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  By: creamqueen

I'd been married to Dylan almost five years now and we'd had a mostly happy life. Sure we'd had our ups and downs but because we got married so young we just thought it was all part of growing up and managed to work through things. I'm happy to say that after five years together things we're still really good between us. And our sex life? That was pretty amazing! Because we got married so young Dylan was my first and only. Being on the football team though he'd had tons of sexual experience and had taught me many things in the first few months of our marriage. As our relationship grew and developed we began to explore the depths of our physical relationship and experiment with different things. At first it was pretty tame stuff like different positions and oral sex then we moved on to toys and outfits. One of Dylan's biggest turn ons was watching me masturbate for him, He'd sit in a chair while I lay naked on the bed and watch as I fondled my breasts, tweaking each nipple until it stood to attention, then worked my way down to finger my soaking pussy and rub my clit to ecstasy. Sometimes I'd use my favourite vibrator, Dylan loved watching me stroke it in and out of my tight wet slit and it was almost guaranteed that on these occasions he wouldn't be able to stop himself from joining in. He'd crawl over to me and take control, sliding the huge vibe in and out of my pussy as he licked my clit simultaneously, I'd play with my titties as I felt the tension building in my body then moan his name as he tipped me over the edge.

Othertimes we'd role-play: Headmaster and naughty schoolgirl, Doctor and patient, and, housewife and plumber were our favourites. I loved it when he put me over his knee, pulled my panties down and spanked me. It made me so incredibly wet to be disciplined that I sometimes practically begged him for a spanking. Normally after my ass was red and burning from his hand I'd get down on my knees and suck him off. He loved having his cock in my mouth and would toy with my nipples as I sucked hungrily on his dick and balls.

The only thing we'd really never talked about was bringing another person into the bedroom. I'd mentioned to Dylan on a few occassions that it was a huge fantasy of mine to be with two men at the same time but he'd never really gone for it, saying that he didn't want to share me with anyone else. Dylan was quite protective of me when it came to other men so after a while I stopped bringing it up but every time we did anal I'd use a thick long vibe in my pussy so I could experience being totally filled in both holes and pretend it was another mans cock.

My birthday was coming up and Dylan mentioned doing something special for me, a nice dinner and a trip to the ballet I'd been wanting to go to for months. The day got off to a great start as I'd woken up to find Dylan's tongue buried deep in my pussy. After teasing my clit to orgasm several times with his tongue he moved up my body licking each of my nipples slowly as he buried his huge swollen cock between my soaking wet pink lips. Dylan was a big boy and even though he'd throughly prepared my pussy for his solid girth it was still sometimes a struggle to accommodate him. I bent my leg at the knee and brought it halfway up his back to allow him to penetrate me deeper. 'mmmnn yeah baby' he moaned in my ear as his last three inches slid comfortably into my slick wetness. He was rocking his hips slow and steady in and out, in and out, making me take his entire length and girth with each stroke. I could tell he was close to losing it when he reached between us and started rubbing my clit furiously. 'Oh Dylan, you're so big, you're so thick' I moaned as I came hard - he followed not long after growling obscenities in my ear as he squeezed my breasts, telling me how tight and used my pussy was and how he was going to wear it out by the end of the day, how my pussy and ass were his and his alone and belonged to him to do with as he wished.

All day at work I just couldn't concentrate thinking about the way Dylan had fucked me that morning and the things he'd said to me. It was almost primal, like two animals fucking. Dylan had always been territorial with me but this was the first time he'd ever verbalised that my pussy and ass were his property. It was like he was reminding me of the special connection we shared and to be honest it made my panties damp when he talked to me that way.

I left work early hoping to get another session In with Dylan before the ballet. What I really craved now more than anything else was for him to fuck me hard and rough doggy style while pulling my hair and telling me my pussy and tits belonged to him. I wanted him to make me scream as I came before filling my mouth with his swollen angry cock and making me swallow every drop of his love juice as he jetted thick streams down my throat.

When I arrived at the house Dylan was already there. I kissed him hungrily almost immediately running my hands over his chest and fondling his nipples through his thin white shirt but he stopped me saying there'd be plenty of time for that later. Dylan had run me a bath and told me to go upstairs and take a long soak in the tub and he'd be in to join me soon.

I quickly made my way up to the bathroom, stripped off my clothes and lay back in the tub. The scents of Jasmine and orange blossom immediately relaxed me and put me at ease. After a while my fingers instinctively moved to my pussy and I started to explore first the outer, then the inner lips taking my time to acknowledge the different textures and varied sensations that came from stroking each. I gently dipped two fingers inside myself and slowly stretched them apart feeling my pussy widen and the extremely sensitive nerves at my opening all jump to attention. Finally I brought my ring finger up to my clit and with my other two fingers still stretching inside my throbbing cunt stroked and fondled it in a firm circular pattern. My other hand was at my breast pinching and lightly scratching my engorged nipple, occasionally I would bring my fingers up to my lips and suck and lick them simulating fellatio while I gave my pussy a good seeing to. Before long I was panting and cumming all over the bathtub, the force of my unbridled pleasure sent water spilling over the edges onto the marbled floor. I steadied my breathing and my thoughts once more turned to Dylan and the exceptional fucking he'd treated me to that morning. I decided I wanted some more of that and quickly got out of the tub wrapping my big white robe around my slippery wet body. Dylan came in while I was draining the tub asking if I'd enjoyed my bath. I replied that I had but I'd enjoy riding his big hard cock even more and asked him to take me to the bedroom, force me to get on all fours and violate my pussy as hard as he wanted. He kissed me and said that maybe that would happen on his birthday but today was my special day and he had a special surprise for me.

I tired not to look too disappointed that he seemed to be in a romantic lovemaking mood instead of the dirty nasty mood he was in this morning when he'd growled in my ear that my pussy, ass and tits belonged to him and instead asked about my surprise. He told me that all would be revealed very soon and took a long black piece of fabric from behind his back which he used to blindfold me. When there was nothing but pitch black in front of my eyes he took my hand and gently led me to the bedroom. I felt the thick luxurious pile of the carpet beneath my bare feet as he guided me to stand at where I imagined was beside the bed. Then he began to kiss me, gently, deeply, slowly, taking his time. I brought my hands up to his shoulders as he trailed a hand down my back resting it just above my ass. A few more tender kisses and he was loosening my robe, kissing my neck and sucking on my earlobe. With one sweeping motion he pushed my robe back and it dropped to the ground leaving me standing before him naked and aroused. He gently nuzzled my breasts grazing each nipple lightly with his teeth, sending shockwaves down my body. His hands began to explore my titties as he pinched both nipples between his finger and thumb at the same time, over and over and over again. All the time that he was doing this his velvet tongue was stroking against mine make me wetter and wetter with every second that passed. When I was sure that a river was flowing between my legs he gently guided me to the bed and helped me sit down at the edge. I heard the sound of clothes being removed and felt his naked cock brush against me as he knelt down in front of me and began kissing me again. Now I knew he was naked I let my hands explore him, letting them be my guide as the blindfold was still tightly wrapped around my eyes. 'I want your cock so bad' I pleaded feeling it stiffen in my hand. 'Soon' was his only reply. He guided me to lay back on the bed then grabbed my thighs and pulled me down so my ass was hanging off the bed. I put my feet on the floor as he guided my legs apart and dived straight in driving his tongue against my clit. I moaned sharply as my clit felt almost too sensitive and tangled my fingers in his hair trying to guide him down into my wetness. He fought me at first staying stubbornly on my clit, alternating between licking and sucking but as my gasps and moans became more intense he finally showed some mercy and moved his tongue down into the opening of my hot wet pussy. Now he used his fingers to hold my lips open as he licked my swollen slit. His tongue was making a slow up and down motion that was making me writhe my hips in a futile attempt to find some relief. 'Please baby, just put it inside' I begged as he teased me. Finally when I couldn't take anymore he plunged his tongue inside my steaming soaking pussy quickly and without warning. I began a long low moan of relief that was quickly cut short when a new unexpected sensation shot through my body. Dylan's tongue was still buried deep in my pussy but there was another mouth on me and it was suckling my nipple!

I jumped suddenly at the shock of having this strange mouth on me but quickly felt four strong hands holding me down. Dylan was holding my hips steady, still working my pussy with his tongue while another strong pair of hands pinned my shoulders to the bed and continued exploring my titties with his tongue. 'Please' I begged feeling vulnerable but a soothing low voice whispered in my ear, 'Easy Darlin', just bear down and enjoy what we're doing to your body'. The voice sounded familiar and I racked my brains trying to figure out which one of Dylan's friends it was but eventually I just lay back and surrendered as pleasurable sensations took over my body. The mouth on my titties moved up to my mouth and kissed me tenderly and hungrily while fondling my breasts while Dylan licked my clit to orgasm. I moaned into the strangers mouth as I came in Dylan's mouth, my sounds incomprehensible. Finally I slumped back worn out while the two men planted soft kisses all over my body. I eventually felt Dylan's naked body lying beside me,'You ok baby?' he asked softly, his whisper conveying genuine concern. 'Yeah' I answered cautiously. 'You want to remove the blindfold so you can enjoy your present some more?' Dylan asked. 'Ok' I replied tentatively. I slowly removed the blindfold and took a few moments to let my eyes adjust to the room. Dylan had lit candles all over the room giving it a soft light. I slowly turned my head to the chair on the far side of the room to see who the anonymous titty sucker had been and my eyes widened in surprise as sitting there with his cock standing straight up and a twinkle in his eye was Dylan's half brother Luke.

Luke was the reason I'd met Dylan in the first place. He'd been a close friend of mine in high school and when Dylan transferred in from out of state he introduced us. Looks wise he was the opposite of Dylan in every way. Dylan was big and muscular with dark hair and eyes, Luke had blonde hair, blue eyes and was slim but still muscular although you wouldn't know it just looking at him. I looked at Dylan in surprise but he just leaned in and whispered to me, 'I want you to have a good time tonight'. A million thoughts raced through my mind, Dylan and Luke were brothers, they had a really good relationship, something like this could ruin that forever. I looked at Dylan who was giving me a sultry sexy look, then at Luke who was licking his lips and smirking at me. It had always been a dream of mine to be with two men at the same time but never in my wildest fantasies did I think I'd be fucking two brothers at once, especially when one of them was my husband. In that moment I made up my mind that opportunities like this only came around once and I needed to make the most of it.

I turned to my husband and kissed him hungrily and shamelessly in front of Luke. While our tongues tasted each other Luke came up behind me and pressed my back against his front. My ass was nestled snuggly against his groin and I could feel the heat of his cock and balls against my crack. I continued to kiss Dylan while Luke reached his hands around and fondled my breasts. Dylan broke the kiss and Luke cupped my titties and squeezed them holding them out for Dylan to suck on. Dylan took a nipple slowly into his mouth and sucked lightly then released it and started drawing circles around it with his tongue. While he did this his fingers were exploring my pussy and soon he had two fingers sliding in and out. I leaned my head back on Luke's shoulder and turned to suck on his neck. He bent his head down and then his mouth was on mine. It felt strange having another mans tongue inside me but at the same time it excited me even more. While Luke kissed me and fondled my breasts Dylan sucked on my titties and finger fucked me to orgasm, I lost my balance as I came and the two brothers had to sandwich me in between them to hold me up. I took a few moments to recover then made my way back to the bed, climbing on and getting on all fours. Dylan stood beside the bed with his cock in his hand and I moved towards it and took it in my mouth, sucking gently and teasing his swollen head with my tongue, he let out a low moan as I felt Luke get into position behind me. I felt Luke's hands all over my ass, groping, stroking and fondling, then he leaned back and spanked me firmly with his open palm a few times. My pussy was soaking, I loved being disciplined and it was even hotter with my husbands cock in my mouth. Luke leaned forward so his chest was on my back and reached down to grope my breasts. 'I've always wanted to do this' he whispered in my ear while he used his fingers to tease my nipples. After a few moments he leaned upright again and used his knees to spread mine further apart. I felt him get into position and braced myself. He teased the head of his cock against my open wet slit a few times and I let out a quiet whimper, sucking harder on Dylan's throbbing cock. Then I felt him slowly slide his swollen head all the way into me. He held it there for a few seconds before sliding his whole length into my warm waiting pussy. I moaned around Dylan's cock and arched my back pushing back and down onto Luke. My pussy was aching to be filled and Luke was hitting all the right spots. He was almost as thick as Dylan but a little bit longer and was soon sliding in and out of me with ease. The sensations running through my body were unbelievable, here I was being speared from each end with my husbands huge throbbing cock rammed halfway down my throat while at the same time his own brother was fucking my tight pussy doggy style. When I thought of it like that it blew my mind.

Dylan started to thrust faster into mouth so I knew he was close and when Luke reached around and started rubbing my clit I couldn't hold on any longer, 'aaaah' I moaned as I gave into the pleasure washing over me. Moments later Dylan jetted into my throat. It happened so fast that I didn't have time to swallow it all and cum ran down the sides of my mouth. Luke was the last to finish, pounding my pussy while punishing my ass with a hard spanking.

Afterwards I stayed on all fours, my husbands cum dripping from my mouth and his brothers trickling out of my used pussy. The whole situation seemed to create a heightened level of horniness in the room because in record time both boys were hard again.

I lay back on the bed to catch my breath and Dylan lay beside me, he kissed me tenderly while Luke crawled over to lie the other side of me. 'You look so sexy with my brothers dick in your pussy' Dylan whispered to me in between soft kisses. Luke started sucking my nipple and after a few more gentle kisses Dylan dipped his head down and took my other nipple in his mouth. Both boys were suckling at my teats hungrily, Luke was sucking hard as if he was expecting milk to flow out of my engorged nipple while Dylan was using more tongue. I could feel wetness between my legs again and reached down to hold both boys heads in place. After a while I moved my hands further down and took their cocks in each hand firmly, stroking up and down.

Dylan looked up at me excitedly. 'I want to watch' he said, 'I want to watch him between your thighs'. Luke sat up and kissed my mouth motioning for me to move towards him. He sat with his back against the headboard. 'Straddle him' said Dylan. I did as I was told and climbed into Luke's lap. Luke held my pussy lips open as I slowly lowered myself down onto his cock both of us moaning in anticipation. Dylan stayed right behind me rubbing my lower back and planting soft kisses on my neck and shoulders as I pushed down impaling myself on Luke's nine inches. 'She's so tight man' Luke spoke over my shoulder to his brother. Dylan just smiled proud at the fact that his wife's pussy was still as tight as an 18yr old virgin. Dylan grabbed my hips and started rocking them back and forth working my pussy up and down Luke's cock. Soon Luke started thrusting back driving up as I moved back giving me every inch of his beautiful cock. I was so caught up in the sensations in my pussy that I must have zoned out for a while because the next thing I knew Dylan was rubbing baby oil into my breasts making my hard nipples slick and slippery. When my titties were covered in oil and glistening with arousal he moved onto my shoulders and back massaging the oil into my skin in firm strong strokes. Finally he moved down to my ass and thoroughly oiled up each fleshy cheek. Then he gently bent me forwards towards Luke and began oiling between my cheeks. I kissed Luke hungrily as I felt Dylan's oily finger enter my asshole. It was still clenched tight. He leaned forward and kissed my neck Relax baby' he whispered in my ear. I continued moaning into Luke's mouth and tried to relax my ass. Dylan gently took my hands off Luke's shoulders and brought them behind my back. He squirted some baby oil into my palms and guided them to his cock. I greased his solid pole until it was completely covered then felt him push me gently forward again. I leaned towards Luke and he took my breast in his mouth sucking hard. 'Is my dirty girl ready?' Dylan's sexy voice growled in my ear. My response was to lean my head back and kiss him like a sex starved animal.

He slowly pressed the head of his mammoth cock against my tiny hole. Inch by inch he gently penetrated my most private place all the while softly cooing that I was his special girl. Finally when he was all the way in I stopped grinding on Luke's cock and stayed still just feeling the sensation of two huge throbbing cocks filling both my holes. What made me wetter was knowing they could feel each others cocks through the thin wall of skin that separated them. Moments passed and then as if some unspoken agreement had been arranged they began to move, working together, moving in and out in turn so that at any given moment at least one of their cocks was filling one of my holes completely. Luke was giving me love bites all over my breasts while Dylan was massaging my clit as I leaned my head back to kiss his neck. Tension was building in my body and soon I'd need release. In, out, in, out, pussy, ass, pussy, ass, I was being pounded to within an inch of my life. Luke started to lose it but Dylan encouraged him to hold on. 'She's close man' he told him, 'Just a little bit more'. They both drove their throbbing cocks into my pussy and ass simultaneously and I felt my body tip over the edge and free fall into the blissful abyss. 'Oh yes!' I screamed 'Oh yes, fuck me!'
'Fuck my pussy and ass until both holes are sore.......... Put your hot hard cocks in me and punish both my holes! Take me! Take me hard and fast like the dirty whore I am! Show my tight holes no mercy! Oh yes, do it! Do it 'til I can't take anymore! My words caused my husband and his brother to become so excited that they came almost simultaneously pounding the shit out of me and shooting their loads deep into my tight holes. Still recovering from my own earth shattering orgasm I looked at Dylan dewey eyed. He kissed my lips and gently withdrew from my ass, helping me climb off Luke's cock when he had fully withdrawn. We all lay together in a hot sweaty tangled pile. I was alternating between kissing Dylan then Luke, going back and forth between the two brothers, tasting their mouths and running my hands all over their bodies. I felt like the cat who got the cream and not just because it was dripping out of both my holes, this was the best birthday ever!

Dylan sat up suddenly and pulled me towards him. He kissed me before turning me around so I was sitting between his legs with his chest against my back. Luke leaned in from the side and Dylan grabbed the breast nearest to him and squeezed it, holding it out so Luke could lick my nipple. Pretty soon Dylan was cupping both my titties in his large hands and Luke was going back and forth licking and sucking as if all his Christmases had come at once. I moaned and writhed against Dylan's chest thoroughly enjoying myself. 'Baby, you two have got my pussy all hot and bothered again' I moaned against my husbands neck. 'Well it wouldn't be fair to leave you like that, we'll have to do something about this'. Dylan slid his hands down my body and brought them to rest on my thighs. He gently placed one hand on the inside of each thigh and moved them apart opening my legs wide . Luke wasted no time sliding down my body and burying his head in my crotch. Dylan kept his hands on my thighs holding me open for Luke. I tilted my hips up to give Luke better access to my pussy and Dylan moved his hands down holding my wet glistening lips open so Luke could eat me out.

Luke's soft tongue made contact with my wet pink flesh and it was the most erotic thing I've ever experienced. Dylan continued holding me open for him until his tongue got into a rhythm and I started to rock my hips back and forth. Then he trailed his hands up to my firm titties and grabbed them applying gentle pressure. As if they had planned this the two brothers synchronised their actions perfectly. Luke stiffened his tongue and used it to stab my sensitive clit over and over with precision while at the same time Dylan pinched my hard nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. I could feel I was close to cumming but so desperately wanted to hold on and enjoy this for as long as I could.

My body trembled as I tired to keep my excitement at bay and I leaned my head back and found Dylan's mouth with my lips. 'Baby, I'm so close' I moaned to him. It was more of a whimper actually as Luke hadn't let up on my clit and was now flicking it up and down with his tongue. Dylan ran his hands from my breasts to my stomach, then my hips while I writhed in ecstasy against his chest. Somehow he managed to keep me upright as Luke's tongue sent my body shivering into spasms. My body shook and trembled and I felt my pussy muscles tense and relax involuntarily, 'Ohhhhhh!' I moaned as the first wave of pleasure washed over me. 'Ohhhhhh Yes.....yes! Yes! Yes! I thrashed my body from side to side as I moaned. 'Uhhhhh' I grunted with one last burst of energy as my orgasm ended and I collapsed against Dylan exhausted. I felt his strong arms envelope me and slumped back completely sated at last.

After Luke left Dylan and I took a long hot shower together. He carefully bathed my sore, pussy and ass both of which were aching and tender and I couldn't resist getting down on my knees before him one last time to worship his cock with my mouth. It was the least I could do to thank him for what I could only describe as the best fucking birthday I'd ever had!

As we got into bed Dylan popped a tape into the VCR and pressed play. Settling down beside me he smiled as my eyes widened in surprise as I watched myself on screen being led blindfolded into the bedroom.........


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DJWhips    (2012-08-14 01:20:26)    Flag as inappropiate
DJWhips This was really artistic and sexy! I love your fantasy!
easypeasy    (2011-05-01 16:11:18)    Flag as inappropiate
Damn, all kinds of hot stuff in there! Definitely got me wet!
easypeasy    (2011-05-01 16:11:15)    Flag as inappropiate
Damn, all kinds of hot stuff in there! Definitely got me wet!
easypeasy    (2011-05-01 16:11:15)    Flag as inappropiate
Damn, all kinds of hot stuff in there! Definitely got me wet!
CanadianCasanova    (2011-04-29 12:10:40)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova Wow! That was a hot story! I loved the DP action.

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