Waiting for you to come out of the shower   added 4 years ago    

  By: jnthn

t’s been a few weeks since my encounter with that great lady in the bar. I’ve thought about her a lot since then. I’d like to go another round with her. I have even had to jack off often remembering that evening. She did give me her address so I think I’m going to go see if she’s up for that shower fantasy that I mentioned.


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What should I bring besides my dick? Condoms? Nope got that covered with my vasectomy. I’ve been with her once so I’m not worried about STD’s. I know a nylon stocking left from my old girlfriend to cover my face, a pillow case & oh yea a sleep mask like one of those that you wear at night.
I’ll go & scout out her apartment. Maybe I’ll get lucky & get my rocks off.
This is the place. What’s the apt. #? 1 D. There it is at the end of the building, close to the end of the parking lot & woods. This is too easy! Maybe it’s a set up. Let’s take a look. I see a light on in the corner window. Holy crap it’s her bathroom & she has the window opened a little bit. I’m going to take a peek inside. Oh my God, there she is shaving her pussy. WOW what a view, she is spread wide open, leaving nothing to the imagination. Sitting there so vulnerable. I didn’t get a good look at her pussy as it was dark in the club & I either had my face buried in there or my cock. She sure is taking her time doing a thorough job, bending over to get her bung hole too. Now she’s rubbing in moisturizer taking her time to get every inch including the lips too. Rubbing some on her tits, nipples & areolas giving them a good squeeze too. Ooh making sure she’s getting her clit & even in her love tunnel. Dude she’s masturbating. Her nipples are getting bigger & harder right before my eyes. Her face is flush. Her tits are moving up & down to the beat of her finger. Oh God I think I’m going to cum right in my pants. She sighs & starts the shower, test the water & steps in. It’s now or never I say to my self. I put the stocking on over my head, get the pillow case ready & make sure I have the blindfold. She steps out of the shower and bends over to wrap her hair in the towel right in front of me. What a view. Great asses, her pussy in full view even her ass hole. Does she do this thinking someone may be watching her through the window? I slowly slide the window & & climb in. She immediately turns around but I put the pillow case over her head towel & all. I grab a hold of her by her tits & force her to the ground. WHAT THE FUCK she yells. Shut up my little fuck toy. Put this blindfold on & I’ll remove the hood. I gently slap her on her tit saying did you hear me. She obeyed as she reached for the blind fold. I removed the hood making sure the blindfold was in place. Unzipped my pants to let my rock hard cock out putting it to her lips. Lick the tip I told her to let her taste the pre cum. I pulled on her nipples & said stick out your tongue & lick it. She did so & then I rammed my dick in her mouth making her deep throat me. She was making that same gork, gork, gork sound from her throat as she did in the club. I held her head as I mouth fucked her. Damn I can’t cum already so I squeezed the base of my cock so I wouldn’t cum. It was pulsating and jumping like it was cuming but I held it in. That’s the good news for me! The other good news or possibly bad news for her was that when I do cum it will be twice the load. I pulled her up by her tits making sure that I had her nipples between my thumb & fingers. I pushed her towards the bed. She landed with her head hanging over the edge so I came around & mouth fucked her some more. Turn over my fuck toy I told her. She did & gave me that same great view of her great ass & pussy. I grabbed her ass & spread it wide open then I dove right in. Licking her ass & then down to her pussy lips. She raised her ass to meet every lick & kiss. Her tits were swaying against the sheets; her rock hard nipples were also rubbing against the sheets. She had one hand on a tit & the other furiously working her clit. I stuck my tongue deep into her ass hole moving down to her tunnel of love I kissed, nibbled, sucked on her pussy lips & tongue fucked her. Paying close attention to her clit gently flicking it with my tongue. She was pretty silent until I took my dick & rammed it into her pussy hard. Oh yes she cried out. Give it to me. Fuck me I pulled all the way out & rammed it in over & over again. She lunged forward with every thrust grunting but raised her ass back up so that her pussy would meet my cock again. I pulled out and look at that tight ass hole. I though what the hell I’ll see what happens. I positioned my cock against the opening but she asked no please don’t not there. Do anything you want to me but not there. A stiff dick has no conscious but luckily my bigger head said to stop. I rammed into her pussy again burying it up to my balls, but this time I though we’ll try a thumb up there. I lubed it with our juices & slid it in. Oh mother fucker, you bastard she said nobodys been up there before. I pumped my cock in & thumb out alternating each one. Fuck, mother fucker, oh fuck me you fuckin bastard. She yelled. That put me over the edge & I felt myself cuming. I kept my dick in as far as it would go. There was so much cum it actually squirted out the sides of her pussy. It was a good ten more pumps before I felt it subside. Now my knees went weak. I fell on her collapsing us both down on the bed. She took the blindfold off & looked at me. Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for this you son of a bitch. That’s enough fuck toy now roll over. Why? Now what are you going to do to me? You’ve got a body made for fucking & that’s just what I’m going to do. She turned on her back and much to her surprise I went down on her. Cum filled pussy & all. I thought what the hell it’s my cum, I’ve already had my tongue up her as & I needed time to get it up again. My cum was all over her pussy, draining down her ass even all over her thighs. I spent a lot of time eating her out, probably licked & sucked all of my cum right out of her hole. You fucking pig she said I love it. Eat me; eat my tight cum filled pussy.
I was starting to come back to life again & she turned the tables on me! She turned me on my back & straddled me cowgirl style facing me & slid right down on my dick. I’m going to fuck you within an inch of your life. She was slamming down so hard on me I thought that she was going to crush my pelvis. She stopped sat on my dick grinding away sliding back & forth on it her back would arch as she move on me, displaying her beautiful full round tits. She begged me to tug on her nipples, & cup the weight of her breasts in my hands. The rubbing against her clit and gspot had her dripping wet again and the wet sounds of our skin filled the room. She wrapped her hands around my hips and pulls me against her harder and faster and with enough stimulation she yelled out I’m cuming. (This part if for you pussnboots)
I turned, pulled her off of me grabbed her hair and told her I want you to suck my dick now! Taste yourself like a good slut. I pushed her head down to my cock but she was doing as she was told but to my surprise she stuck her finger up MY ass. You bitch I yelled. Relax you bastard I’m going to massage your prostate & suck you off. She was giving me great head. I felt another load about to burst so I grabbed the back of her head & pushed her face all the way down my cock to my balls and let the first load go. Much like her pussy cum squirted out of the sides of her lips. I pulled down on her hair & head & ordered her to swallow all of it. She did too. Milking me dry with her tongue, hand & mouth. She licked my balls to get what cum squirted out. She sat up & smiled as did I because she had come in her hair & some on her tits. Was I a good little slut fuck toy? The best I said. Why? My ex told me I was a lousy lay. No you’re the best fuck ever. Up for anything & not afraid to take a pounding. You’re a brunette bombshell.
My name is Vanessa she said. (My friends call me pussnboots) What’s yours? Jonathan. My friends call me John I’d say nice to meet you but it’s even better to fuck you. You know John there’s an apartment opening up down the hall. Intrested?

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