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The Librarian


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When Mrs Becket got to the library she changed her high heeled shoes for working pumps and she tucked them on a shelf behind her in the serving podium.

Arnold Dibble was a bookworm and spent much of his lunch hour in the library
, peering at the newspapers or books. Arnold lived alone and was virtually a recluse apart from occasional visits to his mother.

The shoes fascinated Arnold and he often stared at them as much as he dared. Sometimes he saw Mrs Becket arrive for work and remove the shoes, he stared hard at her as she bent over to change and often caught sight of her stockinged feet. Arnold was desperately in love with Mrs Becket, he adored every inch of her plump mature body and contantly fantasized about her.

Being a quick witted observent woman Grace Becket became aware of the shy youngmans interest and she knew he was not the normal run of youngmen.

Grace was fifty two and in a very routine marriage so she decided to see what fun if any she could get from this curious youngman; she was convinced he would be easy to handle so she started a conversation with obvious undertones.

"So you like my shoes then? " she looked straight at Arnold who jumped and coloured up immediately.

"Yyyyes,"he jerked out itts a nice style."

"I have a much higher pair at home six inch heels," she stared to see the effect. Arnold was completely flustered he had to look at the books on the desk and could not answer.

That evening her words kept pounding through his head, just what was she after, how sexy she would look in six inch heels. The next day Grace was in a private room at the back of the library
sorting books and Arnold was watching her as the door was partly ajar. Grace was aware of his furtive longing glances and she lifted her skirt right up and flashed her stockings and panties at him.He lossed control and slipped into the room fell onto his knees and pushed his face into her crotch.

"Hey steady boy," she held the backof his head she could feel his hot breath on her pussy, "close the door," she said.

When he came back her panties were down and he pulled her hairy wet slit into his face
. Grace was quite taken aback by the sudden almost animal behaviour he was greedy for her, desperate to eat her fanny and it aroused her quickly. Her juices began to flow fast and in his feverish delight Arnold had his nose and lips buried in her wide cunt.


"Ohhhh my God she cried Im cumming,"she held him tight and ground her swollen clit up and down his nose ridge, her fat thighs tightened and then the blast came, it was spasmodic and uncontrolable drowning Arnold in her juices.

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Location: A Public place | Roleplay: Student/Teacher
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