"Rack and Tease Me" A Newspaper Fetish Story   added 5 years ago    

  By: paperman83

Josh came home from work to see his wife Amy sitting in the kitchen.  “Hey Hun, how are you?” Josh asked.  Amy was cooking supper and reading the newspaper, while she waited on the stove.  Josh bent down to hug her from behind her chair.  “Just reading the newspaper, babe!”  She said as she looked up at him.  Josh walked to the fridge to grab a cold soda and turned to his wife.  A kinky grin fell upon his face, while he watched her reading. 

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She diverted her eyes from the page to see him lusting upon her with his own, as she read.  “What are you thinking, dirty boy?” she said with a giggle.  Josh blushed to her question.  “If you only knew!” he replied.  Amy giggled to his response.  “I bet I know!” she said.  Amy picked up the newspaper and placed it to her chest.  And while she continued to look upon Josh, she started groping herself with the newspaper.

  “You’d like to see me naked in the chair, groping my body with the newspaper. Moaning, Mmm, ahh, as you watch me.” She said.  She ran the single sheet down in between her legs.  “Would you like to see me rub my hot pink pussy with your newspaper, sir?”  She said, poking light pun as she moaned some more.  She laughed and continued to read her newspaper. 

Josh walked over and stood behind her chair.  He grabbed the newspaper and placed it back upon Amy’s chest and placed his hands over top of her breasts.  Groping them through the newspaper as he kissed her lips.  He then grabbed the rest of the newspaper and walked into the living room.

Josh sat down in his chair and opened up the newspaper.  He started to read it, but his thoughts were on a fantasy of Amy sitting naked in the kitchen.  The way she would caress her naked body with the newspaper.  Her nipples hardening under the crisp sheet and how she would slowly rub it all over her.  His imagination grew to the thought of her slowly running down towards her wet and neatly shaved pussy.  How she would moan to every rubbing sensation. 

She would rub the newspaper up and down her sweet pussy lips.  Hearing the paper flap and crinkle.  And in his fantasy, she rubbed so good, that the newspaper made her cum hard.  Josh’s cock hardened to the extent that he felt it would bust like a balloon, if he didn’t taken care of it soon.  He quickly grabbed a single sheet of newspaper and headed to the bedroom.  Amy heard him from the kitchen, as she lifted her eyes from her newspaper and smiled to the thought.  Then she went back to reading.

  Later on that night, Josh began to have ideas rushing through his head.  He remembered one of Amy’s fantasies was to be strapped to a rack and whipped and teased. 

Josh started his day off with a hug and a kiss for Amy.  “So, what kind of plans do you have today?”  Amy asked.  Josh looked to her with a secretive smile.  “I have a project I’ve been meaning to work on.”  He replied.  Amy looked confused, while heading towards the door.  “Okay. Well, have a good day off and don’t….soak….the newspaper, before I get a chance to read it tonight.”  She demanded nicely.  Josh laughed to Amy’s pun.  “I’ll make sure of it, Hun!”  He replied. 

Amy left for work and Josh waited till she was out of site to get in his truck and head out, as well.  He needed to pick up a few materials to start his project.  He went to the hardware store and another store to pick up the main supplies and then he stopped at a news stand to buy a fresh copy of the daily newspaper. 

Then he headed home to build it.  And when he was done crafting and building the surprise, he set it up in the large guest room.  That way it would be out of site, so that Amy didn’t see it, before he had a chance to show it to her.  The next step would be to wait till the afternoon, when Amy would return home for the night.

As Amy walked in the house, she was surprised to see that Josh was sitting naked at the dinner table.  He was reading the newspaper, like how Amy had played around with the other day.  “Oh! I see you were lonely, while I was gone! Is my newspaper still innocent?”  She asked him.  Josh looked up at her and laughed.  “Yes dear. Your paper is still innocent.”  He replied. 

“I remembered you asked me not to soak the newspaper, before you got a chance to read it. So I went out and bought another one.” He finished saying.  Amy looked down at Josh and laughed.  Walking behind him, as he did to her, she threw her arms around his shoulders.  “I see you wittle willie!” She laughed and wiggled his hard cock.  Josh giggled as she kissed his cheek, while she gently played with his cock tip.  He turned his head to passionately kiss her on the lips.

  “I bet if that newspaper where a woman, you’d kiss it as well as you make love to it.”  She said with a playful laughed.  “Well, I think I might join you.”  She mentioned, as she started to undress and sit down with her newspaper. 

Later on that night and still naked from earlier, Josh was ready to show Amy his creation.  “Hey Hun, I have a surprise for you!”  He said.  He got up and motioned her to stand with him.  “I want you to close your eyes and I’ll lead you to it.”  He continued.  Amy closed her eyes as josh guided her with her shoulders.  He walked her to the guest bedroom and opened the door.  “Now, stand there for a minute. I have to prepare something first.”  He said.  Josh went around the room and lit a bunch of scented candles.  He then walked to Amy and guided her into the middle of the room.

  He raised her arms and wrapped her wrists with furry hand cuffs that were hanging by small chains.  The chains were attached to a metal adjustable frame.  Then he took a belt made of PVC with chains connected to each side and wrapped it around Amy’s waist to buckle her in.  Once Amy was all strapped in, Josh picked up a strawberry and glided it over Amy’s lips.  “Taste it.” He said.  Amy bit into the strawberry and let out a gentle moan to the taste. 

Josh placed the rest of the strawberry upon Amy’s already hardened nipples.  He rubbed them all over, before placing the strawberry back upon Amy’s lips and glided it across them.  She bit into the rest of it, while Josh picked up another strawberry for him. 

When the strawberries were gone, Josh looked upon Amy’s eyes.  “You can open your eyes, now.”  He instructed her.  Amy slowly opened her eyes and looked around the candle lit room.  She paid examined the rack that Josh had built and a smile grew on her face.  “Are you pleased?”  Josh asked.  Amy looked back to Josh with a wide smile.  “Yes master! What more do you have in store for me, tonight?”  She asked him.  “You will soon see.”  Josh responded. 

He didn’t need to think about it as he already had everything planned out, carefully.  He walked to the little end table on the side of the room and picked up a newspaper and a roll of scotch tape.  He also grabbed a glass that sat full with wine.  Then he walked over to her and lifted the glass to her lips.  “Sip from this cup.”  He said.  She tilted her head back and let the wine glide into her mouth. 

Josh gently glided the newspaper across her breasts as she sipped the wine from the glass.  “How was it?”  He asked her.  Amy smiled to him.  “It was good, master.  I want more.”  She replied.  Josh lifted the glass to her lips and allowed her to sip from it again, while he lowered the newspaper down to her pussy.  He gently glided it across her pussy lips, while she sipped from the wine glass. 

After Amy was done with the wine, Josh sipped from the glass and sat it back down.  He walked back over to Amy and pulled a big sheet of newspaper from the pile and wrapped it around Amy’s head.  He taped it tightly to her and began to make holes, so she could breath.  Amy moaned as all she could see was the words on the newspaper and a dim light from the candles. 

She could smell the mixture of the newspaper with the candle scent.  She became very aroused with the moment.  Josh put his hands between her thighs and motioned Amy to spread her legs.  Amy spread her legs to openly reveal her pussy.  Josh took a few sheets of newspaper and folded them nice and tight, the long way.  He placed it upon Amy’s pussy, while she became very wet.

  He gently glided it across her wet pussy lips.  Back and forth, till he spanked her pussy, hard with his newspaper whip.  Amy’s leg muscles quickly spasmed as her body lightly jolted up.  Josh continued to gently rub then whip Amy’s pussy hard.  And after awhile, she became used to it and shared a sensational touch of it on her pussy. 

Josh put his newspaper whip down on the end table and walked to each side of the rack.  He loosened the fasteners and pulled the top part of the frame down so it stuck out.  He tightened them and started with the fasteners in the middle.  Then he motioned Amy to slowly bend over, so that the frame could sit parallel to the floor.  Josh walked in front of Amy and lifted her head up.  “Open your mouth.”  He commanded.  Amy opened her mouth Josh put his hard cock up to the newspaper. 

He pushed his cock hard to poke a hole through the newspaper and into Amy’s mouth.  She clamped her lips tightly around Josh’s cock and allowed him to push it in.  With slow short thrusts, he made her suck on his shaft.  In and out, he pushed himself inside of her mouth.  Then pulling out just enough for her to suck on his cock tip.

When his cock was good and wet, he grabbed the newspaper whip and walked behind her and laid some newspapers on her back.  He put his hands down on the newspapers, while he inserted his hard cock into her hot wet pussy.  She moaned to the feel of his cock inside of her.  Pushing deeper and harder.  He went slowly, so she could feel and enjoy every push, inside of her tight pussy.  Josh started to whip Amy’s ass cheeks, with his shaft still inside her. 

He smacked it hard, after every thrust.  Amy moaned louder.  She began to climax, when Josh pulled his cock out to cum all over the newspaper upon Amy’s back.  He quickly reinserted his hard cock back into Amy’s pussy and began to fuck her again.  Then he bent over and lightly rested his chest upon the cum-covered newspaper, over Amy’s back.  He placed one hand around her side and in front of her to squeeze her breast.


  He used his other hand to hold on tightly to the metal frame of the rack.  And with harder and deeper thrusts, he brought Amy to her full climax.  She let out a long hard moan as she had cum all over Josh’s cock. 

After they were done, Josh readjusted the rack to the upward position.  With Amy still in bondage, Josh slowly ripped the newspaper from her face.  Amy was breathing hard.  Josh threw one arm around her waist and his hand from the other on the back of Amy’s head.  He pulled her into him and gave her the most passionate kiss they have ever had in their marriage.  And when all was over, he released her from the teasing rack. 

“You know what I just realized?”  Amy asked Josh.  Josh looked at her with slight confusion.  “I forgot to read today’s paper.”  She explained.  Josh laughed.  “Well, you certainly had time to read a little of it, while I had you wrapped up.”  Josh said in laughter.  “Yeah, maybe next time. My pussy is whooped!”  Amy said in pun.        

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