Handcuffed for pleasuring   added 4 years ago    

  By: samm831

I stand quietly before you my hands by my side. My blouse is cut low and shapes my cleavage; and my short skirt reveals legs stocking-clad, with the suspender straps standing out darkly against the soft white flesh of my thighs. 


You take me in with your gaze, your eyes flowing over my body from head to toe and back again…I see your tongue dart over your lips, dry at the sight of me, at the prospect of what’s beneath that blouse, of what the skirt barely conceals…


You move towards me and bring your hands round from behind your back, and before I realise what’s happening, I feel cold metal on my wrists, and with two clicks my arms are handcuffed in front of me. You lift my arms and place them around your neck, and move in and kiss me hard and deep, running your fingers through my hair. Your hands rest briefly on my hips, then slid round the back, up to caress my shoulders, then down, down to the swell of my arse, gently fondling my buttocks. You pull me to you, and I feel the hardness in your groin, your hand sliding a little further down, probing between my cheeks, on down between the back of my thighs.


You reach up, and grasp my wrists and ease them off your shoulders and down, slipping your arms up and through the loop my handcuffed limbs make. Your arms now encircle me at the waist, and your hands now run up my front, feeling the swell of my breasts, undoing the first, then the second blouse button, and running free inside the material over bare flesh. You caress me through the now revealed lacy black plunge-bra, your fingers teasing and pinching at my rapidly hardening nipples, running up over my chest and neck to rest on my shoulders.


I feel you bear down on my shoulders….“On your knees, Sam” you say, and I comply, quickly dropping down, and look up at you, seeing you undo your zip, your cock springing out already semi hard.


“Lick, Sam, don’t suck….not yet” you command, and my tongue plays up and down your shaft, my lips running its length. You hold your cock up, “Suck them…”, your meaning clear, my lips nuzzle your freshly shaven balls, my tongue probes, and soon I take them in my mouth and suck, savouring their smooth silky feel.


You take my head in your hands, and move your hips back slightly…”Now Sam...” you say, and guide me to you. You watch me take the tip of your cock in my mouth, I look up our eyes meet, and holding my head firmly you ease yourself deep into me. I hold there a second, then pull back, watching your reaction….in again, a little further, then out, then in once more. My eyes signal acceptance as you push a little more and I take you fully into my throat, your balls hard against my chin. You hold, a mental count of three, then pull out with a gasp of pleasure, then start to fuck my mouth with long slow strokes, reaching down as you do to tweak and fondle my nipples and breasts. I brace myself with my handcuffed hands gripping onto the back of your trousers as best I can.


You build your pace gradually, your cock glistening wet with my saliva, sliding in and out of my willing mouth and throat, until you feel yourself close to cumming…..and you pull out.


You push my arms down, step out of the loop, and move behind me. “Lean forward”. You push me and I reach ahead of myself onto all-fours. You lean down and grasp an ankle in each hand, and run your hands up my calves, up the back of my thighs, over my arse, and on up, scooping my skirt up onto my back. You caress my buttocks, one hand sliding down and around between my thighs, feeling for my cunt-lips and clit through my now-wet panties. 


You caress me there with the palm of your hand, gently easing my panties aside so you can get a finger onto my clit…and another probes between my lips.


You ease my legs to one side, and kneel between them. I feel your fingers withdrawn, and the unmistakable touch of your cock brushing between my thighs and up against my clit, where once fingers had been. You pause there, letting your cock slid up and down my cunt lips, but not entering, not yet…


Your hands fondle my buttocks, enjoying tracing the line of my suspender belt, the soft feel of my flesh; then they move up, pushing up and under the loosened blouse, your thumbs tracing the line of my spine.


I feel my bra go taught as you slip a finger under the back clasp, then it’s undone and falling away. Your hands slid round and under, scooping my breasts into your palms, kneading and squeezing, rubbing the hard nipples between your thumbs and forefingers. I gasp as my nipples send signals of arousal direct to my cunt, and you play harder with them for a second….then I feel you easing your cock into me a second time, only this time it’s into my cunt, deep deep in, until your balls rest against my arse. You hold there, gently rotating your hips, then slid back.


You move in again, a shallow thrust aimed at hitting my G-spot; from my groan, it hits the spot, and you start to slowly fuck me like this with shallow thrusts as you continue to fondle my breasts and pinch my nipples. I sense you are building your arousal and are getting close to cumming. You move your hands to my shoulders and press down. I understand, and drop my head and rest it on my crossed arms, and arch my back as you grasp my hips and plunge yourself into me, fucking me now with long deep strokes, your balls slapping against my upturned buttocks with each forward thrust.


You pant and moan, and I too can’t last much longer….a few more long fucks and you pull back and grasp your cock in your hand and hold it against my clit….you wank yourself hard and fast, the rhythm transferred through your cock’s tip direct onto my clit…suddenly “God Sam, I’m cumming…Oh Sam, Oh God yes”….and I feel you exploding, your hot cum shots over me, drenching my clit, splattering over my cunt lips, spurting into the crack of my buttocks., and all the while your cock frigs my clit….the wet proof of your climax is enough to send me too over the edge and I’m cumming too….one of your hands flies to finger fuck me, the other reaches round to my clit, and I scream out a long slow orgasm from my now exhausted body…..


You collapse forward onto me, and we lie there catching our breaths. But already your thoughts are dominated by how my body excites you and how to pleasure it next…..


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case2000    (2011-05-12 02:49:53)    Flag as inappropiate
really descriptive, really nicely done, love the ending and his cock cumming on your clit, super visual! =)

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