Breaking Her In Part I   added 4 years ago    

  By: LadySub

Part I


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I am a little reluctant to meet him at his apartment. After all this is the first time we would meet face to face. I'm still not sure if I'm brave enough to go through with anything besides lunch. However, I told Dan I was going into the office today when I actually took the day off. To make it believable I needed to leave the house at 8:00 and it seemed like a good place to meet while we wait for the lunch hour.

I arrive at his house and he answers looking like he just woke up. I think how cute his bed head looks. He gives me a hug and lets me in to his place. He does all the things a good host would...offer a drink and such. He lets me know he’s going to jump in the shower and give a smirk as he invites me to join. I nervously smile and say, “No thanks, I took one already.” He gives me a disapprovingly look and turns to go take a shower.

I sit on your couch wondering what am I doing?! I hear the shower go on and I think I should leave but feel compelled to stay. You are just a tease, Marie. You are all talk and no action. He'll see it soon enough and this internal torture will be over. This nervous tremble will go away. Maybe we will just watch a movie or talk. I chuckle. Yea...guys just want to talk. I decide to get up and do the good thing. I approach the bathroom door and notice it’s slightly ajar. I knock. “Jason?” No reply.  “Jason? Um...I think I'm gonna go.” No reply. I shrug and think I'll just write a note before slipping out the front door.  

As I turn I bump into something very solid and feel arms wrap around me. As my vision adjusts, I notice I’m staring right at Jason’s chest and I slowly look up. He still has his clothes on and I noticed he is wearing a very stern look. I feel his arms tighten around me and he says, "I knew you were just a cock tease!"

 I feel the air leave my chest and not sure if I should panic. He crushes me into him and grabs my chin hard and tilts it up. "I don't think you understand," he says down to me, "the minute you walked in here, you became mine." His mouth comes down hard on mine so that my teeth chatter and my reaction is to resist as he forces his tongue into my mouth. He pulls away and squeezes my chin hard and say, "Be a good girl now." I relax in his arm and he kisses me again and this time I kiss back and start sucking on his tongue.

I'm pulled into the bathroom. "Undress!" I look at him like I mistaken the command. He comes over and slaps me firmly on my cheek. "Undress!" I take everything off and try to hide myself. He commands me to turn around and put my hands on the wall exposing my bear backside to him. He starts swatting me and I start whimpering and tearing up. He wants to give my ass a pink color for declining to take a shower with him and for trying to leave. He tells me next time I try to deprive him of what is HIS, my punishment will be worse.

He takes off his clothes and step into the shower. I'm afraid to move and wait for instructions. He orders me to get in the shower and hands me the soap. “Clean your Master! I lather him up running my hands over his body. I linger on his shoulders and chest and thoroughly enjoy touching him. I feel so small and vulnerable next to him and just the thought of his arms around me crushing me into his chest like before excites me and I blush. I feel his eyes on me and wonder if he knows that his body is exciting me. He rinses off and then grabs my shoulders and pushes me to my knees. "Put me in your mouth!" I put my hands on his hips and take the tip of his cock into my mouth. I rub my tongue along the tip and twirl it around. I feel him grab my hair hard..."Stop being a tease! Put it all in your mouth!" He pushes my head on his cock and I feel him slam into the back of my throat. I never deep throated, so I feel panic as I start to choke. He holds his cock there for 5 seconds and then pulls out to only thrust it back in. No learning curve, I can only take it. My eyes start to tear up as he starts thrusting faster and fucking my throat. I feel him swell up and feel him thrust deeper. I feel his cum slide down my throat. I try to swallow before his next load, but I feel it start to spill out of my mouth as I try to swallow all of it. I taste the saltiness of him and want more and start licking him clean. He pulls out and says, "We'll have to keep practicing until you loosen up for me." He turns off the shower and steps out and throws a towel at me..."Dry off and meet me in the bedroom. I'm not done with you yet."

My chin is sore, my throat is sore and I am sure my ass is still red. I start to wonder what else will be sore if I go into the bedroom. My reluctance is slowly being replaced by anticipation.


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