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  By: LadySub

Disclaimer: This story is rather long. When I say long… I mean REALLY long.


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I’ve always been a good student and was raised to focus on my studies. While other girls went boy crazy in high school, I remained focused and ended up graduating as a valedictorian. The habit of remaining centered on my studies continued in college. Sure, I tried dating, but relationships didn’t last long since I never had time to do anything. How could I maintain my perfect 4.0 grade if I was attending campus parties and fooling around?!

I felt everything was paying off when I was selected to be part of a research program for Dr. Menken. Dr. Menken was a prestigious professor and I felt honored to be the youngest person on the team, which I attested to my good grades and discipline. At the end of each semester, Dr. Menken throws a party at his house for all the research analysts. I hear it’s quite fun for everyone and a good winding down period. Since it’s after finals, there’s not a reason why I shouldn’t attend. Also, I would like to talk to him about next year and returning to his service.

I was cleaning my lab area one afternoon, when he walked in and said, “Oh, Maggie! I’m glad I caught you. I just wanted to let you know I’ve changed the dates for the party. Instead of next weekend, will you be able to come this weekend?” I furrowed my eyebrows. Next week was finals week and I really wanted to use this weekend to study; however, I really wanted to be on the team next year. “Okay, Dr. Menken. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll be there.”

It took me 45 minutes to get to Dr. Menken’s house outside of town. His house was the last house on a dirt road. I thought how fortunate to be far from neighbors to unwind or even work on your research. I had brought some wine and made my way to the front door. My heels were sinking into the soft grass and now I regretted wearing a skirt, albeit being knee length.  I always dressed modestly because I wanted to be taken seriously. It’s hard for a young, pretty woman to get ahead in academia, so I try not emphasize my sexuality.  However, my skirt showed off my narrow waist and shapely legs. As I rang the doorbell, I frowned at myself in the reflection of the storm door. You would think I was trying to pull off the sexy, librarian look and that is certainly far from the truth.

Mr. Menken answered the door and I nearly did a double take. I never saw him in casual clothes. He was wearing faded jeans and a pale button shirt. He had curled the sleeves up passed his arms. I never noticed his physique before because it was always hidden behind a lab coat. Being a small woman of 5’1, he has always loomed a foot above me. Today, he seemed taller. His jeans were loose, but still indicated the shape of his legs well enough for me guess he was a runner. He was drying his hands on a rag as he opened the door and greeted me. I saw the muscles of his forearms flex as he clapped the dish rag back and forth between hands. I seem to always notice small details like that. His chest and shoulders looked broad and even though he had stark white hair, his face still looked very youthful. Maybe he went prematurely gray, I thought. Realizing I just checked Dr. Menken out like some college co-ed hussy, I felt myself flush. If he noticed, he didn’t give any indication as he led me into the house.

“I picked up some wine on the way here,” I said and passed the bottle over to him. “I’ll add it to the rest,” he replied looking at the label and walking into the kitchen. I walked into the living room and then made my way to the dining room. Then it hit me. No one else is here. I guess I was the first to arrive and I smirked at the thought of everyone else being so irresponsible. Dr. Menken walked into the dining room behind me and startled me when he said, “The food is almost ready.” I turned with a start and he smiled as he handed me a glass of the wine I had purchased. I took the glass and had a sip. “I guess everyone is running late,” I said. He looked out the window and squinted as if he was trying to will the others to arrive. Then he took a long drink out of his wine glass. “I guess so.”

“ Say, I bet you want to see where the magic happens?” I nearly choked on the wine going down my throat and coughed, “Magic?” 

“Yea…where I get my ideas and solve all the world’s problems,” Dr Menken beamed. I chuckled, “Sure!”

He led me to the foyer and down the hall to a study. It smelled of old leather bindings and decorated in dark oak wood furniture. It’s how I would imagine an office for a distinguished man such as Dr. Menken’s standing to look like. “Oh! Look at you. You are nearly done with your wine,” he grabbed my wine glass, “I’ll get you some more.” “That’s okay, Dr. Menken,” I protested, “I’ll wait for the others to arrive to have more.” He stood in the doorway, “You need to learn how to live a little, Mags.” He never had called me Mags and I was not entirely sure I liked it, but he had a point. It’s a party.”Okay, I’ll have some more.” He smiled and left the room.

I walked around the room and pulled out a couple books to look at titles and slide them back in neatly. I walked to the desk and saw an open journal with notes and started to read Dr. Menken’s ideas. “Uh no…now I need to kill you.” I jumped. This is the second time he spooked me. I stammered, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…”  He interrupted, “I’m only teasing you, Maggie.” He handed me my glass back. “That journal just has random thoughts and nonsense about my work. Nothing hashed out completely to get worked up about.” He smiled, “You really need to relax.”

I took a drink and cleared my throat. “Dr. Menken, I wanted to ask if you were satisfied with my progress on the team. I know I am the youngest, being a sophomore and all, to work in your service and just wanted to know if you were satisfied enough to invite me back next year.” He lifted his glass to his lips and drank the whole thing. It was hardly the response I expected to the question I asked. He swallowed the last of the wine and then smiled. He gave me a wink before turning and leaving the study. What did that mean?! I was perturbed and followed him to the kitchen. I spent the whole drive over her forming that question and was quite proud of it and he didn’t even answer it.

“Maggie, can you help me place this food on the table before everyone gets here.” I guess he didn’t want to talk work tonight, so I reluctantly helped him put the food out. He sensed I was upset and when we were done, he said, “Maggie, you are a smart woman. I’ve been extremely pleased with your work, but there’s much that you still need to learn.” My heart dropped. He thinks I’m too young. “That being said, I don’t see any reason why you can’t be in my service again.” My heart soared and I beamed a smile at him. “Thank you, Dr. Menken.”

“Please call me Richard, Maggie. We aren’t in the lab.” Still smiling, I said, “Oh, thank you, Dr Menken. I won’t disappoint.” He rolled his head back and laughed, “I’m sure you won’t, Maggie.” Then he narrowed his eyes at me and said in a husky tone, “Now if I can crack that shell of yours.”  I snapped my eyes to him in a questioning look. He grabbed my shoulder and gave it a shake and laughed. “Lighten up, Mags, I’m teasing you.” I cracked a tentative smile.

Changing the subject I said, “I would like to freshen up before everyone arrives. May I use your restroom?” Dr. Menken took a drink and rolled the wine in his mouth and stared down at me for what was a few seconds, but felt like eternity under his scrutiny. I was starting to feel uncomfortable when he finally swallowed the wine and said, “Sure! It’s upstairs the second door to the left.”  Then he turned and walked back into the kitchen.

I made my way upstairs. All the doors were closed and I felt relieved to be alone again. I must be honest; I was feeling a bit woozy from the wine too and wanted to splash my face. I don’t drink much, so it hits me fast.  I opened the door and flipped the switch before walking in. A red light flooded the room giving it a dim hue. It was dark enough that my eyes had to adjust to the low light, but bright enough to see that this room clearly wasn’t the bathroom. It must be a smaller bedroom, so I was about to turn the light off and try another door when something caught my eye. A picture stuck to the wall. I walked in and shut the door and walked over; transfixed on the picture.  There. Clear as day was my face. I blinked and the rest of the room came into focus. Picture after picture of me had been tacked to the wall from floor to the ceiling. Some of the pictures just had my face. Other pictures had me in my lab coat, regular clothes, work-out clothes, etc. There was one with me just walking around campus with books in my arms. I put my hand to my mouth to still my breathing. Obviously, I wasn’t meant to see this. I followed the wall to the next wall. This was more disturbing. Pictures of naked women bodies in various positions were stuck to the wall from floor to ceiling, but in place of their faces were cut outs of mine. I turned around feeling faint and disgusted. I fought hard not to hyperventilate. I looked up and saw a pallet to the side of the room with thick metal hooks around it and a rope intertwined into them, so that someone could be tied to the floor. I gulped.  I saw the same hooks along the opposite wall allowing someone to be tied up in various positions from standing up to being placed on a shelf in a sitting position. I had to get out of here! I snapped to action and decided I was going to walk straight downstairs and out the front door, not bothering to say or do anything to attract Dr. Menken’s attention. I reached for the door handle and the door pushed opened. It was so unexpected and I was on high alert that I reacted with a shriek. Dr. Menken walked in and then leaned against the door until it clicked. He stood there looking at me as I stared back with wide eyes. He broke the silence. “Now this room,” he started, “is where a whole ‘nother type of magic happens.”

“Please, Dr, Menken,” I begged, “if you let me go home, I won’t say a thing.”

“Mmmm, Maggie, Maggie, Maggie. You know I can’t do that,” He said in an eerily soothing voice. I heard the door lock and saw him place a key in his pocket. My heart leaped into my throat and I started backing up as he walked further into the room. “Others will be coming soon. We should go back downstairs to greet them,” I babbled. “No worried, Maggie. No one else is showing up tonight,” he countered, “I made sure of that.”

I didn’t notice the built-ins, but he turned and started fiddling with something in a cabinet. “I’m a hardworking man, Maggie,” he began, “I told myself a long time ago that love has no place in my life. After all, I have important things to do. Important research to complete.” He continued fiddling with something. I started acting like a trapped animal looking for a way out. The door was locked and the window had been darkened and nailed shut. I was close to hysterics. Dr. Menken continued, “It’s been an easy rule to follow, you know.” He turned around to face me. “Until you walked into my classroom your freshman year. I thought it was just a crush, a harmless infatuation. But then I fell in love with your beautiful mind, your potential, and...” he chuckled, “your eagerness to please me.” He crossed his arms and his eyes seemed to gloss over as he continued. “The feeling didn’t go away, though. It got to the point where I needed to see you every day. Having you working on my research team would surely guarantee that.” He broke out of the trance, “Not to say you didn’t earn that spot, Maggie. You did. You did better work than some of my seasoned analyst.”

I managed to hoarsely get out the words, “Please, Dr. Menken, you are scaring me.”

He uncrossed his arms and walked up to me. He tentatively ran his hand through my hair and then ran his thumb along my face. “It’s not my intention to scare you, Maggie, and please call me Richard.”

“I love you so much,” He cooed, “You fascinate me. I just need to have more of you. I need to know what makes you tick.” He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine softly. I tensed up. Truth be told, I’m not a passionate person. At least I didn’t think I am. I never kissed anyone before or done anything else, not for lack of opportunity. I just never had the desire. Dr. Menken, I mean Richard, pulled away. He put both hands on my shoulders and started to massage them. “I’m going to make you relax, Maggie. You are so wound up so tight.”

“Dr. Men…I mean, Richard, you can’t honestly believe you love me,” I stammered, “I…I…I’m just like any other girl. I don’t think I can give you what you want here.”

“Oh Mags, I bet you never loved someone before.”  He waited for me to shake my head no and he smiled. “Trust me. I love you and I have to have you.” “No, Richard…You don’t….” He brought his lips hard down on me and wrapped his arms around me tightly. I tensed up, but this time he didn’t care. He pried my lips open and thrust his tongue into mine and rolled it around not leaving any part of my mouth unexplored. I moved my tongue around his, not knowing what to do, but figuring it made sense to move around his to create space. I slacked a bit in his arms and he supported my weight. I felt myself being lifted and moved. My back hit the wall and he lifted me off the floor to wrap my legs around his waist. My skirt was pushed back, so the barrier between me and his jeans were my simple, white cotton panties. I felt the rough texture grind against my sensitive mound and I started to panic and struggle. “Please. Stop.” I tried to thrust myself away. He latched onto my hips and held me in place. “Never!” he growled. Then he was back to assaulting my mouth. He scooted me to the left and lifted me onto a shelf leveled with his pelvis. I realized where I was and began to struggle. He pressed his body hard against mine to hold me in place while he tied my arms to each hook above me. “Richard!” I pleaded, “Please don’t tie me up. Please let me go.” He worked to tie my feet to posts below the shelf, so that my legs where spread apart and my hips were slightly tilted up. He then pulled something out of his pocket that looked like a red ball with straps. I was about to asked what he had, when he shoved the ball into my mouth and tied the straps behind my head. I shook my head vigorously and arched my body trying to get out, but probably only accomplished looking silly. Dr. Menken turned around and went back the built-ins. I heard a click of a stereo turning on and sounds started filling the room, which seemed to be wired for surround sound. I heard a female moaning and the moans filled the room. I struggled again and then I heard my voice coming through the speakers. I froze.  I heard my voice…”Yes, Dr, Menken”, “Right there”, “Keep”, “Going”, “Don’t”, “Stop”, “I’m”, “Coming”, “I want”, “You”, “I Love”, “You” intermixed with a female moaning. I was horrified. He’s crazy! He has to be crazy!

“Today is a real treat for me,” he said as he started unbuttoning his shirt. “I usually play this tape and stare at you picture, but today…Today… I have the real deal.” He began to unbutton my blouse and then opened my shirt wide to expose my chest. He licked his lips and ran his hand over my bra. “I’ve wanted to see your tits for so long.” He reached around me and unsnapped my bra and my breast spilled out while he shed the bra and tossed it to the floor. “Beautiful,” he said. He started running his hands over my chest massaging my boobs. I gasped at the feel of his hands squeezing and kneading me, but it was overshadowed by the moans from the tape. He pinched my nipple and I arched back at the sensation. “Oh! You like that, huh?” He bent down and put his hot mouth on my nipple and started circling it with tongue. Then he opened his mouth wider and took in more of my boob and he used his tongue to explore every inch then sucking while lifting his head until my nipple was caught in his teeth. I moaned and gasped. He stood up and fondled both boobs again. “You have big, beautiful tits, Maggie. Almost too big for one man to handle.” He winked at me, “almost.” 

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pocket knife. He set it to the side of me and I kept my eyes on it the whole time. He took off his shirt to expose his muscular physique. If I wasn’t so terrified, I might have enjoyed looking at Dr. Menken as he was turning out to be a very handsome man underneath his clothes. He unzipped my skirt on the side and then proceeded to rip it the rest of the way until he was able to tear it off of me. Then he picked up the knife and rubbed it down my side then under my panties. Then he stabbed a hole in the side and started ripping my panties off of me. I started crying with tears running down my face, but the tape kept playing over me…”I want”, “You”, “Dr. Menken” it blasted.

He stood back to look at my nude body and seemed very pleased. “You are everything I imagined, Maggie. You are beautiful.” He noticed my tears. He wiped them and said, “Don’t worry about your clothes, Maggie. I bought you more clothes to wear.” He smiled, “You don’t think I know your size?”

 The cad! He thinks I’m crying because he tore my clothes! He’s delusional and he’s so obsessed to know my sizes. I started trembling with fear. “Oh baby, you are cold.” He pressed his body to mine and the heat from his chest felt good against my exposed body. He started caressing my neck and kissing the side of it and then moving his hands to fondle my breast again as his kiss became more aggressive. “Yes”, “Yes”, “Dr. Menken”, “More”, “More”, “I want”, “You” I kept hearing my voice betrayed me through the speakers. It drove him to be more vigorous. I flinched when he cupped my vagina. He started palming me and I squirmed under him. I started struggling and screaming through the ball. He pressed his palm harder to me as he sucked on my neck. Then he slid a finger in further and started moving it up and down my slit. He whispered in my ear, “You do want me.” I didn’t know what he was talking about. I didn’t want him! I was scared to death. He continued, “You are getting sopping wet for me.”

 He found my clit and started rubbing circles on it. I threw my head back and moaned and my legs went taut. I couldn’t control my body’s response. His touch was creating sensations I never felt and an ache started building up inside of me. I bent down and hovered over my vagina. Then I felt his hot tongue break through my slit and run it up and down slowly over my clit. It sent shivers up my body and I arched into his tongue hating myself for responding so wantonly. He started licking vigorously switching between long stroke and quick, flitting strokes. He wrapped his arms around waist and lifted me to his face as he continued to assault my clit. I started seeing white flashes as the ache built up and I thought I was going to die. I started panting and grunting behind the ball as I heard the moaning in my ears. I realized it wasn’t the tape. I was moaning loudly. I was louder than the tape. I felt my body go taut as the pressure built and when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore I felt the bottom drop. I felt like I was falling. No! Floating.  I was floating gently down to the ground as a steady pulse raced through my body. I had never felt so serene and content in my entire life. As I was coming out of the white light I focused on Dr. Menken’s face. He smiled. “Baby, I’ve never felt a woman cum so hard as you.” Was that what that was? I felt his hand massaging my slit again. “Oh, Maggie…You are sopping.” He bent down and started licking me again. It felt so good and this time I didn’t fight my body’s reaction. I craved that feeling again. I felt his tongue pop into my hole and it felt intensely wonderful. He stood back up. “I love the way your pussy tastes.” He wiped his mouth and started to undo his pants. He slid them down and I saw his penis. I never saw a male penis this close before. Sure, I’ve walked in on people watching porn before, but I never really looked at a male member in so much detail before. It was engorged and standing like a canon ready to fire. He looked long and thick and I saw a little liquid collecting on the tip. I felt my body flush with nervous energy. He grabbed his penis and began stroking it from base to tip. “Do you like looking at my cock, Maggie?” I shot my eyes to his. I had been staring at his penis this whole time! He laughed, “You don’t have to be modest, Maggie.  Tell me what you really think.”

He pressed his cock next to my pussy and I felt the heat. It felt hard as rock pressed to me. My pulse started quickening. “I bet you are worried I won’t fit, huh?” I nodded. He threw his head back and laughed. “Alright, I’ll prep you.” He stepped back and started running his fingers on me again. I tilted up more to him. He then slipped a finger into me and slowly pushed into me. Before he reached his second knuckle, he slipped in another finger into me. I felt myself stretch and the ache was coming back. “Maggie, you might be right,” he said. “I can hardly get two fingers into you.” He pushed further and came up against resistance. He pulled both fingers out fast and shot his eyes at me. “You got to be shitting me!” He gasped. He ran his hands through his hair and started looking all around. Then he grabbed my face with both hands. I could smell my juices on his fingers. He stared into my eyes. “You are a virgin?!” I nodded and looked down. He laughed. “Holy shit!” he smacked his hip. “I figured women these days let it go at an early age.” He looked me up and down and smirked. “Am I the first man to kiss you, Mags?” I continued to look down and nod my head. “Are you telling me, I’m the first to suck on these beautiful tits and touch your delightfully tight cunt?” I sighed and nodded again. He unsnapped my gag and took it off. Before I could speak he brought his lips hard on mine. He wrapped his hands around me and squeezed me hard against him. I started whimpering under the abuse of his kiss, but it only egged him to continue. “I love it!,” he said, “I love that I’m your only man.” Then he narrowed his eyes, “and I WILL be the only one, Maggie.” He kissed me hard again and I had to tell myself this isn’t a touching moment. He’s crazy! He has pictures of me on his wall and my voice on a tape. I can’t let me guard down or feel any of this is right. “Dr. Menk…um…Richard,” I squeaked, “we have to stop.” “He continued to shower my cheeks and neck with kisses. “Why?”

“Well, I’m saving myself for marriage,” I lied. He froze. Then he looked into my eyes to gauge if I was serious. “I want my husband to be the only man, Richard,” I continued thinking I broke through to him. “When I get married, I want to offer myself body and soul. Body and Soul, Richard. I won’t be able to do that if you take my virginity.” I saw his eyes darken and he started scowling. “Who do you plan on marrying, Maggie?” I looked off into the corner, “I don’t know. I haven’t thought that far yet.” I could see I messed up.

 “I think you are missing the point, Margaret,” he sneered, “I love you! Stop this saving yourself for marriage garbage because you will be marrying me if and when I feel like marching your ass down the aisle.” He grabbed my chin and squeezed it to look at him, “After I fuck you, you will be mine! That’s what is going to happen now!”

He’s off his rocker! “Richard, just because you fuck someone doesn’t mean they are yours!”

He laughed, “See, Maggie. There’s much for you to learn.” He grabbed my hips and shoved hard into me. I screamed as he ripped me apart and tore through my hymen. He started pumping into me in a steady rhythm and I screamed with every thrust. I heard him grunting as he started pounding into me. “I was going to be nicer, Maggie. I was going to make love to you, but now I’m just going to fuck you until you give yourself to me.”  He rammed deep into me and held himself hard against me and started grinding himself inside me. The pain was melting away and the ache was coming back. I started grinding back against him. “Your body doesn’t lie, Maggie. You want me. Give in.” He was pushed in full hilt and started pumping inside me, so that the tip of his cock was hitting the back of my cervix.  “You know you want to cum all over my cock,” he growled down at me.


That wasn’t the tape. That was me. I was screaming yes over and over again. I exploded again and convulsed on the end of his cock.

He brushed my hair outta of my face and kissed my forehead. He was still hard and thick inside me. “Maggie?” he whisphered, “I need you to look at me.” I slowly moved my head to meet his gaze. I was still feeling glazed over. “I need to know if you are on the pill.” No. I didn’t have a reason to be on the pill. I never had sex. I shook my head no and let it fall back.

I felt Richard pulling out and shoving his large member back into me. He grabbed my hips so he could go faster and faster. My sore pussy was screaming with each thrust, but I didn’t care. I knew it would give way to the ache. “I’m going to cum inside you, Maggie. “ I heard him say. “I’m going to fill you up and spill inside you.”

“No, Richard,” I moaned, “I’m not on the pill.”

“I know, Maggie.” He stammered between thrusts. “Do you think I’m going to let this tight pussy get away? If you don’t want me to cum inside you, you have to say your mine forever. Otherwise, I’m going to spill inside of you each time I fuck you and plant a baby in your belly.” 

I didn’t care anymore. He’s insane, but I’m exhausted and his cock stretching me open with each thrust was creating havoc on my senses. I craved the ache. I wanted the ache. I started matching the rhythm and moaning in abandon.  “Say it, Maggie!” I continued to thrust my body on his and I felt him swell and start pulsing inside me. It was amazing as I felt something warm start hitting me inside and filling me up. I felt the explosion and I screamed “I’m Yours!” as I convulsed against him.

As I slowly started to come back, I felt Richard stroking my hair and kissing my face. “I know, Maggie…I know,” he kept repeating. “I know you are all mine now.”

He untied me and I draped my arms over his strong shoulders as he lifted me to straddle his narrow waist. He carried me to the door and unlocked it. Before opening the door, he whispered in my ear, “I’ll clean this room out tomorrow. I think it will make a fine baby room.”   

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mariahisnumber16    (2011-08-18 20:11:17)    Flag as inappropiate
more of magie and richard please :)
mariahisnumber16    (2011-08-06 01:51:08)    Flag as inappropiate
please more this is so good one of my favss ughh cant get a enough :)
mariahisnumber16    (2011-08-06 01:51:01)    Flag as inappropiate
please more this is so good one of my favss ughh cant get a enough :)
LadySub    (2011-05-28 17:11:13)    Flag as inappropiate
LadySub If you want to hear more about Maggie and Richard, leave a comment and more stories can be made.
LadySub    (2011-05-28 17:09:32)    Flag as inappropiate
LadySub If you want to hear more about Maggie
SassyGrlNstDr    (2011-05-20 17:17:20)    Flag as inappropiate
SassyGrlNstDr I loved this.... I wish i had a professor like that while i was in College. Hell I would love it now. :)
LadySub    (2011-05-12 00:07:37)    Flag as inappropiate
LadySub In college, I would exercise and walk the campus. One day I was waiting for my class and this prof, like the one I describe, approached me. He had seen me walking and wanted to join me. I've always wondered what would have happened if I said yes.
LadySub    (2011-05-12 00:07:37)    Flag as inappropiate
LadySub In college, I would exercise and walk the campus. One day I was waiting for my class and this prof, like the one I describe, approached me. He had seen me walking and wanted to join me. I've always wondered what would have happened if I said yes.
anonimusrick    (2011-05-11 07:42:47)    Flag as inappropiate
anonimusrick Lucky doctor.
Lucky Mags, to have found him.
PrettyLisaG    (2011-05-11 00:19:52)    Flag as inappropiate
Love it!

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