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I had been without a  trainee girl for about a month.  The last one had moved away to start a new job at the other end of the country.  There had been a few interests to my post on a forum I use, but nothing that had caught my eye.    There was one that potentially sounded promising. 

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Naughty level to be set later

I always interview prospective trainees in a pub or some quiet but public place.  It makes the women feel safe and relaxed.  The girl in question wanted to bring a friend for safety.  I said yes, but said that she couldn’t join in the conversation.  She would have to sit at another table while I conducted the interview.  I call it interview, but really all it is, is me asking intimate questions about her particular turn ons, what she likes and dislikes, her experience etc.  Its basically so I know if were both going to get what we both want out of this, and unlike on-line I can really see her reactions.   She agreed to this.  They turned up and my prospective trainee joined me at the table while Hazel (her friend) stayed at the bar drinking a cappuccino.  Hazel looked at me quite a few times during the discussion with her friend.  The talk went alright.  She was very  unspecific about what she wanted and was also very dolled up.  It struck me she wanted someone more to fuss over her than lead her.  I thought about taking her on as I was free at that time but felt she wasn’t quite ready (if that makes any sense) to be trained and follow my lead.  She was young, as was her friend, both were around 25, whereas I am nearly at the end of my thirties.  We had a nice chat, rounded off the discussion and went our separate ways. 

Later that week I received an e-mail, it was from Hazel, the friend of the girl I had met at the pub.  She explained in the e-mail that she had  talked with her friend about me and our discussion. This had turned her on.  Hazel explained that she had a number of fantasies and things she had done that she wished to explore.  Now this sounded more like what I like.  A girl who was inquisitive and had some background that we could explore.  I agreed. 

We met up at the same pub.  She was very pretty, with long dark hair and smooth dark skin.  Her lip stick was a neutral colour and made her green eyes stand out.  She was of a slight build and had casual clothes on and had what I can only describe as a “naive” look about her.  Although she wore a jumper, her breasts were evidently fairly big for her frame.  We sat up the back away from people so I could ask direct things.  I normally have a set routine, things I ask. 

“What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve ever done sexually.”

She explained that an ex-boyfriend used to like her to flash at his friends.  Nothing crazy, but just wear skimpy skirts, bend over, flashing her arse occasionally.  She kinda liked it she said.  She said she liked flashing but only did it when he asked but would have liked to be more “naughty“  and be “ordered” she said.  OK, it wasn’t crazy but it was a start and something I could work with.

“Do you like men to be vocal during sex?”

Hazel explained that she was quiet shy.  Another ex had been quite “vulgar” as she put it.  She said she enjoyed it but was rather ashamed to admit it.  It turned her on.  When drunk he’d smack her arse and tell her that he was gonna “fuck me senseless” (that took awhile for her to say those words) and spank her when they got back to hers.  But it was always over quite fast as he was drunk she said and that he‘d never spank “my bum” during sex.  She’d always wanted to say what she wanted from him but again was too shy to tell him. 

Now, something I really could work with.

The talk continued with some good results.  She found  the idea of anal sex a turn on, she was inquisitive but didn’t know if she could do it. I have often found girls who think of anal sex can do it more easily that girls who are coerced into it  She found the idea of fucking in a public place a turn on.  The chance of someone stumbling across her whilst she was having sex also turned her on.  She had also found dares a turn on.  When she was younger she had been dared by friends into “giving oral sex” to a guy and had gotten really turned on, but never went through with it as much as she wanted to.  Being labelled a “tart” made her wet when she thought about it but was too shy to go through with it.  But the main thing that cropped up again and again through out the interview was that she liked to be told what to do, or what her partner was going to do to her.   “Ordered” was mentioned countless times.

I rounded it off with a few ground rules and some general explanation.  I told her the safe word.  That if we did something and if she wanted to back out or didn’t like it, it was always “Mercy” never “please stop” or whatever.  She nodded her head. We exchanged numbers and I told her the set up.  I would text her on a pre arranged night with explicit instructions.  The instructions would be clear.  Again she nodded.  I told her she must always follow the orders that I gave her.

The weekend arrived.   I sent her a text.  On the first one or two I’m quite liberal in my instructions.  I like to give the trainee some leeway.  This also helps me because I can see what she does with it.  

“Wear a sleeveless top or something that really shows off your chest.  A short skirt. Knee socks and shoes of your choice.  You can wear your hair how ever you want.”  So I left the footwear and her hair open to see what she would do with it.  “Meet up at the pub”.  I gave the time and told her not to talk to me unless she had to, and that she was to do what I told her everything via instant text.

She arrived on time and immediately took off her long black coat revealing a short strap top and a gorgeous looking Tartan skirt with white knee high socks.  I looked closely at what I had left out.  Her hair was tied back in a pony tail.  She was wearing trainers and she had  put on a bra that really brought attention to her cleavage.  She walked right passed me with many guys giving her serious attention and approached the bar and sat on a stool.  She took out her phone.

“Lean over and drink flashing your cleavage to the group at the other end of the bar,” was the text I sent

She did as she was told.  Leaning over she was slightly off centre to me, but I could clearly see the guys in the group having a sly look (or at least as sly as guys can do).  She played with her phone as the guys at the end of the bar nudged each other and stared at her cleavage.

“Order a drink and drop your money on the floor.  Pick it up really slowly and flash your arse and your cleavage at some of the guys only if they help you.”

She put down the phone and ordered a drink.  She clumsily dropped her  purse and some money rolled about the floor.  One of the guys went to help her.  I was standing behind her.  She knelt down and I saw the skirt ride up and saw a spectacular arse come into view.  The cheeky minx (literally) had either a thong on, or had no panties on.  I could see him fumble about with the change she had dropped.  He wasn’t staring at the money on the floor.  He couldn’t take his eyes of her chest.  He fumbled with the money and she turned round to face me giving the guy a good flash of her bum.   I could see his face getting a bit red as he stared intently at her bum.  They both stood up and she thanked him.

She text me.

“This is so naughty, may I go out for cigarette?” She looked at me for a visual “ok”.  I nodded a yes. She went outside.

The bar was beginning to fill up.  I decided she should be more daring.

“For your next drink I want you to go the group of guys on the right, brush past them and let your breasts and your bum rub against as many of them as you can do.”

I saw her look in through the window scoping the situation out.  I saw Hazel her bite her bottom lip. It looked like she was trying to psyche her self up.  She looked nervous as she walked in.  She walked right up to the group (of about 6) and squeezed between them, making her breasts and her bum brush against them.  Only one of them tried to be a gentleman and stepped out of the way.  The guys were laughing a bit and one patted her bum as she passed.  She took it like a champ and sat at the bar and ordered another drink.

“Your looking great” I text her. 

“I’m very wet” she replied.

Things were going great, she was almost ready.  The “gentleman” approached her from the group of guys.  They made small talk.  She checked her phone.

“Let your strap from your top slip down your shoulder as you talk and make a meal of it pulling it back on.”

Slowly her strap edged towards her right shoulder and suddenly it slipped off.  The guy ‘s eyes were roaming all over her.  Her cleavage, her curves.  She made a big meal put of pulling up the straps, her breasts jiggled as she readjusted it by pulling the front up and giving it a tug downwards  slower than most women would do.

His friends looked bored and motioned that they were heading off.  She was pleasant to the “gentleman” and  he left with his friends.

I decided to up the stakes.

“Sit on the bar stool opposite me and lean forward and let me see that fucking great ass of yours.”

She moved along the bar slowly looking at me, then sat on the stool facing away from me.   She leaned over slowly and I felt my cock harden as her skirt rode up revealing  the bottom of her fleshy cheeks. 

“I’m gonna come all over that fucking gorgeous arse of yours.”

She looked at me in the bars mirror and smiled like a cheeky minx. We continued playing like this all night.  Me ordering her and her following my orders.   My language got more and more filthy as the night went on.  Christ my cock was so hard.  The bar slowly but surely started to empty as it approached closing time. 

“Time to go.  Go outside and walk to the wooded park across the road.”

I followed her out, and watched her ass roll from side to side as she crossed the road.  We reached the seclusion of the woods. She passed by a large tree.  For the first time in 3 hrs I spoke to her.

“Stop right there.”

She stopped right in front of a tree.  Good girl.  There was no-one around. 

“Stand with your back to me.”

I approached her and held out my hand to slide it over that pert arse.   My hand drifted down and slipped up her skirt then round to the front of her pussy.  Her thong was wet.

“You’re a very dirty girl,” I said as my hand slipped into her thong and rubbed her clit.  She moaned. “Your pussy is so ready now isn’t it?”  She nodded and my other hand moved to her breasts and began stroking them roughly. 

“Tell me what you want me to do.” she said in a dreamy bliss. She was whimpering now.  I continued to roughly man handle her breasts through her top whilst rubbing her.  From the urgency in her whimpers I knew she was about to come.  I stopped.

“Only naughty girls get to come, are you a naughty girl?” I breathed in her ear.

“Yes” she whispered.

“Tell me how naughty.  Tell me.”

“I want you.”

“That’s not very naughty.” I said sounding unimpressed.  “C’mon, you can be naughty I know you can.”

“I want you.  I want you to fuck me.  Anyway you want.  I just want to be fucked.  I want to be fucked like a tart”

I pushed her down to all fours, lifted up that skirt exposing that fabulous ass and exposed her pussy by pulling the string of the thong to the side.  I rubbed my hard cock up and down the crack of her arse, leaking pre come on to it.    I began rubbing her clit again, this time more roughly and with more urgency.  Within moments she was on the brink.

“I’m gonna fuck you from behind and smack that cheeky ass of yours.” I whispered in her ear.  “Out here out doors where anyone could see us.”

She was whimpering “No…no…”

Just as she was on the edge of her orgasm I stopped and  pushed my cock slowly into her. I smacked her ass hard and took great enjoyment watching it wobble from my attentions.   She let out a pent up cry.  My thrust was slow and long.  Her cry was long and drawn out as she came. My slow thrusting continued as her orgasm subsided, then I began to  steadily increase the pace.  Within moments she was building up to orgasm again.

“You’re a dirty little prick tease aren’t you?”

“Yes” she cried.

“You want me to fuck you as hard as I can don’t you?”


I smacked her arse, a little harder this time as my thrusting went into overdrive.  Over her shoulder I could see her hands clenched, her knuckles white.  She was openly crying out.  Anyone in ear shot could have heard us.  I was telling her everything we were going to do in the future.  I was going to fuck her mouth.  She was gonna suck me clean of her pussy juices and my come.  She was gonna be tied up and fed my cock some more.   She was gonna take a plug up her ass and sit on my hard cock and I was gonna fuck her mercilessly.  She would use a vibrator on herself and I would fuck her up the ass.  I would tell her.  She would obey.  I told her she was a dirty little bitch and that she was going to enjoy every minute of it. 

I smacked her again, her bum beginning to turn bright red.   Her orgasm hit her.  Hard.  She jerked and flayed, her body crumpling beneath me.  Her pussy  begged for my come.  I carried on fucking her fast.

“No…please…” Hazel cried as her orgasm leaked from her and left her hypersensitive.

“Hold up your ass.” I ordered.

I fucked her hard.  I fucked her fast.  I didn’t slow down.  My orgasm approached.  Right on the edge of it I pulled out and placed my cock between that ass she had been flaunting all night.  She collapsed and lay face down on the ground as my cock rubbed in between her ass cheeks.  My orgasm was so intense as my cock pumped out my come for what felt like an eternity all over that gorgeous rear.  With my thrusts my spunk was flying.  It landed on her back and the post orgasm jets finally leaked out to her ass and ran down the crevasse of her bum.  Slowly my orgasm subsided and I gently rubbed my come with my cock in between her ass cheeks severing every moment of it.

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SassyGrlNstDr I loved this, i would love to have you closer. purring

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