so I went in as I waited for Missy to finish up.  Soon after, she came out and knocked on my bedroom door. 

I opened the door to see her standing there.  She glanced in and quickly took a liking to my set up.  I had a dim light on my desk, but it set a mood in the room.  “I like your room. Do you mind if I take a look?” she asked.  “Sure, come on in. Make yourself comfy.” I replied.  She walked in and glanced around.  My desk was near the door and next to it, is a drawing table.  My drawings had caught her eye as she walked over to my table and picked one up.  “Oh my!” she said with shock.  “Did you draw these?” she asked.  I was slightly embarrassed, but her reaction could have been worse.  “Yes, it’s a thing of mine and I like to express it with art.” I replied.  She had seen my newspaper fetish pictures laying on my drawing table.  “They’re fascinating! I love them.” She expressed.  To lighten my embarrassment, I explained my fetish.  “I have a newspaper fetish. I enjoy rubbing them all over my naked body, I use them to masturbate and I film myself as well.” I expressed.  She didn’t seem to be weirded out by my fetish, so I knew that I could trust her with it.  “What else do you do with it?” she asked.  I was slightly hesitant at first, but felt comfortable to share.  “Well, I write stories, I use my drawings to create comics and motion pictures.” I explain.  She seemed more curious about my fetish.  “Motion pictures. Like cartoons?” she asked.  I nodded my head.  “Yes, like a cartoon. I draw a scene and then draw another scene, but make slight changes for motion.” I explain further.  By now, she was more than curious about it.  “Will you show me?” She asked.  I walked over to my DVDs to pull out a home movie that I had made.  “Hey.” She called out to me.  Then I turned around.

My reaction to Missy was a puzzled look.  She stood there holding a newspaper in front of her chest with both hands.  She had the most seductive smile on her face.  “I meant……………Will you show me with this.” She explained.  I stood there in thought, and then accepted her proposal.  I walked over to her and she handed the newspaper to me.  Then she walked over to my desk.  “I’ll sit here, so I can watch.” She said with a grin.  As she set down, I tossed my blanket off the bed.  Then with nothing but a sheet and a pillow, I began to cover my bed with the newspapers.  And when all was ready, I began to undress.  “Undress slowly. Make it passionate and sexy.” She said.  Slowly, I began to undress myself.  Once I had reached my boxer briefs, she stood up and walked over to me.  “Let me.” She said.  She grabbed the rim of my boxers and slowly lowered them.  My erect cock popped out and almost smacked her in the nose.  “Wow! You’re carrying a full arsenal there, big boy!” she said in surprise.  She reached for a sheet of newspaper on the bed and slapped it on my cock a few times.  Then she gently glided it upon my cock to ensure that I was as erect as I could be.  “Now, lay down on the bed.” She continued.  I laid down on the bed.  She took the newspaper and gently graced my nipples, then down to my cock.  She graced my cock a few times before smacking it.  Then she tossed the newspaper down on my chest and walked slowly back to my desk to sit.  I picked up the newspaper and wrapped it around my hard cock.  “Mmm….Oh…You’re making me hot…Give me more, please?” She said.  And I started to masturbate myself with the newspaper.

Five minutes later, my bedroom door slowly opened.  Kate was standing there with a smile on her face as she invited herself in.  “Did I miss anything?” Kate asked Missy.  I stopped for a second and was hesitant to continue.  Then Kate spoke up.  “I should probably tell you that we already saw your room. The pictures are intriguing!” Kate explained.  This sent comforting feel through me, so I slowly continue the show for my small audience.  Plus, Kate is a good friend of mine with an open mind to just about anything.  Kate took a seat next to Missy as I continued to rub my cock with the newspaper.  I could hear the girls quietly talking with each other as they watched me masturbate with the newspaper.  At first, I was focused on the task at hand.  But then, I looked up at Kate and Missy glancing at each other with smiles.  They began to feel each other’s breasts and playfully kiss.  I could see that they were planning something by the way they traded sexual glances at me and back towards each other.  Shortly after, they began to take off their tops and then their bras.  Kate reached to the end of my bed and grabbed a sheet of newspaper.  Then she placed it upon Missy’s breasts and wrapped them up with the newspaper.  I could feel my cock poking harder into my newspaper.  Kate took her thumbs and gently rubbed over the newspaper, upon Missy’s nipples.  Then Kate gave the newspaper to Missy to try the same on her.  Both ladies moaned and giggled as they looked back towards me. 

After awhile of teasing me with the newspaper on their breasts, the girls stood to their feet and walked over to the side of the bed.  Missy sat down by my legs and Kate sat down at the head of the bed.  Missy ran her hand to my leg and massaged my thigh.  Kate began to play with my chest and rub my nipples.  I started to masturbate a little faster, but Kate insisted I make the moment last.  She motioned me to get my knees on the bed.  Kate pulled her pantyhose off and with my body facing the head of the bed, she began to tie my hands to the rails.  Then she wrapped a sheet of newspaper around my head and taped it tightly, so I couldn’t see what was going on.  She poked a large hole through the newspaper and into my mouth.  Moments later, I felt a folded up newspaper rubbing against my ass cheeks.  Then a hard spanking to intensify the feeling.  And then, I felt the newspaper between my legs.  I believed it was Missy who was teasing me.  She started to slap my cock hard with the newspaper, while rubbing it as well.  When the teasing stopped, Missy laid down on the bed with her head between my legs.  I felt her lips wrap around my cock as she began to suck on it. 

Missy took my cock deep into her mouth, soaking it with her saliva.  She placed the newspaper on my ass cheeks and squeezed them hard.  My cock throbbed with excitement, while I waited for Kate to join in.  Kate stood up on the bed and sat on the head rails.  She placed her hands on the newspaper around the back of my head and guided my face into her pussy.  “Lick my pussy clean, Paperboy!” Kate demanded.  I stuck out my tongue and placed it on Kate’s clit.  She motioned my head up and down as my tongue glided against her pussy.  She pulled my newspaper face deeper into her, then pulled my head up for a kiss.  “That’s a good, paperboy! I’ll never cancel my subscription again! Mmm….” She finished.  We shared each sensation with moans of enjoyment.  Then Kate lowered my face back onto her pussy, rubbing the newspaper into her wetness to soak it up.  Then positioning the hole over her clit, I began to lick it again.  I could taste the aroma of the newspaper on her clit and it sent tingles through my body.  My hard cock spasmed inside Missy’s mouth.  “Time to switch!” Kate said.  Missy pulled herself out from between my legs and proceeded to the head rails.  Now, Kate’s lips were wrapped around my cock and I was licking Missy’s clit. 

Missy’s taste was refreshing!  I could tell she kept herself clean and tight.  I was in heaven and loving every minute of it!  I licked Missy’s pussy so good, that I could feel her shaking on my face.  She pulled my head into her, just as Kate had done.  After our little oral session was fulfilled, Missy untied me from the bed and turned me around.  She quickly hopped over my face to ride my tongue, through the newspaper, while Kate had slide my cock into her pussy.  Both girls were straddling me at both ends.  Kate’s pussy tightened around my throbbing cock, while Missy rode my face.  Missy and Kate started to kiss each other, passionately.  And it didn’t take long for Kate to climax on top of me.  “Your turn!” Kate said to Missy.  Then Missy took her turn on top of me, while Kate climbed back on top of my face.  “You want to taste my juices, paperboy? I’ll ride your face real good!” Kate said.  I stuck my tongue out again, tasting a little of my pre-cum on her pussy lips as she rode my face, once again.  Missy was straddling my cock, at a fast pace.  I found it hard not to explode inside of her tight pussy, so I held back as much as I could.  Her moaning louder was a sign that she was nearing her climax, as well.  Her pussy slammed down hard on my pelvic region.  “Ah! Yes….Yes….Ah! I’m cumming!” Missy shouted out with excitement.  Soon after, Missy’s pussy burst like a waterfall on my cock and I came seconds later.  Our juices raced to meet each other. 

As Missy hopped off my cock, Kate would fallow her.  Kate quickly raced to Missy’s pussy and licked some of my cum from her.  “Mmm….That’s good!” Kate expressed.  Then she planted her pussy lips onto Missy’s pussy lips and began to ride her, for a moment.  Then both girls brought each other to share in their own orgasm.  I was still laying on the bed, trying to catch my breath.  Kate and Missy had stood to the floor and knelt down to kiss my lips.  Kate grabbed a sheet of newspaper and placed it upon my chest.  Then digging in her pocket, she pulled out a dollar bill and dropped it onto the newspaper covering my chest.  Missy reached into her pocket and pulled out a slip of paper with her phone number and dropped it on top of the dollar bill.  Then both girls walked to the door.  “I’ll be waiting for my newspaper, tomorrow. Don’t be late.” Missy jokingly stated.  “Hey paperboy! Check your computer. There’s something on it I think you might find interesting!” Kate said.  “Bye bye, now!” both girls said as they walked away.  Soon after, I got up from my bed and unwrapped the soaking wet newspaper from my face.  Then I walked over to my computer to turn on the monitor.  To my surprise, Kate had recorded everything from my webcam, onto my computer.  The beginning of the recording showed Kate and Missy looking at my pictures on my desk.  And they were giggling in surprise as they expressed their liking to them.  I almost didn’t notice the little note Kate sent in a message on the screen.  It read, “Two copies, please!” with a winking smiley face.  As my webcam was still recording, I looked up at it and back to the screen to wave bye, before turning it off and heading to bed.    

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