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  By: case2000

    It was time for my parent's summer vacation and as always I was asked to house sit for them.  They still lived in the house I grew up in, in the south of Miami, a decent beach suburb, high end and wealthy, a fantastic house directly over looking the beach.  Our house was mostly white adobe, a long driveway led into it, lots of palm trees and maintained shrubs and flowerbeds.  Pillars held up the large balcony overlooking the ocean on the back side of the house.  Large windows covered the home, some of the multi story windows in the family room letting in all the light and sights of the coast.  It was their dream home, but as I had grown up there I had taken it slightly for granted.  They both traveled for work allot, and I was allowed long periods of time as a teen by myself, hosting parties, getting drunk and trying to get laid.  I had some nice adventures there though the years, there was no shortage of beautiful women who were walking on the beach past our house at all hours of the day and night.  A natural exhibitionist vibe was always around in this area of the world, and I had been treated to many a nude sight from my bedroom windows, and almost any window in the home over the years.  Every once in a while, in the dead of night, I would hear couples making love somewhere near the home down on the beach, there were times I would catch a glance as well through the dark.  

    One favorite memory was the night, right after I turned 18 and graduated from high school...It was a lonely Tuesday in the late fall, but the weather was as perfect as ever, I had just finished watching a movie by myself, both parents were gone out of town again...about 1030 at night, I went out on the balcony to have a smoke (a habit I no longer have) and relax before bed.  It was pitch black, no moon at all, and most of the house lights were out.   From the dark I could hear the moaning of someone fucking, it was exciting, but I didn't think too much of it except that I wised I could get some too, it wasn't happening too much back then.  I stood on the balcony and looked into the night towards the ocean and the sounds of pleasure but saw nothing.  I turned the porch light out and moved to the edge of the balcony.  In the dark, I dropped my shorts and grabbed my cock.  The cool evening ocean air played against my legs and I started stroking.  My plan was to listen as a voyeur (the other constant vibe in that area that co-existed very nicely with all the beach exhibitionism) and try to cum right when I heard the woman cumming.  She was having a great time from the sounds of it, and I played away with my junk, she was really moaning now and begging a little for it...she got louder and louder and for some reason I let out a louder moan than I should have as well. All of a sudden, she started saying...’oh yeah, i think someone is up there...oh yes...oh god yes...’  Then she just got louder and more vocal about what was happening to her.  I realized she must have heard me, and didn't care so I really began to moan and pant a little louder now.  She took my cue and let loose and said, (and I will never forget the sound and horny tone in her voice for the rest of my life) ‘oh yes baby, fuck me, oh can you hear us? oh my god i want him to hear us! oh yeah, can you hear us?’  ...and so on...i spoke back, ‘yeah honey i can hear everything...’ and then she started cumming.  I had some pretty horny thought at that age all the time, and while I practised masturbating nearly every day, I didn't really practise my endurance at that time so i was ready to cum right away.  I stood against the balcony rails, the cold metal pressing against my thighs, I stood up on my tip toes and placed my balls on the cold top rail and started cumming.  She yelled and I yelled and I heard the man a little as well, then just as suddenly as it started, it was over.  I stared down onto the dark beach but saw no movement.  I waited for 10 minutes, but saw and heard nothing and eventually went inside.  A walk down our back staircases to the beach the next day provided no clues and I always wondered who she was...
   So between the random lovers on the beach, the parade of women walking by trying to out-sexy each other in the bikinis they wore and having a house practically made of huge windows, there was a sexual vibe for me at most times in the home.  I had walked naked through the house right in front of all the windows so many times, in front of so many people, getting a little wave once in a while from someone.  Once in a great while when I was at my most turned on horny levels had I masturbated right in front of the windows for a passing party boat who were too far to really see anything, but close enough to turn me on.  Our shower was wide open with windows, most of the houses were the same.  It was just the area.  We even had a nice large telescope set up in the back lounge area of the home for spying on the other people around.  I can remember both of my parents using it and spotting the sexy crowds, once in a while my mom's friends would be over and eventually one of them would start looking through it and spot some hunky man somewhere and they would all take turns looking and giggling.  At no time can I ever remember anyone in the home using it for astronomy in any way, lol.  
    So as always, when they asked me to house sit, I said yes.  I had left for college and gone for 3 years, but dropped out after a bad break up with a girlfriend, didn't like the area and moved back to Miami.  I was still just living off of my ‘allowance’ from Dad and didn't really work or do much.  My apartment was a ways away from the coast however, so I was happy for the chance to return home and have this (now as an adult I realized) dream house on the sexy beach all to myself for a week.

   I arrived on a Friday afternoon, it was nice and roasting hot outside.  My car had broken down again so I got a ride from a friend.  I let myself in, turned on the air conditioning and opened up most of the windows to let the stuffy air out.  A quick walk through the house to make sure all was as I remembered, looked in at my old room, it was nice and clean and somewhat empty of my old things, they threw them out on occasion...I walked down to the bar in the dinning room, grabbed one of dads cheep beers, began to drink it and walked up to the kitchen.  There was a note on the counter...

    ‘Dear sweetie, thanks for watching the place again this year, we appreciate it.  We left some money in the place for you if you want to order a pizza or something.  Please don't forget to bring in the paper and mail this year, EVERYDAY, and don't make too much of a mess.  A women from down the street will be by mid-week to water the plants inside, because we know you forget sometimes and we don't want them to die again, but we promise we aren't mad.  She has a key, and we told her you may be here sometime during the week so let her in if there is a problem.  Love you! Mom and Dad.’ 

   ‘Sweet’, I thought to myself...’I'm gonna relax, watch some girls on the beach from the back porch, drink some beers, more than likely play with myself some and have a nice week.  Maybe I will call Stacy and see if she wants to come over.  Nothing had ever really happened between us, but we had know each other a long time sense school and maybe she was still down the street at her folks house.’  As I thought about the idea of her coming over and us getting it on, I immediately grew ten thousand percent more horny.  The house had done its magic on me, and I begin to remember all the naked and horny times I had there in the house, even if almost all of them were by myself.  
Without another thought, I made sure the house was locked up, stripped off all my cloths, finished the beer, had a little walk past the back tall windows then went upstairs for a shower.  The bathroom was huge, open air and large red tiles, cinnamon smells, and the best part was the his and her shower heads in the same shower.  I cranked them both on and remembered all the times I had set the streams just right to hit my cock from both sides when I was younger.  I pulled open the windows in the bathroom as well and let the steam pour out of them.  On a whim I found a new razor and decided it was time for some pubic hair shaving as well, it had been a little while.  I didn't see anyone too close to our house at the moment, I shaved most of the hair away after massaging some clean scented soap all over my cock, I got a chubby boner, rubbed the tip for a while just getting excited.  Ended up leaving just a small strip of hair above my cock, shaved my balls perfectly clean, what a fun sensation, the wind would shift once in a while and bring the sent of sea salts in to the shower, I was loving it...I rinsed all the soap off and washed my hair.  I get out, dried myself off with a huge extra clean smelling towel and started thinking about all the places I had masturbated in the house and grounds, and where I could play in some new area that I hadn't before.  ‘Who knows, maybe there will be a nudists convention on the beach tomorrow, and I can invite some of the ladies back here’ I thought to myself...not likely...but always a fun image.  ‘There will be plenty of near nudes’ I thought.  ‘Plenty to look at’. 
I walked back downstairs to the kitchen without getting dressed, enjoying the freedom of being nude, I could hear some people walking past the house with their music playing, but I knew if I didn't get right up close to a window they couldn't see anything.  I turned on the huge projection TV they owned and made some dinner.  About half way though making it, my boxers went back on, too much oil splatter and heat from the stove to worry about, Im not going to be burning my cock, lol.  I ate my dinner in front of the the TV, watched the nudie channel, sure, its pretty soft-core, but naked is naked and I watched some nice lesbians make out and jiggle each other breasts while I ate.  Yes sir, this was going to be a fine week.  I got up, cleaned up my dinner plates and then walked out to the back balcony.  It was getting later in the evening, and the beach was almost clean, I could see a few couples around and decided to play with the telescope a little.  I focused it up and panned up the beach with it.  Typical sights!  A group of college girls walking away, nice firm asses, a good looking couple sunning themselves down the other way...2 middle aged women walking about waist high in the surf, a super hot, super scary looking Cuban girl covered in tattoos, probably a stripper judging from the size of her tits,  probably would mess me up for looking sideways at her, lol...a typical south beach evening on the rich beaches...the telescope was endless fun and always got me more than a little excited...realized I was playing with my balls while looking though it...decided to go looking through some boxes in the closet that used to have an old back vibrating massager in it...naked butterflies as I dig for it, and found it.  I had a quick shot of rum and took the massager over to the huge black leather couch by the TV.  Plugged it in and actually used it on my back for a bit while watching the Playboy channel.  Now I wish I had brought some decent porn with me, but oh well.  I moved to a section of the couch where the cushions met and stuck the handle of the massager between the cushions.  Now it was standing up on its own, and I could lay back on the couch with it between my legs and have it vibrate on my balls...this sent nice slow waves of ecstasy through my body and once in a while I would sit up and press my cock’s length against it this was intense and could bring my to an orgasm in one minute or so, I had played this game plenty of times before...but i hold back as it gets close and lay back in the cool leather couch and let it just tickle my balls for a while again.  The movie has changed on the TV without my knowing it, I am getting a little drunk after all, this time it is a solo show, a wonderful brunette laying in her bay window somewhere in the mountains, playing with her pussy as terrible music plays in the background, yummy, just like me I think. I decide I need one more drink, hop up and walk to the kitchen, but first a quick glance outside.  I see a group of 3 middle aged women this time, right in front of the porch walking by chatting.  Their swimming suits are more than sexy and you can tell they are hot to trot cougars from their stances, there is that kind of woman everywhere down here...I walk up to the porch door and open it up and take a few steps outside, they look right up at me, one looks annoyed, one looks surprised and giggles while gripping the third by the arm, the third looks right at my cock and smiles and waves, I give a little wave back and jump back though the door, its a rush and this sort of thing goes on all the time in this area, so its no big deal....  Its an adults only beach anyways. I feel the rush all over and decide to have another shot of rum then back to the TV.  As I sit down and place the massager against my balls, I realize I'm pretty drunk.  It still feels good, really good, but I decide to get really really really close to cumming then stop and play the waiting game for tomorrow.  I should wake up so horny that the excitement will be with me all day until eventually I make myself cum, ‘cause I know there’s not much chance of Stacey actually coming by.  I get all worked up, stop before the orgasms takes me, do it three times, and decide that's enough...stumble over for one more shot, double check the house locks and go pass out in my old bedroom.

    The next morning I am awake suddenly.  It feels good to be in my old bed, clean white sheets against my naked body, there is already some heat in the morning, but I can still smell the day breaking breezes that come off the ocean in the last of the night.  Its too early and I don't really know why I woke up and decide to sleep in some more, but I am seriously hungry after last nights drunk and decide to go find some fruit or something and then go back to sleep.  I stand up and remember that I had shaved my cock pretty well, my balls were nice and warm from sleeping and hanging low and my cock hung lower after last night orgasm denial, it was already a little tingly just from waking up.  I walk out of my bedroom and down the hall towards the stairs that go down and lead into the kitchen and dining area.

  I get about half way down the stairs when I can see you legs first.  I scared rush goes through me for a split second, there is someone in the house and I don't know who and I am completely naked...but I can see that you are facing away from me.  I slowly slowly creep down a few more stairs and see you better now.  

    You are a woman, a sexy shaped one, you are wearing your hair back in a pony tail, with a cute little sun visor on that allot of the ladies around here wear.  You have your bikini top on, but some shorts for you bottoms. Except the shorts are around your are standing at the window facing away from are looking through the telescope!  It is turned down to the beach and tuned into a couple sun bathing in the early morning light.  I realize you must be the woman from down the street my parents told me about in their note.  You have let yourself in to water the plants and decided to have a little look through the telescope.  I slowly come down a few more steps, now I can see you better, your hair is beautiful in the morning light, your sun glasses up on your head, your eye pressed up to the scope and the other one all scrunched up closed.  And the best part is those shorts, down at your leg has already stepped of them...your ass is sweet and tanned with a nice nicely visible tan line, lol, but its slightly jiggling around and I can see one of your hands is sooooo slowly rubbing  your pussy.  I can see your middle finger appear between your ass cheeks from behind then you slowly pull your hand back up.  Your breath is working a little harder than normally, and I can tell you are really getting off watching these strangers through the telescope in someone else’s house while playing with yourself.  You moan and almost do a slow motion dance moving your hips back and forth as you continue to watch and play.  I look over and see the vibrating massager still between the cushions where I left it last night drunk. All of a sudden, you begin to make these cute little ‘ohhs’ sounds, rapidly and softly as your hand rubs faster..

  I can tell you are going to cum in a moment, you rub and bounce a little while making your little Ohh sounds while looking through the scope down at the beach.  I look down and see my cock has gone from its morning hang to a throbbing hard on, flexing against my tummy...Im not quite sure what I should do?  I finish coming down the stairs and you are completely oblivious to me, you are cumming right now, I want to watch close, but I am confused to as how you are going to re-act when you see me, I dont want to scare you, but I have caught you in my parent's house, naked and masturbating, my cock wants to cum so very badly from last night play I decide that I’ve already caught you in the act and now its time for you to earn the pleasure you just got from playing with your pussy by playing with me for a while =)

    You finished cumming with your eyes still pressed to the scope, you take your hand and bring it up to your mouth and suck on 2 of your fingers a little...then back down to your pussy and some slow gentle are still watching through the scope the whole time.  I walk into the kitchen and take this opportunity to rub on my cock and really get it nice and firm.  I jiggle my balls so they are nice and swinging low then walk up the kitchen counter.  You take one last look through the scope ( I wonder what you saw down there that made you so horny) the step back and bend over to pull up your shorts.  Your ass is right there in front of me about 20 feet away and I can see your glistening pussy perfectly exposed between those cheeks...

   I take a big breath and say out loud in my friendliest and sweetest voice, ‘Good morning Ma’am!’  You whip around with a squeal and fall down on your butt, legs spread and looking up at me.  ‘My name is Case, and this is my parent's house. (Smiling at you)  I am their son and am house sitting for them.  As you can see, the sight of you doing naughty things in their home has giving my a huge erection!  I think you and I can be friends, but you better be a good girl and come over here just in case I decide to get mad and spank you for being such as naughty masturbating woman in someone else’s house.’ (More big smiles at you).  I then grab my cock at the tip with just my thumb and one finger and pull it down from its enormous erect position and point it towards the ground.  I take a few more steps towards you and am now standing directly in front and above you...I let my cock go and it SNAPS right back up and slaps my tummy with a sweet spanking sound. I flex my chest muscles a little and look you right in the eyes, put my hands on my hips, give you a big mischievous smile and wait to see what your next move will be! =)
     This is the end of part 1, it is now up to you, my sexy story writing and erotic tale crafting lady friends to write the next part.  Please see my profile for more info =)  We can message each other and exchange a generic email to send the next parts to, or it can be done just through this site.  When the story is done, it can then be posted on yours, mine or both of our profiles.  Please write what you want to happen next from YOUR point of view.  Real laddies only please, sorry guys, you will just have to read the results as the story grows.  It is the woman's point of view, psychology and style that will turn me on, and help fuel my reaction to what they write.  Laddies, please write anything you like and mail me through the site or contact me, it is up to you what happens next, then I will write the next part and so on.  Lets co-create some erotic fantasies and have some creative fun while we do =)  Yours in waiting...Case ;) 

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case2000    (2011-05-28 00:02:47)    Flag as inappropiate
@33CindyLicks33 : Thanks for your addition, sooooo sexy and hot, I love what you are doing with the story... I am writing the next part now ;)

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