"A Lady's Way" A Newspaper Fetish Story   added 4 years ago    

  By: paperman83

Jessica is a bookworm.  She enjoys lying naked in her bed with her glasses on, while she reads.  The silk sheets add pleasure to her legs, while she rests her back against a stack of pillows.  She picked up the daily newspaper and began to read it.  Then unfolding it, she let it rest upon her lap.  She could feel the bottom of the pages gently brush over the top of her pussy.  The pleasure of the newspaper aroused her along with the silk sheets and put her in a horny mood.  She began to read further, until she came across the classifieds.  By then, her arousal was high.  Jessica laid the open newspaper across her lap and turned to her night stand to pick up a book and her vibrator.  Without moving the newspaper from her lap, Jessica put her vibrator under the pages and inserted it inside her pussy.  Then pulling her hand out from under the newspaper, she placed it on top of the pages to keep her vibrator inside. 

She began to read her book.  It was a romance novel about a private eye detective, named Johnson.  Johnson was well known for taking cases involving young, smart and pretty woman.  He was also known for having his share of flings, due to a pleasurable cock.  His clients found him to be a highly recommendable detective.  “Detective Johnson?” a voice called into his office.  Detective Johnson sat at his desk with a cup of coffee and the morning newspaper.  He dropped the top of the page to see who was at his front desk.  It was another young and attractive brunette.  “May I help you ma’am?” Detective Johnson ask.  The lady looked as if she were in real need of his services.  “I think my husband is cheating on me and I want you to find out the truth for me!” the lady demanded.  Detective Johnson stood to his feet and slammed the newspaper down.  “Look lady! I don’t mind handing out my services to a woman such as your self. But demanding that I do so just isn’t good business!” He said.

Jessica’s mind was full images to the words of the story.  “Would detective Johnson have his way with the client? Maybe in his office?” she thought to herself.  The vibrator shook the newspaper on top of her lap as if it were a baseball card in the spokes of a bike tire.  Jessica’s arousal had heightened.  She needed to get to the good stuff, before she climaxed.  Putting the book to a pause, she reached under the newspaper and pulled her vibrator out of her pussy.  Then she stood to her feet and placed her pillows in a long line.  Then she wrapped newspaper around each pillow and hopped back up on the bed.  Tossing her leg over the pillows she laid on top of them like they were a bodied companion.  “Aw, here we go!” she said out loud.  Jessica started sliding herself over the newspaper wrapped pillows, as the story began to get more interesting. 

“Sorry sir. It’s just that my husband hasn’t made love to me in weeks. Maybe months! I don’t know how long it’s been, to be honest. I believe he’s with another woman!” the lady stated.  Detective Johnson looked away to think.  “Alright! I’ll take your case! But my services don’t come cheap, you hear?” He said. 

Jessica read on, while she humped the newspaper wrapped pillows.  Thinking of her being the brunette in the story and imagining a handsome older man as Detective Johnson was erotic.  In her mind’s eye, she wanted Detective Johnson to take her right there!  Right on his desk with nothing but newspapers clinging to her back and his long shaft inside her!  “God, I can’t wait till the dirty parts!” she pleaded as she grinded her pussy over the newspaper pillows.  She read on in suspense.

Time flew as the story was drawing a conclusion.  Detective Johnson had all the juicy details for the hot and soon to be divorced brunette.  “Or possibly widowed, the way these stories go.” Jessica thought, with excitement.  Back at the office, detective Johnson took no hurry in giving it to the brunette straight.  In his line of work, he’s seen it all.  “So? What did you find?” the brunette asked.  Detective Johnson looked towards her with a heartless stare.  “He’s a two-timing bastard! And you’re gonna need a lawyer!” Johnson said to the lady.  Her reaction was different than any other’s that Johnson had seen before.  Her reaction was that of a woman who wanted revenge.  “Look lady! I’ve solved the mystery for ya!  But if you go killing’ anybody over this, I’m afraid I can’t help ya!” Johnson said with a stern look on his face.  “No Mr. Johnson. Revenge is what I want! But how I want it depends on if you’re willing to achieve it with me.” The lady said as she walked towards Detective Johnson with a lustful look in her eyes.

Just as Jessica had gotten to the best part in the story, her boyfriend walked into the bedroom.  He was always aware of Jessica’s kinks.  Even her sensational love for naked ‘newspaper reading’.  She was in the right position, as he stripped naked and hopped up on the bed behind her.  He kissed her neck and down her back.  Then he caressed her ass, while he playfully bit her side.  He ran his hands up both of her sides and grabbed on to her breasts.  And slowly, he guided his huge cock into her pussy.  Jessica still lay on face down on the newspaper pillows.  Her boyfriend slowly made love to her from behind, as her pussy rubbed against the newspaper.  His balls glided along the paper, as well.  Jessica moaned for awhile.  Then she even called out. “Oh!….Johnson! Fuck me hard and make me cum! OH!” She shouted.  Her boyfriend didn’t seem to mind as they liked to role play every now and then.  He had heard about the book and thought it was hot to play the ‘private eye’ who’s getting the best out of a cheating man’s wife.  I guess ‘Johnson’ just filled the description.  He began to thrust harder into Jessica.  The sound and the feel of the newspapers underneath them were overwhelming.  Jessica planted her face into a pillow of newspapers in front of her and took a deep breath.  She loved the fresh smell of newspapers.  A few moments later, she hit her climax and her boyfriend had cum strong inside of her.  She slowly lifted her face from the newspapers.  Her bottom lip caught the page, as if she was releasing it from a kiss.  Jessica’s wet cum filled pussy leaked juices onto the newspaper, while she rubbed herself into it.                         


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