Dildo fucking myself in the shower & elsewhere   added 4 years ago    

  By: easypeasy

Oh, eventually I'll write another narrative fantasy, but lately it just gets me so hot and wet and turned on to tell people about my masturbation sessions and fantasies.  I love thinking about writing or telling someone about it when I'm doing it, imagining an audience, at least only textually or verbally.  And it always makes it hotter.


So, last weekend, I decided to try bringing my medium-sized dildo into the shower with me.  It's got a realistic shape and head, but it's super smooth silicone, and small enough that I can take it in my pussy really easily and usually get my ass to take it without too much work.  Mmmm, in the shower it went so much better than I had even imagined!  So hot!  I almost came, but I decided to practice delayed gratification and just get myself really wet and hot.


First I shaved my cunt again.  I'm just enjoying that these days, liking the smooth soft feeling of my full cunt lips, how slick and hot they get when I get really turned on, how easily my toys slide around between them and over my clit and into my hole when they're freshly smooth and shaved.  I always get really wet while I'm shaving, touching my pussy to hold my lips out of the way or stretching them out where I want them to shave them, accidentally brushing over my clit sometimes, feeling my finger so close to my hole but never dipping inside.  It always turns me on, leaves me wanting to get fingered or licked or fucked so bad.


Then I brought my dildo into the shower with me, after shaving, my cunt already wet and hot from that.  I did my usual shower cleaning routine, really getting into soaping and fingering my asshole, loving how my fingers slid around in my pussy when I cupped water and splashed it around in my cunt.  Finally, I took the dildo and started rubbing it in my pussy, the smooth silicone sliding really easily in my pussy juices and the water streaming down on me.  It felt so good just to rub it over my clit and between my pussy lips, over and over, feeling the flared head bump and catch on my pussy hole sometimes, whimpering when it accidentally slid back over my hole and toward my ass.  After a little bit, I turned around and leaned over, holding myself up on the soap holder and rubbing the dildo down into my pussy from behind.  God, it felt so good to poke and prod the head at my cunt hole, imagining a guy bending me over in the shower and teasing my pussy, getting ready to fuck me from behind.  I like to take it suddenly and hard, so eventually I just ran the smooth head down over my wet hole one more time and shoved it in, fucking it in deep and feeling my legs spread to take it harder as I started fucking it in and out of me, feeling the hard smooth cock sliding in and out of my tight pussy, feeling like a guy is reaming my cunt hard, pounding his thick cock up my pussy hard and fast, over and over, the thick head stretching my hole over and over when he almost pulls out and then rams his dick back inside me.  I could almost have come just from imagining that and fucking myself faster, but instead I pulled out.


I really, really wanted it in my ass.  I hadn't fucked my ass in a while, no time or motivation.  But last weekend I wanted it hard and thick and filling my asshole as deep as I could take it.  So while the dildo was still slick with my cunt juices, I bent over again, reached behind me to hold the base of the dildo against the shower wall, and pushed my asshole back onto the head.  God, it always hurts so much when the thick head pushes inside, stretching my hole more than my fingers can, making me gasp and my legs start shaking every time.  It hurt this time, too, especially since I hadn't bothered with any other lube, just the water and my pussy juice, making even the smooth silicone catch and burn as I kept shoving my ass back onto it harder and harder, forcing my asshole to open up and take it deeper and deeper.  It hurt, but it felt so good, and my cunt was throbbing and spasming, getting wetter every time I forced that hard dick deeper up my ass.


Finally, I just wanted to feel fucked, so I started just bouncing my ass back onto it, letting the momentum force the dildo deeper and harder into my ass as I slammed my tight asshole back onto it against the shower wall, over and over.  I bent over further and reached back with one hand to hold my ass wider open, letting the dildo push all the way inside me, feeling it hard and thick, filling my ass no matter how I moved or squirmed or pushed back against it.


I started writing this last weekend, and my pussy was throbbing so as I wrote.  I  got the dildo in my ass again after the shower, shoved all the way up my asshole with some lube this time, and I sat in the desk chair at my computer feeling my asshole filled by a thick cock every time I moved or coughed or squeezed my ass around it.  I had  my red lace panties pulled up tight in my pussy, rubbing between my smooth sticky cunt lips every time I rocked my ass back on the dildo.  And I had my vibrator just resting in my pussy, not up my hole but just pressed up against my clit between my cunt lips.  Every once in a while I turned it on low and just let it buzz there, rocking my clit down against it and then my asshole back onto the dildo, feeling my cunt get wetter and wetter.  I kept thinking about how hard I would come when I was done, but I wanted to make it last until I was so hot I was dying for it.


In the shower, I had let my ass rest back against the shower wall, holding my ass cheeks open and feeling the dildo deep and hard and thick inside my asshole.  I reached my other hand down between my legs and into my hot pussy, rubbing my fingers between my slick cunt lips and over my clit.  It felt so good, it made my pussy spasm, and I started rubbing my clit over and over, fast and light, and began shoving my ass back onto the dildo again, finally bouncing my asshole as fast and hard on the dildo as I could, slamming my ass back into the wall and onto the cock buried deep inside me as my fingers rubbed and rubbed in my pussy, sometimes dipping down to finger-fuck my pussy hole and mostly just circling and rubbing over my clit, feeling my cunt get even slicker and hotter.


I could totally have come like that, easily, imagining my asshole getting pounded by a smooth hot prick and rubbing hard and fast at my own pussy, and it would have been amazingly hot.  But I didn't.  I'm absolutely amazed that I made myself stop, but I did!  What a tease, though.  When I pulled the dildo out of my ass and reached back to rinse my asshole again, I was so loose and hot and open, my asshole taking three of my fingers so greedily, wet with nothing but the water from the shower.  I knew I'd be able to fuck my ass again so easily, and my cunt was clutching and tingling just thinking about it.


I did my post-shower stuff, made sure to moisturizer my freshly-shaved pussy really well, loving the feeling of my clit throbbing as I smoothed lotion over my cunt lips and inner thighs.  I could feel my asshole hot and still throbbing a little from getting fucked, and I couldn't wait to get started, so I kind of rushed through my routine and made it back upstairs to my bedroom.


Without waiting for anything, I lubed up my dildo and slid my asshole back down over it, just holding it on the bed and lowering myself down until the thick head pushed on my asshole.  It popped inside without too much trouble, still burning and aching and making me gasp, but my ass slid right down onto it, taking it hard and deep and all the way inside in one good slide.  I fucked my ass a little there on my bed, letting myself lift and lower onto it there on the bed for a while, then bending over and reaching back to really give it to myself hard and fast, ramming my asshole with the dildo deep and hard, relentless, imagining myself bent over and taking it so hard from a guy who wants nothing more than to fuck my hole until he empties his load deep inside my ass, and who is going to fuck me hard and fast and deep until he can come like that, pumping his jizz into my ass over and over until he can pull out and leave my asshole used and dirty and wet.  Oh god, it was so hot to imagine that, my ass throbbing and spasming around a hot thick prick pounding my tight hole over and over and shooting load after load of come in up my ass.


But I made myself stop again!  Oh god, my pussy got so wet when I was writing that part.  After I had fucked my ass on the bed, I just sat at my desk, writing and playing with my pussy and feeling my asshole fuck down onto the dildo as I sat in my desk chair.  I've come to realize that I really just like holding things in my ass or my pussy.  I love feeling something hard in my ass that I can't get away from.  Like last weekend, having the dildo up my ass as far as I could get it, and then wearing the tight red lace panties over it, the fabric of the panties pressing on the base of the dildo and holding it hard inside me, mmmm, god, my cunt just got wetter even now as I write, I can feel it, the juices leaking out of my pussy onto the crotch of these jeans.  Fuck. This is hot today.  But I also love feeling my pussy full of something long and hard and thick, holding it there, moving around, walking, driving, bending over to do chores, moving in front of people who don't know I've got a cock buried in my cunt, who don't know I can feel myself getting fucked every time I move.  Fuck, that's so hot, too!  I love fucking myself, getting myself good and wet and hot, then leaving a cock buried in my cunt for a while as I write or watch porn, keeping it there, hard and deep in my pussy, until I'm so loose and wet around it that when I finally fuck myself, it slides in and out so slick and smooth and fast and wet that it's easy to imagine taking a real hard cock like that.  I think I need to buy a large plug, though--something I could wear in my pussy or my asshole, keeping it in for hours maybe, like maybe even really wearing it to work, feeling it moving in my cunt or my ass all day as I do my job and talk to my co-workers and my boss.  Fuck yeah, that sounds amazing.


Oh god, last weekend I really needed double penetration.  My ass and my pussy were so hungry for it.  I got my huge purple dildo stuffed into my wet pussy, and my asshole was stretched tight around my other dildo.  I fucked my pussy up and down on the big dildo for a while, let myself feel fucked, fucked hard in my cunt while another cock is buried deep in my ass.  It was good, I really started getting into it, letting my hips rock and slide my wet pussy up and down on the giant hard cock, taking it deeper and deeper, feeling the ache deep inside as my tight cunt stretched to accommodate how thick and hard it is, while my asshole kept clenching and spasming around the hot prick grinding deep inside my ass every time I fucked or squirmed.  After I got the dildo worked deep into my pussy, its thickness making my heart race at the jolts of pain when I ground my cunt down harder onto it, I bent low and reached behind me to feel the dildo in my ass.  It hurt a little when I pulled it out slightly and shoved it back in, my asshole had gotten used to holding it inside but not getting fucked with it.  I loved it though, my pussy clutching hard at the dildo inside it when I started pulling the other dildo out of my asshole and shoving it deep and hard back inside.


I love the feeling of my ass opening up around the thick smooth head of a cock, that feeling of being stretched more than I can take, and then it's in, and my asshole is closing around the shaft, and the cock is just fucking into me, smooth and easy.  I love that moment, so I love pulling my dildo all the way out of my ass until the head is just barely stretching my asshole open, and then shoving it in hard and deep, over and over, feeling my asshole opening and closing around it, over and over, taking it as hard as I can give it to myself like a guy is fucking me roughly, a guy who loves watching the head of his thick hard dick pushing into my asshole over and over, watching it stretch my hole and shove its way in, making my ass open up and take his cock, over and over until he's ready to come in me, shoving deep inside me while his dick spurts thick loads of hot jizz hard into my asshole.  Mmmm, I fucking love to think about that.  Did you notice?  ;)


Eventually I was ready to fuck myself and come.  I wanted triple-action that day.  A dildo buried deep in my ass, another one, thicker and harder and bigger, fucking hard into my pussy, and my vibrator buzzing on my clit like a tongue eating me out, licking my clit while my pussy and ass get reamed by giant thick hard cocks.  That's how I wanted to come.  And I did, oh god, I let myself rock back and forth on both dildos for a while, feeling them grind inside me, feeling my asshole and my pussy wet and sloppy around them, clenching and throbbing every time I moved.  Finally I did get out my vibrator to buzz my clit, and it made my heart skip and start pounding when I first brushed the buzzing tip of the vibe over my hard sensitive clit.  My cunt and ass both squeezed hard around the cocks filling them, and I started grinding and fucking myself uncontrollably, barely brushing the vibrator over and around my clit and fucking my pussy and my ass as much as I could, imagining a tongue lapping and lapping over my clit while two guys plow my ass and pussy with their huge cocks.  And that was it, I started coming and coming, pussy juice flooding all over my hand as I dropped the vibe and just started fingering my clit while I came, feeling my cunt and ass spasming around their cocks while my fingers rubbed over and over my clit and I came in hard shuddering waves.


When I pulled the dildos out, my cunt and my ass both felt so wide open, stretched and loose and dirty and full of sticky wet lube and come.  I could imagine there was jizz too, leaking out my cunt hole and down to my ass when I lay spread-eagle on my bed and let myself feel fucked.  Thick hot jizz leaking out of my ass when I rubbed a finger down over my swollen sore asshole, moaning a little when three fingers still slipped in easy and rubbed lube out of my hole and all over my ass crack, just like I was smearing some guy's come out of my ass and all over.  It was pretty fucking good, and I'm definitely going to  have a new routine of bringing my dildos into the shower if it always gets me that turned on.


In fact, that's what I did today!  Only this time I brought my big purple dildo into the shower, too, and thought I'd see if I could do double-penetration with just cunt juice and the shower water for lubrication.  I do like it rough and raw, and I wanted to see if I could take it.


Of course, I shaved my pussy again, the little dark hairs having grown in fast since last week.  And, of course, it got my cunt wet and hot again.  The shaving cream is just so slippery, and my pussy lips feel so soft and smooth immediately after they've been shaved!   In the shower, it felt good to wash again, and my asshole was opening up really nicely for two fingers when I soaped it.


I fucked myself from behind with the smaller dildo again.  I love so much to get fucked from behind.  I think it makes me feel dirty and exposed, knowing someone can see my cunt and ass spread wide, see how wet I am, how greedy my holes are when they clench and open while someone watches.  So I bent over and pushed the dildo up my pussy from behind again, this time really ramming myself hard and fast almost immediately, my cunt burning until the dildo got lubed up enough with pussy juice, and my hole loosened up a little.  I love the burn, the feeling of being forced open around something long and hard and thick like that.  So I just pounded my pussy, and it got me even wetter, until the dildo was sliding in and out me sloppy and easy.


I pulled it out then and held it against the shower wall, my cunt hole empty and spasming and throbbing as I felt the smooth head slide between my ass checks and over my asshole.  I just thought, "open up," and I pushed my ass right back down onto the dildo, my asshole aching to stretch around the wide head of the cock forcing its way inside.  The friction of inadequate lube made my face burn and my cunt throb deep inside as I kept forcing my ass back further onto the cock behind me.  It was really good again, my ass taking a while to loosen up, so I got to alternate grinding and rocking my tight asshole back onto it, and bouncing my ass fast and hard, forcing it deeper and deeper.


Finally it was all the way inside me, and I bent over and fingered my pussy again for a while, spreading the slick hot juice inside my cunt all over my clit and cunt lips, feeling my ass take the cock fucking it hard and deep, rubbing my clit until I couldn't stand for my pussy to be empty anymore.


I took my big purple dildo and didn't even hesitate.  I just rubbed the huge flared head down into my cunt and over my pussy hole, spreading my legs wider to start forcing the head inside my pussy.  God, it's so big, and my pussy gets so tight when I don't fuck myself very often, and it ached to make my cunt open for this huge hard cock forcing its way up inside.  But it was good too, and my clit was tingling and throbbing as I bent over and forced my ass harder back onto thick hot cock filling it, while I began fucking the giant dildo up into my pussy hard.  I could bounce my ass back against the wall of the shower, forcing the dildo harder into my asshole over and over, while I pulled the other dildo out of my pussy and rammed it back inside, making myself take it hard and deep in both holes and trying to finger my clit a little with my other hand, though I mostly needed it to hold myself up since my legs were shaking so hard.


Again, I made myself stop without coming, and instead I got out of the shower and put on a pair of crotchless panties and my old faded pair of jeans, a size too big.  It's easy to slip a hand inside this way, feel my smooth wet pussy inside my jeans, my slit rubbing on the crotch when I bend over or walk.  I also put on one of my bras with holes for the nipples, and I've got my tits squeezed into the cups, my hard nipples poking out the holes and rubbing against the soft fabric of the blouse I put on.  It's also big enough to not completely reveal that my nipples are bare, but you can see them pointed and rubbing against the fabric if you look closely.


I've got the dildo back up my ass again, this time with condom and lube, so it's slick in my asshole and moves around every time I squirm or when I walk.  Later, I'm going to go to the store.  Fuck yes, I am.  I'm going to walk around in the store with a cock stretching my asshole wide, and I'm going to buy something and talk to the cashier and smile at strangers with my ass getting fucked deep.  I just changed to my red lace panties that can work up inside my pussy between my cunt lips, and will press against the flat flared base of the dildo and keep it hard up my asshole.  It's so good to feel the crotch of those panties rubbing between my cunt lips and just barely on my clit, and it holds the dildo so much harder up my ass than the loose jeans could.  That will feel amazing to walk around with.  Then after that maybe I can come today.  This cock is so hard in my ass, and it feels so good, I think it's going to be amazing when I do.  Wish me luck! 


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Comments for Dildo fucking myself in the shower & elsewhere

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easypeasy    (2011-10-23 14:23:27)    Flag as inappropiate
Jesus, CelticKnots, that's fucking hot! Hope you got come really hard like that. ;)
CelticKnots    (2011-10-23 13:58:33)    Flag as inappropiate
CelticKnots I've read this fantasy several times, the last time while sitting with my vibe pushing up inside me!
easypeasy    (2011-06-05 17:30:46)    Flag as inappropiate
Thanks, PrettyLisaG, especially glad it worked for you!
easypeasy    (2011-06-05 17:29:59)    Flag as inappropiate
Thanks for the luck, Soohard! I did it,
easypeasy    (2011-06-05 17:29:05)    Flag as inappropiate
Thanks, CC! It gets me pretty hot when I do it, not gonna lie. ;)
PrettyLisaG    (2011-05-11 00:22:03)    Flag as inappropiate
yeah baby! thats kinda my style some days ;)
Soohard08    (2011-05-03 23:16:30)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 Oh shit this is it, fuck i am horny now so i`m shaking, good you start forsing yr self not to come,i do it ewerytime,torturing my self as i read and not alowing me to even play..ALL LUCK from me!!
CanadianCasanova    (2011-05-03 16:29:29)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova That was hot as always! I think it's so hot that you go out in public with a dildo in you!

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