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Three years as a student at the University College was spent with all work and no play.  I had only hoped that my final years would pay off with a degree in writing, so I could make a name for myself at the local newspaper.  And as you know, newspapers are my passion and in more ways than one.  Maybe someday, I’ll write a book, too.  But for now, I got to focus on the work. 


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My teacher, Miss Cunnings, is young and very attractive.  In fact, she started her teaching career as young as twenty-five and moved to a college professor as early as thirty-one.  So she’s not that much older than her students.  But most importantly, she knew how to make her classes exciting.  And she loved to read the newspaper, which is something I found intriguing.  With her glasses on, she looked very sophisticated, while reading her newspapers.  I would sit at my desk everyday with a fantasizing stare, while she planted her eyes on to the open pages.  And sometimes, I would imagine the things I would do with her; over, under and possibly through the newspaper, if she wanted me to.  The most pleasing fantasy of mine starts with her begging me to do things for her and to her.

Before class started, Miss Cunnings approached me.  “Josh, do you have your report on current events?” Miss Cunnings asked.  I stopped to think for a second.  “Sorry, Miss Cunnings.  It had totally slipped my mind.” I explained.  She looked at me with slight disappointment.  “These reports make up a big part of your grade for the semester.  You can’t be a writer or journalist, if your assignments are late, all the time.” She stated.  She sat at her desk and picked up her newspaper.  “I understand, Miss Cunnings.  I’ll work harder, from now on.” I replied in agreement.  “You should.” She agreed with her eyes glued to the business pages.  “I will let you sit in after class to work on it.” She offered.  I looked at my books.  “But I don’t have a newspaper.”  I mentioned.  Miss Cunnings looked back up at me.  “You can use mine, when I’m finished with it.” She said.  Class was about to start as I walked back to my desk.

Class ran through, quick.  I remained at my desk and waited for Miss Cunnings to assist me with the current events assignment.  “This should be pretty simple.  Just take 3 main stories from the newspaper and give a page worth of my views on the stories.” I thought to myself.  Soon, Miss Cunnings walked over to my desk and dropped her newspaper down on my desk.  “Take a seat in front.  I don’t like to shout across the room.” She said.  I picked my stuff up and walked to the front of the room to take a seat.  “Your assignment is to take a story from the local pages, global pages and then something from the business pages.” She explained.  I started to open the newspaper.  Miss Cunnings reached down to pull out the classifieds.  “This will give me something to do, while you’re busy.” She said and walked back to her desk.  I began to read the locals first. 

My report was coming along well, till I became very distracted with the sight of Miss Cunnings as she read the classifieds.  “Oh yes, my favorite section to wrap ‘things’ up with.” I thought to myself.  My mind had shifted to fantasies of her standing up and walking to the chalk board.  She held the newspaper close to her eyes as she grabbed a piece of chalk.  Writing information on the board, she placed the newspaper to her chest, sporting a white velvet dress with lace.  A goddess at best.  She turned to me, while holding the newspaper across her chest like a stack of books.  Then the fantasy came to a sudden stop, when I heard her voice.  “I have to run to the office to make a phone call. I’ll be back in about 10 minutes.” Miss Cunnings said.  I looked up and gave her a nod.

When Miss Cunnings left the room, I noticed my cock was still hard.  Looking around the room and knowing she’d be gone for some time, I started to fantasize about her, once again.  Miss Cunnings stood at her desk.  Motioning me to meet her at the front, she knocked everything off and spread the newspaper out on top of it.  Then she began to undress and hopped up on the desk.  Positioned herself on her hands and knees, she grabbed a sheet of the business section filled with information from the stock market and placed it over her naked breasts.  “Would you like to watch?” she asked.  I grinned and answered.  “I’d like to do more than watch. Can I touch?” I asked.  She giggled, before answering.  “Not just yet.” She said.  She groped her breast with the newspaper and moaned, while she rocked herself back and forth.  I could see she was really getting into it.  Then she slowly ran the newspaper down to her pussy, sliding it into the folds of her lips.  I walked behind her and pulled the newspaper between her legs and held it to her ass, squeezing it hard.

Putting my fantasy on pause, I quickly grabbed a sheet of newspaper from my desk and placed it down my pants.  Pulling my hand out, I began to rub my hard cock with the newspaper, through my pants.  Then I began to pick up where I had left off with the fantasy.  

As I groped Miss Cunnings’ ass with the newspaper, she continued to masturbate with the other half.  She began to moan as she rubbed the page into her clit and all over the outsides of her pussy.  I could feel her shaking as she became more aroused from the newspaper.  Meanwhile, aside from my fantasy, my cock throbbed into the newspaper in my pants.  I tried to rub it faster, hoping to finish myself before Miss Cunnings returned.  My fantasy quickly turned with Miss Cunnings rolling to her back.  The newspaper on the desk started to crinkle under her.  “I want the big cock inside me!” she stated in the heat of the moment.   I quickly pulled my shirt off and tossed it to the floor.  Then undoing my pants, I slipped out of my boxers and hoped onto the desk with Miss Cunnings.  She kept the newspaper over her pussy, as I began to slide my cock inside her.  I pushed hard into her, making her moan loader.  The newspaper brushed along my waist and it gave me skin a tickling sensation.  Miss Cunnings was about to climax, when she pulled the newspaper up to her breasts and grabbed my back to pull me against her body.  I thrusted my cock deeper, harder, and faster into her.  We felt each others bodies through the newspaper.  And with one long moan of release, we came together. 

My fantasy paused as I felt my ejaculation squirting into the newspaper.  Then, I heard the door swing open.  “Oh shit!” I thought to myself.  “She’s back!” I had realized as Miss Cunnings walked into the room.  She walked to her desk and faced me.  I tried to act as natural as I could in hopes that she wouldn’t question the look on my face.  “You may go for the day. We’re getting ready to lock up for the night.” Miss Cunnings informed me.  I quickly stood to my feet, while Miss Cunnings walked to her desk.  I started to walk away, hoping the newspaper in my pants didn’t crinkle.  And as I approached the door I heard Miss Cunnings speak up.  “Oh…And by the way… You may keep that page.” She said.  I stopped to the sound of my heart skipping a beat.  She walked to my side and placed her hand under my shirt.  Then she slowly pulled the newspaper from my pants, allowing my cock to feel it as it dragged along my shaft.  “I hope your report was good!” Miss Cunnings finished as she handed me the newspaper.  Our eyes met for a moment as she smiled and turned to walk away.    

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