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I have never been with a woman, I don't now if fantasy is better than reality? I fantasise about licking a womans pussy and a woman licking my pussy, but I think the situation would have to present itself naturally with the right person.


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Naughty level to be set later

My fantasy goes this way - I'm alone with a woman, she is very attractive with a good figure and dresses sexy but casual, she shows her cleavage and her backside is so pert and sexy, and she smeels so sexy with the scent she is wearing, I can feel the tension building between us and I have a feeling that this might be it, the time to try being with a woman.

We are talking about relationships and sex, she asks me if I have ever had sex with a woman, I say no, she says, 'would you like to?' I say , ' yes, I' have always wanted to try. 'Why don't I show you what it's like?' she suggest secuctively.  'Have you, then?' I ask, 'oh yes, you don't know what you are missing, only another woman knows exactly what to do and when, you would  love it, would you like me to tell you what I'll do to you?' 'No,' I say, my pussy now throbbing and dripping wet with anticipation,  ' just show me instead.'

She strokes my face then kisses me passionately and I respond, she strokes my breast through my sheer silk blouse the undoes the buttons and pulls my bra below my breasts and kisses them, teasing my nipples. Then I start to undress her by undoing the loose ties that barely hold her top together, she has no bra on and I stroke her breasts and kiss her nipples, then she slips her hands up under my long sarong and slips my briefs off and strokes my pussy and I almost come straight away. ' Sit back on the settee' she says, I obey and lean back and spread my legswide open as she kneels in front of me and delves her wet tongue into my juicy wet pussy, she licks my pussy up and down, then just my clit and drives me insane as she flicks her tongue over me till I come like never before, but she does not stop there, she carries on until I'm out of my mind with pleasure and can barely take it and I come again.

She stands up and I slip her skirt down and take her panties off, I stroke her pussy and it feels hot, wet and juicy, I can't wait to taste her, I get up and pushher down on the settee and spread her legs wide so I can get at her pussy, I lick her clit and she tastes wonderful, I carry on licking her pussy up and down and elve my tongue inside her, then concentrate on her clit untils she cries out with pleasure and comes, then I stroke her pussy and lick her off again while she cries out in ecstasy as her jiuce flows again. Now we both have dripping wet juicy pussies, we go into the bedroom and lie next to each other so that we can play with each others pussies and tease and lick each other off as many times as we can, when we have licked each other out, I realise she was right when she said only another woman knows, and I know I'll be back for more, with more than one woman next time.

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