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  By: naughtygirl2011

I’m in the kitchen washing up, it’s been a long day and I’m longing for a glass of wine and a soak in a hot bath.


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I hear him come in and shout out “hello” he doesn’t answer, nothing new he’s probably got the hump again.
He comes into the kitchen, gets a beer from the fridge takes a long swig and puts the bottle down. He has made no effort to talk to me so I carry on with the washing up.

Then I feel him behind me, he kisses my neck with cold wet lips and I heave a sigh of pleasure and surprise. I try to turn around but he grabs my hair with one hand and with the other he squeezes my breast until he knows it hurts. He starts to kiss my neck again and he can feel that I am starting to get excited he lets go of my hair and puts his hand down the front of my trousers and forces his fingers inside me I can’t help but moan because it feels so good, even though I know this could cause trouble for me, he hates it when I show enjoyment when his in this mood. As I suspected my moan now causes him to let go of my breast and grab me by the neck. He pushes me forward so I am bent over the sink and he starts grinding he’s hard cock against my arse, now I know what’s coming my excitement really begins to build.

He turns me round and forces my hand into his trousers, he is so hard his trousers are straining to keep him inside, so I solve this by taking him out and start rubbing his cock and balls. Now he’s the one to start moaning and I know I’ve got him!! He’s aching for me to swap my hand for my mouth so I make him wait and just keep stroking, squeezing and rubbing him. It gets to the point that he won’t wait for me to give him what he wants so he grabs me by the hair again and forces he’s cock so far into my mouth he makes me gag he thrusts again and again going deeper and deeper pulling me in by my hair until I think I am going to throw up. Then I take over and suck and lick just how I know he likes it, long deep strokes I lick him from top to bottom I put his balls in my mouth I lick, kiss and suck until I can feel he is ready to come so I prepare my self for the warm sticky treat I’m about to get – but not today he pulls himself out of my mouth stands me up grabs me by the neck again puts his face right into mine and tells me he is going to fuck my arse so hard I’m not going to sit down for a week.

With this he drags me to the sofa pushes me down so I’m nearly bent double and with no warning he thrusts his cock deep into my arse and starts pounding and pounding I start moaning with pleasure and pain then he reaches down and pushes what feels like his whole hand into my dripping pussy and starts to hand fuck me as well. He knows I love to have both holes fucked together, neither of us can take the intensity much longer he reaches forward with his free hand and starts squeezing my breast again. I tell him how good it feels to have his hard cock in my arse, begging him to thrust harder and deeper. We are both so close to orgasm it feels like if he doesn’t come soon I’m going to pass out it is just too good. Then at last he explodes in my arse and we both collapse exhausted and completely spent.
 Then he turns to me and says “hi babe”

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