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Extra Help

Both Victor Wickens parents worked; both held down good paying professional jobs and as a consequence they employed a homehelp and cleaner. Mrs Crooks came in three times a week for three hours to clean and generally tidy the place up; she was meticulous and through taking a pride in her work.

The one thing that rather annoyed her was the behaviour of Timothy Wickens. She called him a spoilt brat and it annoyed her to have to clear up after him. Timothy was seventeen and a student at Birtbeck college. His room was like a tip inspite of his mothers nagging and he just did not care much about anything.


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When the oppotunity came for Mrs Crooks to teach Timothy a sharp lesson she jumped at it. One friday in his room under the mattress she found some filthy pornographic magazines and as she flicked through them she smiled to herself.

Well now Mr Timothy big boots I wonder what your respectable parents might think of this disguisting literature she thought as she left him a note in place of the books to find when he came home.

The Note

Timothy I was totally shocked and disguisted to find hard pornography under your mattress so I have confiscated it. I suspect your parents would be horrified if they knew. I have not yet decided whether to tell them or not. I suggest we have a serious talk about this very soon.

Mrs Crooks


Timothy's face dropped when he found the note; he was frantic with worry and sought to speak to Mrs Crooks the next morning instead of going to college.

As soon as she arrived Timothy went to the door to settle the uneasy feeling he had about the whole affaIr.

''Go and tidy up your room when I have finished hoovering I will come upstairs and speak to you,'' she glared at him. Timothy resented this after all it was her job to clean and tidy no his but he said nothing and went upstairs. the room was a complete mess as usual and he made a poor attempt to tidy a bit then he turned on his music and began to smoke as he waited.

Mrs Crooks banged on his door and burst into his room, ''turn that row off and get this room tidy or I will take this filth straight to your mother today. ''

She looked quite menacing and Timothy knew she meant it so inspite of his acute resentment he obeyed her.

The Talk

Mrs Crooks opened her handbag and produced one of the magazines, she opened it at the centre pages which showed a man with his tongue up a womans vagina. To Timothy's acute embarassement she waved the offending picture under his nose.

''Just what do you think your parents would think of this you young pervert?''

''Oh its only a bit a fun all the students have this sort of stuff its not serious,'' Timothy laughed.

''So you won't mind if your mother sees this stuff then?''

''It will only upset her you know what old ladies are like.'' He suddenly realised his mistake but it was too late now he reached out to take the magazine.

''Get down on your knees pervert go on I'm going to teach you a lesson you won't forget,'' she snatched the magazine and pushed him onto the floor and to Timothy's shock she lifted her skirt up and thrust her fanny into his face.

''Lick it pervert lick it until I say you can stop.'' Under her skirt Mrs Crooks was completely naked and it was obvious she had intended to make Timothy lick her off. Her fanny was large and hairy and already quite wet with arousal. Instantly Timothy knew what she wanted and he was suddenly enjoying the game she was playing with him.

She was a large lady and she locked her big fat legs behind his head and began to grind his face with her fully aroused genitals. Timothy was truly amazed at the forceful violence of her domination he was almost choked with her hairy cunt which covered his mouth nose and chin.

Irene Crooks was enjoying every moment on two counts: firstly because she was humiliating the spoilt brat, and secondly she wanted to cum and loved to use a youngmans face to pleasure herself. She could feel him struggling to breath which excited her even more. She released her hold for a moment.

''Take a deep breath pervert you will need it Im cumming soon,'' she gave a deep throaty laugh and grapped his hair as she locked him again between her legs.

Timothy had never known such forceful turmoil she literally bucked and bounced with his head throwing him first one way then the other as she climaxed. And when she was done she gripped his hair and made him drink her juices.

'' Drink and don't stop until I'm dry boy its what perverts like you derserve.''

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