By Request...Breaking A Promise II   added 4 years ago    

  By: LadySub

Breaking a Promise continued…
Paul pulled me up by my tied hands and I could barely stand. He half walked and dragged me upstairs to the bathroom. He turned to me and stared into my eyes intently and said, “I’m going to untie you now and take out your gag, but if you say a word or make a sound, I’m going to tie you back up and that pain you felt downstairs will be nothing compared to what I’ll do to you.” I nodded and he did everything he promised.
He turned on the water and gauged the temperature.  He turned on the shower and took the shower nozzle in his hand. “Get in the tub and get on your hands and knees.”
I did what he asked me and he began running the water over my body.
“I don’t care what Charlie says. When we are alone together, you call me Master. You got that?”
I nodded my head and he slapped me hard on my ass. “Say it!”
My voice quivered, “Yes, Master.”
He flipped the shower nozzle under me and warm water hit my breasts and stomach. I felt stickiness wash off me. Paul ran the nozzle between my legs and the warm water massaged my sore lips. “You like that, huh?”
“Yes, Master, I do.” The word sounded foreign and not quite second nature yet.
He threw a wash towel at me. “Clean yourself off. There’s soap next to you. But stay on your knees.” I never cleaned myself in front of anyone and it seemed more intimate than actually having sex and I felt a flush cover my body. I lathered up the wash cloth and started rubbing my face and chest. I worked it down my stomach to the soreness between my legs.
“Make sure you get all that cum out of you, Sarah.”
He drenched my face with water and kept moving it along my back down to my rear.
“Don’t forget your ass.”
I reached further and soaped up my sore hole. It was still sensitive to touch and too painful to rub the soap on. I cleaned it tentatively. Paul’s hand covered my hand and he pushed on it hard and began to rub faster. I screamed out because it was too painful to endure. He let go and I moved my hand away fast. He rinsed the soap off of me. “There! Good as new,” he chuckled. He put the nozzle back up and the shower water rained down on me. Paul told me to get up on my knees and he stepped in the shower.
“Now you clean me,” He said with his cock thrust forward into my face. I took the soap and started lathering his dick and he slapped it away and washed the soap off. “No, Sarah, with your tongue.”
My eyes shot up to his. I never gave oral to anyone. I don’t know how to do it.
“Open wide and take me in your mouth.” He said in a staccato cadence.
I did what he asked and rested my tongue on the underside of his cock and looked up at him waiting for instructions. “Treat it like a popsicle, Sarah.”
I closed my eyes and imagine a red Popsicle and began moving my mouth and tongue along his shaft. I sucked and dragged my tongue up and down and I felt Paul’s legs flex and heard him moan a couple of time. He placed his hand on my head and started digging his hands into my hair. Then he fisted it into his palm and started pushing my head further down his cock. He was hitting the back of my throat and I started to gag and I placed my hands on his thighs to push away. “Don’t you dare, Sarah!” He growled.
I froze and he began pumping into my mouth and all I could do was open wider and try to relax.
He would hit the back of my throat many times making me gag and he seemed to be getting off on that. I tasted him as his cum started running down my throat and filling my mouth as I tried to keep up and swallow it.
Paul pulled out and pulled me by my hair to stand me up. I came up to his chest and he flipped my head up to stare at his face. “Did you like sucking on your Master’s cock?”
My voice was caught somewhere, but I managed to say, “Yes, I love sucking on your cock, Master.” I thought what else I could do to please him. “I would like to do it again.”
I was confused. Why did I care about pleasing him?! Because the fear, I told myself. I didn’t want to admit that somewhere deep in the dark recesses of my mind, I was enjoying this.
He smiled. “I think you are catching on fast, Sarah.”
He turned me around and pressed me against the shower wall and I felt his body line up behind me. His hand came around and cupped my right breast and then he found my nipple. Paul began to pinch it and roll it around between his finger and thumb. I gasped and arched back into him. His other hand ran down my smooth stomach to my sore lips between my legs. He began massaging them. I did my best not to buckle my legs.
“Tell your Master why you want his cock in your mouth,” he commanded.
I tried to think as he fondled my breasts, tortured my nipples, and massaged my mound. “I…I like how my Master is smooth and how he feels against my tongue when I’m stroking it.” I gasped when I felt his finger slip in my slit and run up and down. I swallowed and started again. “I like to pleasure my Master and hear the sounds of that pleasure.” I had to stop when he slipped his finger into my hole and began rubbing a nerve bundle. He whispered in my ear, “Go on.”
“I…I like the way you taste, Master,” I half yelled and have gasped out.
He began to suck on my neck and move his finger up to my clit and I threw my head back into this shoulder with a deep moan. He began making circles around it and I whimpered.
I was in a shower, but I felt sweat collecting on my forehead as I tried to grip the wall for something while Paul teased me. “Do you want your Master to fuck you?”
“Yes, Master!”
“Tell me how bad you want me.”
“I need to feel you stretch me open again, Master!” I gasped out. “You are making me ache, Master.”
Paul started rubbing me vigorously and just when I thought I was going to burst, he stopped. I felt him pull away and turn the water off and step out of the shower. I turned around and gave him a wanting, but puzzled stare.
He gave me a smirk, “I want you to keep thinking about my cock inside you all evening. “ He dried off and threw the towel at me. “Now come back downstairs when you are done.”
My legs were shaking with need as I walked downstairs. I heard Charlie and Paul having course words about Paul just suppose to be washing me, not getting washed himself and about me being Charlie’s and Paul just “borrowing” me.  They stopped when they heard me approaching. I could see Charlie still had anger behind his eyes, but Paul was all smiles.
I was made to get down on my hands and knees and a smooth, silver object the shape of an egg was inserted into my pussy. “You have to keep that egg inside you and woe to you if you let it fall out.” Charlie said. All night I was meant to crawl around and fetch things all the while calling Charlie Master and Paul Sir. The egg inside me would come to life and vibrate and I would have to squeeze hard to keep it inside, which was getting harder as I felt my pussy flood and start running down my leg. I felt my sanity tethered by a string as I would hope for release, but each time I thought it would come, the vibrations would stop. At one point, Charlie left the room and Paul leaned over and whispered into my ear, “Are you still thinking of my cock inside you, Sarah?”
I nodded and through clinched teeth, I whispered, “Yes, Sir.” For that I got a swat on my ass that stung and radiated across my cheek. I realized my mistake and said, “I’m sorry, Master.” He bit my ear lobe and I stifled a moan. “That’s better.”
I felt my body trembling with want throughout their torture and humiliation. I would continue to fetch things for them on all fours and even act as a foot rest hoping they would finally give me that sweet release, but they never did. Finally it was time for bed and Paul told Charlie as much as he would like a threesome, his idea of that involved 2 girls and not 2 guys. He didn’t want the mistake of his junk touching Charlie’s. So, the rock, paper, scissors. Unbelieveable!
Paul won out and Charlie was clearly upset. He said, you can have her tonight, but I get her Saturday and Sunday night. I was made to crawl up the stairs on all fours to Paul’s room.
Once in Paul’s room I was made to climb up on the bed and sit back on my heels with my hands spread out in front of me. “You are not to move your hands,” he demanded.
He turned on the egg inside me and it jumped to life and I bit my lip. I felt him caress my backside with the front of his jeans. “Are you still thinking of my cock inside you, Sarah?”
“Yes, Master,” I said through clinched teeth.
He slipped his hand underneath me and started massaging my mound. “My you are sopping wet!”
The egg was torturing my insides and he was starting to torture the outside. He slipped 2 fingers along my slit and started running them up and down. “Don’t be shy. Moan for you, Master. I know you are enjoying this.”
I was biting my lip so hard I started tasting blood and I opened my mouth and let out a long moan and pushed my rear backward onto his hand and distinctly felt myself hit a bulge. Paul put his hand on the small of back and pushed me back in place. Then he found my clit and rubbed it with his finger and thumb and kicked the egg up a notch. I started seeing spots as I moaned and felt another gush of moisture fill my lips. “Don’t you cum, Sarah!”
Don’t cum? How can I not? He’s driving me to it.
“Don’t cum until I tell you to.” He rubbed his slick fingers along my clit and the egg inside me vibrated with abandon that I thought I was going to lose it. Then it stopped. Paul dug in me and took the egg out and I felt him walk to the other side of the room. I had felt so warm and full and now I was feeling empty without his there. I waited with my forehead on the bend and my hands in front of me wondering what he was doing.
He came back and he lined up against my rear and I discovered he has slipped out of his pants and was running his cock along my ass. I whimpered thinking I was way too sore for THAT again. He then ran his cock under me and along my pussy. “You are so wet for me,” He whispered, “Tell me how you want me to fuck you.”
I swallowed as I thought of the right words to say, “I want you to enter me slow, Master, so I can feel every inch of you fill me up. Then I want you to pleasure yourself anyway you like.”
“I’m so glad you are eager to please me, pet, but how do you want me to fuck you.”
I felt his cock slide across my pussy again and I felt a gush of moister seep from me with anticipation. I moaned out the words, “Fuck me hard, Master.”
“As you wish, my pet.”
I felt him slide a slick finger into my ass. It puckered from the soreness from before. I felt sweat bead on my forehead with panic thinking he was going to enter me through my ass again. He prodded with his finger and went in deeper and then started moving in and out until I felt the soreness replaced with want for more. Then I felt something smoother being slipped into me. It was as thick as his finger, but smoother with bumps. I heard a click and it started vibrating inside me. I almost came off the bed. The vibrations sent tingles up my spine and I moaned for Paul. I felt him drill the vibrator in and out of me and I gasped and spasmed with each thrust. I felt Paul spread my thighs open and felt his cock slipping inside of me slowly, just like I wanted. My hole was made smaller from the vibrator pushed up against the wall of my other opening. So, I felt every groove, vein, inch of Paul’s cock as he slid inside of me. I heard a grunt escape his lips as he pushed all the way in and pushed against my cervix enjoying the tightness, wetness, and even vibrations. I felt my eyes glaze over as the thought of two men fucking me entered my mind, a fantasy I kept hidden in the back of mind. Paul started pulling out and pushing back in me slowly and then increased the speed. All night I wanted my pussy filled with his cock and now that I had it, I squeezed and welcomed it as it invaded me faster and harder. I grunted with each thrust and heard myself screaming, “Yes! Fuck me, Master! Fuck me!”
I crested over that last ridge holding me up and stood on the edge. He hadn’t told me to cum yet. “Please, Master,” I begged, “Please…”
I heard him slapping his pelvic into my backside as he fucked me harder. “Yes, my pet, you can cum. Cum all over my cock.”
I didn’t hold back. I jumped from the ridge and I felt the ache below turn into pulses and spasms and I let my body flail into it. I closed my eyes among the white spots and screamed out his name. Not Master, not sir, I screamed, “Paul!”
As I floated down, I felt him swell inside me and pulse inside me as his hot cum hit the back of my pussy. Before he fell down on me, he took the vibrator out of my ass and then heaved his body to the side to fall next to me. I didn’t move. He didn’t tell me I could and I laid there with content washing over my body on my haunches, forehead pressed against the bed, and hands in front of me gripping the mattress.

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anonimusrick    (2011-06-19 18:23:38)    Flag as inappropiate
anonimusrick A well written story. I want more.
The only reason I would not want a pt. 3 is I don't like Charlie. He seems to only want to hurt her. Perhaps the others could turn the tables on him.
Elle    (2011-06-02 05:28:37)    Flag as inappropiate
more, more! it's Charlie's turn now... damn, that Sarah is so lucky!
LadySub    (2011-06-01 18:05:02)    Flag as inappropiate
LadySub Again...leave comments and let me know if you would like to hear more.

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