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I’d met Stacey online through Facebook. A friend of a friend who’d cheekily commented on my ass on one of my photos and set off a chain of wall to wall flirting. It’d gotten pretty x-rated by now with a bit of webcam teasing and some dirty talk - so when she suggested I go round to her flat to see her I knew I was in for something kinky.


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Naughty level to be set later

“Come in Paul.” she said - opening the door to me in a tight yellow vest top and no bra, meaning I could see almost every detail of her pear shaped titties - her nipples poking out at me just below chest level.

“Let’s go upstairs.” She whispered and took me by the hand as she led me to the next floor and into the bathroom.

“Ok - we’ve got about fifteen minutes before my flat mate Lucy comes home. I’ve left the front door unlocked so she could walk in any minute if she’s early.” She said with a mix of fear and excitement in her eyes. “Ok Paul - let’s see how kinky you really are. Strip!”

“Hmmmmm - you like giving orders don’t you?” I grinned. So I did. What the fuck. I was so horny I’d have done anything. I pulled off my t-shirt, unbuttoned my jeans and let them drop to the floor and then slipped my boxers down and kicked them to one side. Stacey looked me up and down holding her gaze on my semi-hard long smooth cock.

“Ok - get in the bath.” She smirked.

I paused for a second and glanced into the dry empty white tub but then thought what the hell and climbed in and lay down wondering what the fuck was going to happen next.

I could see the excitement in Stacey’s eyes as she pulled down her skirt, knickers then finally peeled off her vest and stood there naked in front of me in all her glory. She stepped into the bath - one foot either side of my belly. My cock quickly grew hard as I looked up at her sexy little cunt which had been shaved bare. The urge to sit up and give it a good licking was overwhelming but before I could, Stacey lowered herself onto my belly. I could feel the soft lips of her labia on my tummy as she shuffled about to get herself comfy steadying herself by pushing her hands down hard on my pecs.


“Are you ready?” She said huskily. But before I could answer she’d tensed her bum cheeks a little - then relaxed - and - wooaaahhhhh! Shit! She started pissing on me. A stream of warm clear pee dribbled from her pussy pooled on my belly and then trickled into the bath. I was shocked and frozen - but then looked at Stacey’s face. The look of sheer sexual pleasure she was experiencing was clear. Her eyes were closed, her head was tipped back and she was gently moaning as she slid her pussy back and forth over my belly smearing my whole torso in her piss. I reached up to hold her tits in my hands then slowly slid them down her body stopping at her hips. Then out of pure instinct I lifted her up a little and pulled her forward. She must’ve drunk pints of water before I came because as she now knelt directly above me her salty piss squirted ever more frantically over my face. I squeezed my firm abs and lifted my mouth to her wet cunt and lapped at her pussy lips causing her piss to dribble back and forth down my chin and neck and into my mouth.

After lapping at her like an eager puppy for a few minutes her legs buckled and her whole body shook as she orgasmed.

“Fffuuuuuck!” She whelped as I held my mouth to her pussy - licking, slurping and breathing in every last drop of her sexy juices. She collapsed in a heap on top of me and I cradled her in my arms gently stroking the back of her neck with my finger.

“Jesus that was soooo good - you don’t know how long I’ve fantasized about doing that!” Stacey said satisfyingly.

“Yeh it certainly was something different!” I said.

“Ok now your turn.”


But before we could act we heard the front door slam……………………


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