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My husband returned with Candy. She was naked, just wearing heels and led on a leash.  Mark sat down in a patio chair next to Dr. Brown and Candy knelt at his feet.  I waited as told, where I was, on the lawn. Eventually I heard my husband tell Candy to go fetch me.  Candy replied "Yes Sir" and got up and walked over to where I was still face down on the lawn.  She stood over me and then grabbed me by the hair and raised me up to a full kneeling position.  I looked up at her and she said, " listen bitch, around here, I serve the men and YOU serve everybody".  "You have low seniority and YOU do whatever WE say, got it?"  I replied, "Yes Mam".

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Candy tightened her hold on my hair and raised me to a standing position, then led me over to her husband. She then ordered me to kneel and she came around and sat in his lap, legs spread and facing me.  I looked over at my husband and he was watching, but not interfering.   Candy then ordered me to lick her wet pussy.  I immediately obeyed and started licking and kissing her shaved area.  She told me, "good girl" but don't just lick it,  worship it". I tried even harder to obey.  While I licked, sucked, and kissed her shaved cunt, she moaned softly and occasionally said, "Mmmm, goood girl".

The men chatted as I licked and Candy moaned.  Eventually Mark said, "It's been a nice evening but time to call it a night".  I looked up from Candy's pussy and Dr. Brown said, " Candy, take Dee into the house and you two take a nice hot shower together and then dry her off and bring her back here.

The shower was wonderful and Candy kissed and fingered me to orgasm while the hot water gushed over both of us.  When she turned off the water she gave me one last, deep, wet kiss and then we both dryed off and Candy handed me a black dress, panty hose and red heels and told me to dress and return to the patio.  She left wearing a robe and her heels.

Once dressed I came back out on the patio and Dr. Brown told me to have a chair.  The doctor owned several small businesses and Mark explained I would be working in one on Wed. afternoon. A shoe store in a large mall.  The black dress and heels that Candy had provided would be my work outfit.

I dressed as ordered and reported to the shoe store at noon on Wed.  Candy met me there and introduced me to the other two employess, John a white male about 19 years old and Jose, a hispanic male about the same age.  They both looked me over in a way that said they approved of the new, much older, addition to the team. No doubt they had been briefed on my reasons for being there. I would find out later that I wasn't the first "new" employee to be sent by Dr. Brown to work there and they couldn't wait to train me in my new position.

Candy said, "Let's start with showing you the stock room". Jose, took me by the arm and led me into the back of the store.  We went through a curtained doorway and he led me to a display window that had shoes in it for customers walking by in the mall to look at. He informed me that the rear of the display was one way glass and he told me to step up and sit in the chair so I could sit and look at the people walking by. I took a seat and he pulled my arms behind my back and cuffed them there. Then he unzipped his pants and out came a very nice cock.  To say Jose was hung would be an understatement.  He jerked my dress down in the front and pulled out my tits.  Then he titty fucked me and eventually shot a heavy load on my tits, face and lips. He zipped up and then got a camera off a shelf and took a bunch of photos of me tied and covered with his cum.

 After he had enough photos, he ripped my pantyhose & thong down around my ankles then took a big knife out of his pocket and slowly opened the blade out. He teased my nipples with the point and seemed to enjoy the look of fear I was no doubt showing at this point. I love being submissive but the knife scared me and he knew it. I said, "I'm not supposed to be hurt" to which he smiled and said, "nobody told me that bitch".  I was about to cry and he said, "IF, you promise to be a real nasty and obedient slut for me I'll put the knife away".  I told him " I promise, I'll be very nasty for you and I'll do anything you want, just please put the knife away".  He smiled again and poked my left nipple with the point and told me, " Maybe I'll just cut you a little first to be sure you're telling the truth".  I pleaded and said, "PLEASE give me a chance, I'll do whatever you say, Please Jose".  He poked me one more time with the point of the knife and then he said, " Ok my old slut, you get ONE chance so don't disappoint me". I said, "Oh thank you Jose, I promise I'll do anything for you baby, anything at all".

I was scared and realized a tear was rolling down my face but I was also surprised to realize that I was very turned on and excited too.  It was so surreal to look though the one way glass at all the people standing there looking at the shoe display and never realizing what was taking place behind the mirrors there. I was being used right in front of them but they didn't know it. I was still covered with his cum and he slid his hand over my tits and got most of it up on his hand before offering his hand up to my mouth where I eagerly licked his hand without being told.  I was determined to show him how much I wanted to please. When he removed his hand away from my face he told me, "tilt your head back and open your mouth grandma". I immediately obeyed and he leaned over me and let a long drop of spit hang off his lips and drip into my open mouth.  I swallowed it and kept my mouth open for anything else until he finally said, "close you mouth slut, it's time for those titties to get a workout".  

Out came the knife again and I looked up at him in alarm but he said, "don't worry baby, as long as you continue to obey I won't touch you with this".   Then he reached down and cut my panties off and stuffed them in my mouth.  He then put the knife away again and removed his leather belt.  He told me, " keep you jaws tight around those panties and don't make a sound".  Then his belt fell across my tits. The belt kept coming and I did my best to stay quite as he had ordered.  After several hard swats my tits were burning and he ordered me to stick my chest out and savor the belt.  I obeyed and the belt seemed to be coming faster and harder for awhile.  I felt more tears coming down over my cheeks but I continued to take the whipping in silence, or almost silence.  I did whimper some but the panties kept me from making any real noise.  Even if I'd wanted to yell out I couldn't and I really didn't want to.  I had promised Jose to be a good slut and I very much wanted to keep that promise.  I actually loved what was happening, even though it did sting and burn.

When he decided he'd made me red and welted enough he stopped and removed the panties. Lots of tears were running down my face now and he just looked down, admiring my very red tits.  He said, " I bet you want to thank me now for the tit slapping, don't YOU Dee"?  As sincerely as I could I said, "Yes sir, thank you so much for using your belt on me".  "Can I have some more please"?  

He told me he wanted to run that giant dick up my pussy and asked me what I thought about it. I told him, "I'd love it baby".  He ordered me to stand and I obeyed. He then sat down in my chair and pulled my dress up around my waist.  "Sit back on my lap and Squirm down on my cock and work it deep into your pussy" he commanded. I did the best I could with Jose holding my cuffed arms by my elbows and helping me to guide his hard cock up and into me.  Then he told me to bounce up and down on his cock until he flooded me with his sperm.  I obeyed and we both had huge orgasims about the same time.  He pushed me up and I could feel his fluid running down the inside of my leg. He ordered me to kneel facing him and lick him clean including his large balls, so he could zip up and relieve John out in the store front. I eagerly did as I was told, wondering what John would have in mind for me.

Jose reached down and ran is hand up my thighs and scooped up the cum that was there and of course I had to lick his hand clean. After I had licked up everything he offered me he got up and sat me back down in the chair, then produced a bandana from his back pocket and blindfolded me. He told me that there was a security cam that had been aimed at the spot the chair had been placed and everything had been recorded and my husband had been watching the whole time on the store monitor while Candy sucked his cock and did whatever else he wanted.

He said the recording would be uploaded to the internet so everybody in the world would be able to see what a nasty slut I was, but not until the recording was finished.  John still had to add his input to finish the session up.

He told me to stay put and then I heard his foot steps walking away.  I obediently sat, cuffed and blindfolded waiting for I didn't know what.

It wasn't but a minute that I heard footsteps coming my way and then I felt hands on my tits. Then, John said,  "nice, very nice titties for an old bitch".  He was squeezing them pretty roughly and after the workout that Jose had given me with the belt, they were pretty sore.  He started sucking and biting them and I moaned from pleasure and pain. I have to admit, I was excited.  He stopped and then lifted my blindfold and I saw that he was unwrapping a pair of long boot laces.  He looked down at me and said, "I'm going to tie those titties up nice and tight and have some fun with them".  Sure enough he wrapped the boot laces around several times on each tit and as promised, he tied them tight.  

I watched him and although it hurt, I didn't complain, just waited.  He looked down, admiring his work and then he took a black magic marker out of his pocket and wrote, " JOHNS  TOYS " across my tits in big, black, letters.  I could see everything in the reflection of the one way mirror.  Next he pulled out a small camera and took a bunch of pics of me.  Different angles, close ups, and he even had me wiggle my tits back and forth while he took his trophy photos.  I quietly did as I was told.

These young guys really enjoy my meaty tits and big nipples.  John put the camera away and slapped my tits hard, several times but as much as that hurt, the clothes pins he snapped on my nipples next were the worst pain yet.  He put two pins on each nipple and then put some on other parts of my tits.  I think I had about 8 clothes pins total on each boob when he ran out of them.  Then, more photos.

Tears were running down my cheeks again and he told me, " Does it hurt baby"?  I nodded my head "Yes" but didn't say anything.  He said, "well, get used to it because I'm not going to take them off for awhile". Then he unzipped his pants and took out a very hard cock.  I just opened my mouth, expecting to suck it and he slid it right in. He was working my mouth and going deep with each thrust.  I slurped and sucked and felt the swell of his cock and heard his heavy breathing just before he shot a load down my throat. I sucked and swallowed and except for a little bit of drool mixed with cum, I swallowed most of it as fast as he could deliver it.  He pulled out just far enough to let more of the wet mix run down my chin. He then zipped up and said, "Good job slut", then pulled my blindfold back down over my eyes and I heard his foot steps retreating.  My tits were still tied very tightly and I was still covered with clothes pins and I licked my lips several times trying to get the goo off my mouth but I could still feel it dripping off my chin, and drop by drop hitting my tied tits.  The pain was burning but I was cuffed and blindfolded, my dress was pulled up around my waist so I just sat there waiting for somebody to come back and, well, I wasn't sure what was going to happen when someone came back but I hoped I wouldn't have to wait like that for too long. 

Actually as much as my tits hurt, and they did HURT, it was very exciting to be sitting there helpless and waiting. Pain and Pleasure.  Nobody forced me to be here.  Deep down I knew I wanted this. I realized I wanted to finger myself really bad but of course, that wasn't going to be allowed as long as the cuffs held my wrists tight , but I sure did want it.


-To be continued- ( OR-should it end here?)  Comments please..........



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YoungMarriedCpl    (2011-06-08 09:46:47)    Flag as inappropiate
YoungMarriedCpl Your stories just keep getting better Dee.
We're Shawn and Teri, and I'd love to have Teri interview to work with you while I hang out in the back. Keep them coming.
LauraAngel    (2011-06-08 06:31:22)    Flag as inappropiate
LauraAngel I wouldn't mind that. Love and really enjoy it, when my husband gives me to a few of his horney friends........ Keep on writting, I liked it !

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