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NOTE: I set up my account wrong. This is a male fantsy, not a female fantasy. Hopefully will be fixed soon.


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A 3-hour road trip with my wife's best friend. What a bore.

It's not that I don't like Kristina, it's just that because her husband is a little abrasive, we never hang out as couples. So all I ever see of Kristina is when she comes to pick Francesca up for a night on the town. Now I was stuck giving her a ride to San Francisco.

She was pretty though. A slim girl, maybe 5'7", dark hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a sundress of many colors. I would have said it was a floral pattern but I couldn't discern any actual flowers, just a pretty pattern.

I realized that I was staring a little. She had pretty, firm, B-cup breasts and it had occurred to the more primal part of my brain that she wasn't wearing a bra. I tore my eyes away and focused back on the road, and as I did so we briefly made eye contact. Busted.

"Did I disturb your daydream, Dave?" she asked. I felt my face flush a little. "I'm sorry Kris. My mind was wandering a little, I hope it's okay." She slipped one of the spaghetti straps off her shoulder. Her dress barely slipped at all but the gesture was explicit. "What were you daydreaming about?" she asked. "I just, ah, noticed, it looks like you're not wearing a bra, and it's kind of sexy," I ventured. She slipped the other strap off her shoulder and allowed her dress to slip down some more. She crossed her arms below her breasts, holding the top of her dress just above her nipples. I could see her cleavage, and I got the sense that if I craned my neck and got just the right angle I'd be able to see right down her top for a full view of her breasts. "You're right, I'm not wearing a bra," she said.

"Aw, Kris, we shouldn't be doing this! You're friends with Francesca and..." I trailed off as she let her dress slide down a little further, completely revealing one of her breasts. "It isn't cheating if we don't touch!" she replied. She gently brushed her exposed nippled with the back of her hand and it hardened instantly. I could swear I felt a little light-headed as the blood stopped flowing to my brain and started flowing to my cock. I felt the tightness of it in my jeans. Seventy miles per hour and driving was the last thing on my mind.

Kristina pulled her dress down around her waist, and she was brushing both of her nipples so gently that she seemed to barely touch them. But they were both rock hard, small and tight, and she was breathing slow and and shallow, her body perfectly still except for the occasional soft gasp. I freed my cock from my jeans, the zipper gently scratching the shaft. I watched Kristina with one eye and the road with the other, and as I stroked myself I realized just how much her little show had excited me. I slowed my masturbation to keep from coming too quickly. She blew a kiss in the direction of my lap and said, "Fran's a lucky woman!"

Just then a car passed us. The driver looked very focused on the road and didn't seem to notice what was going on in our car, but still the prospect of being seen gave me a little thrill. As I continued to gently stroke myself, Kristina's right hand slid under her dress. She pulled her dress up, and now the entire garment was bunched around her waist. She pulled her tiny panties out of the way and began gently fingering herself. I was fascinated by the gentleness of her self-ministrations. She shifted her hips forward and continued the gentle rubbing with her right hand while moving her left hand back and forth, touching both her breasts one after the other. Her eyes closed, and she seemed to slip into a world of her own. Her breathing quickened as did the pace of her hand between her thighs.

I realized in panic that I was quickly approaching the peak of my own passion, and that I really shouldn't come all over the interior of the car. I fumbled around and found a box of kleenex behind the seat. Kristina was rythmically fingering herself and making the most delicious whimpering noises. Abruptly her body stiffened, all but the middle finger on her right hand which furiously shook against her clit. A soft cry rose in her throat, and then she collapsed into her seat, her finger now barely moving. Gentle shudders touched her and then faded.

"Oh, god!" I gasped as I felt the moment of inevitability strike me. Kristina's eyes snapped open as my cock throbbed toward orgasm. She grabbed the box of kleenex, pulled a handful of them out, and plunged them into my lap just as the first streams of cum surged forth. I felt her hand, covered in kleenex, squeeze and stroke a few times. The ecstasy of feeling her hand drove a second wave of cum into her bundle of kleenex.

It's been a few months since my road trip with Kristina and we haven't spoken of it since. She still picks Francesca up for their "girls' nights" and I still don't talk to her much. But every once in a while she winks at me, and I know what she's thinking. I wonder when I'll have another opportunity to give her a lift.

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