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  By: sexybutt

I was at a bar with a few friends dancing.  I saw one of my friends talking to the bouncer on the door.  I noticed he saw me looking over at them and gave me a wink and a smile.  My friend came back and pulled me aside and told me that the bouncer thought I was cute and wanted my number, I told her I was not going to give him my number even though he had the sexiest smile and a body to die for but if he was coming over the road to the late bar after he could buy me a drink.  My friend said great because he would be coming over the road when he finished up!



As we were leaving the bar, the bouncer (Dan) was standing at the door as we were walking past.  He whispered in my ear that I was gorgeous and that he would be over the road in a minute to buy me a drink.  I had already had far too much to drink that I just said yea yea, see you later and not actually expecting to see him again!



After a few drinks and talking to Dan I was starting to think he was nice, he had a sexy voice and definitely a body to die for.  The music was so loud that we could just about hear each other.  I suggested we go for a walk to get to know each other more and talk properly so we went out and started walking…we went down a quiet side street not far from where we were.  I was walking slightly ahead of him when he grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him; I stumbled a bit but landed right up against him with our faces together.  I could feel his breath on my lips and as I closed the small gap between us I put my lips on his, opening them and pushing my tongue in entwining with his and kissed him deep and longingly.



I lowered my hand to his crotch and could feel his erect cock between the material and my hand so I hurriedly pulled open his jeans and took hold of his throbbing smooth hard cock wanking it to make sure it couldn’t get any harder than it already was.   I bent down with my legs spread pushing my tight mini skirt higher up my thighs, feeling the cool air waft up my legs, circling and chilling my soaking wet pussy lips that were trying to escape my black g -string that just about covered my pussy. I hungrily took his cock in my mouth sucking it deep down inside my warm mouth, my tongue circling the head while I looked up at his smile of delight.  As I sucked his cock back and forth his hands were on the back of my head gently pushing my mouth closer and deeper on his hardness.  Less than a minute later his cock shuddered and I could feel his load shoot inside my mouth landing in the middle of my tongue so that when I opened my mouth I could show him how much there was before I swallowed it all, enjoying the taste of his warm, thick cream like load.  After re-adjusting ourselves we walked back to the bar and got ourselves another drink, later that night we exchanged numbers and decided to meet up again the following week, same place and same time but instead of sucking his cock down a side street he promised to take me to his and fuck my pussy hard-core.



So, the following week having met Dan as planned at the bar we went back to his place that he shared with a roommate who wasn’t there at the time.  Dan told me his roommate would be back later but we had plenty of time. We sat on his bed chatting, I was wearing low waisted jeans and a short black tight semi see through vest top on, with a matching black bra and g-string.  As we started kissing my g string was visible over the top of my jeans that had started to ride down over my phat ass.  His hands were grabbing my ass cheeks and squeezing them in his hands before he picked me up and placed me on top of his lap where I could feel his cock hard within his jeans.  I undid his buttons and pulled his cock out in full view.  It felt nice, warm and hard between my hands as I rubbed them up and down his shaft.  Dan pulled my top up over my head and quickly undid my bra and removed that too, taking my small but pert and nicely rounded breasts in his hands, pinching my nipples hard making me scream out in pain, lowering his mouth to my nipples and licking them softly giving me goose bumps all over.  I could feel my pussy juices leaking through the sides of my g-string and soaking onto my jeans leaving a noticeable wet patch.  I stood up off of Dan’s lap and pulled my jeans down and off and told Dan to do the same.  I climbed back on top of Dan and rubbed his cock around the opening of my pussy, teasing his cock with my swollen lips grabbing around the tip of his cock, not fully inserting it inside me but my juices wetting his cock.  I climbed off and stuck his cock in my mouth, licking and sucking off my juices, sweet and juicy.  I looked over to the door and saw his roommate walk in, I didn’t stop sucking and he didn’t seem to mind me and Dan getting it on in front of him. Dan’s cock felt nice in my mouth but I wanted it in my pussy, I could still feel the warmth from his cock lingering on my swollen pussy lips making me tingle all over.



I got on the bed on all 4’s, sticking my ass up in the air and told Dan to fuck my pussy like me means it.  I glanced over at his roommate and saw him with his cock in his hand rubbing it up and down.  I could see his pre-cum seeping from the tip of his cock as he watched Dan insert himself inside my soaking wet pussy and fucking me hard without a condom.  I could feel his cock rubbing the walls of my pussy, my juices soaking his cock.  Dan told me to turn over, I obliged and he slid his cock back inside my warmness with my legs over his shoulders, allowing his cock to push deep into me, the furthest any cock has ever fucked me.  Dan pounded my pussy back and forth; he pulled out of me and wanked his cock until a load of his thick, creamy cum exploded from his cock and landed all over my tits, sliding down towards my belly button.  As I circled his cum around my erect nipples rubbing it in and licking the sweet cum off my fingers, I could feel another load of cum land in my open mouth joining Dan’s cum and all down my neck.  The roommate clearly enjoyed what he was witnessing!  Now I am definitely not one to shy away from a big load of cum all over my face, however considering the roommate was not involved in our fun, he could have at least asked permission first before shooting his load all over me!  Having said that, it was nice to have the combination of Dan’s thick cum and the roommates slightly less thick but still creamy and sweet mix up in my mouth before swallowing a big load of cum down my throat.



Dan and I relaxed lying down on his bed; we could hear his roommate lightly snoring away in the corner, worn out from wanking his cock and having an orgasm from watching us fuck.  Now that we would not be disturbed again Dan told me to get on all 4's.  He proceeded to fuck me from behind hard and fast holding onto my waist firmly so he could get his cock deep inside me before pulling out and shooting his load in the small of my back !  Short and sweet fuck but a good end to a good night.



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LauraAngel    (2011-06-26 20:23:56)    Flag as inappropiate
LauraAngel SEXY, good-I'd do the room mate too.....
anonimusrick    (2011-05-23 01:34:53)    Flag as inappropiate
anonimusrick Drunk, horny and not afraid of spectators. My kind of gal.

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