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  By: mellomarcia12

After a sumptuous dinner out, we get in the car and start on our way back to my place. With the top down, clear skies, a million stars and a warm breeze all make for a romantic drive.


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Even though your car is a convertible it does not have bucket seats which make it a great car cozy drives. I slide in next to you and put my head on your shoulder and rest my hand on your open leg. You wrap your arm lovingly around my shoulder and tell me again how much you've enjoyed our dinner.

Your hand moves down into my blouse so you can caress my right breast. With my right hand caressing your thigh I feel your mounting desire as I start moving my hand upwards toward your waistband. I undo your belt and pull on your shorts as your manhood fights for escape. I move down so I can lick the precum that has escaped. I ask you to pull over for a second so you can take off your shorts and so I can have full access to all of you, because your cock is the only thing on my mind now. We are now driving along the coast with the top down and my face in your lap. Your hands running through my hair and gently pushing on my head as I go after your cock with everything I've got. Your hips pushing up, my head bobbing up and down I take your balls in my hand and gently message them with both of my hands. A truck drives by and slows to catch the view. He gives a toot of his horn as to give you the thumbs up wishing it was him.

Down the winding road we go. My mouth gets wetter and wetter, until I take you out of my mouth for a second so I can get my fingers wet. Then as I start sucking on you again I slowly move my hand to your bumb and insert my right finger. Then I slide one more finger in massaging your prostate. You fight for control because the joy you are feeling is making it hard for you to concentrate on your driving. Until finally you see a turn out so we can park, because watching me is the only scenery you want! The feelings are so intense, its as though I have never done anything like this to you before and you don't ever want it to end. Our moans are turning into to cries as you get ready to cum, until finally you do cum in an explosion of pure ecstacy. I fight to swallow hard with the first wave and then slowly finish swallowing your wonderful cream. And I keep sucking on you slower and slower till you are totally relaxed. Mmmmmmm! What a drive!

Would you like me to take over the wheel now?

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