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Taboo Cinema


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The Naughty Meter

Next month I am off to Birmingham, for the week, and chatting with Amy I have learnt of a swinging cinema called Taboo, where pretty much anything goes.

My muse, as I like to think of her, has suggested I go there, with my Woolford sheer black pantyhose under my trousers, high heels and my sluttiest dress in my bag, ready to change into.
I can picture the night, a sleazy porn cinema, dark unlit seating, huge screen in front of me, showing large ten foot long cocks being sucked dry by eager mouths, and can feel myself get excited.

I’d lose the trousers immediately, slip the dress on and my five inch high heels and sit and watch the action. Before too long the seat next to me is taken, a young guy on his own, spending as much time looking at my long nylon encased legs as at the action on screen. Its not long before the hand makes its first foray, gently touching my knee, and then when I don’t move, getting bolder sliding its way up my leg.

I uncross my legs to give him easier access, and I hear him gasp as he comes across my silky smooth gusset, covering my throbbing hard erection. I slide down a little to give him the hint, and he needs no encouragement as his hand strokes me through the nylon, making me harder with each stroke.

I am not here to come yet though, but to get my fill of horny young guys, so leaning over, I nuzzle his neck, then whisper ‘Let me’ and move to unzip him. He springs out into my waiting hand, hard and totally erect, I cannot resist and lower my head to it and then opening my lips a touch, take him into my eager mouth. I still can’t get over how much I love sucking cock, love that feeling of control, love making men squirm, making them lose it and spunk down my throat.

Sucking him in, I realise he is still young, and not going to last long, he starts to throb uncontrollably almost immediately, I continue to milk him with my mouth, constantly sucking him as I move up and down his shaft, til only moments later he lets out a huge groan and swells to enormous proportions before shooting that glorious load down my throat. Once twice three times he pumps spunk down me, then a short pause another suck and another huge load is released. I swallow all his come, then look up to see a small crowd has gathered to watch us.

I notice they all are rubbing their crotches, all turned on, I glance down at the seat the other side of me, nod to the fittest looking guy there, and ignoring my last conquest lean in to my new admirer and start to work on him.

This time I am not going to bring him off, just up to the boil, my head bobbing up and down, I stand up to show my legs and bum to the small crowd, for one of them to come in and stroke me at the same time.
One of the lads caresses my bum, it feels so good, then through my open legs, he finds me rock hard, I can’t take too much more, I slip my tights off, step back into my heels, and bending over offer myself to him. My head is buried back in the lap of the fit lad, whilst his mate lines up behind me. Desperately I fish in my bag, come out with some condoms and some lube and hand it back to the waiting crowd.

I feel a finger in my ass, sliding in obviously well lubricated, followed swiftly by a second. Then as I suck and lick the gorgeous cock in front of me, I feel the joy of being finger fucked from behind.

He slides his hand round to find my cock, engorged with blood, high on this moment, I know I won’t be long if he keeps doing that.
‘Stick a condom on and fuck me for Christ’s sake’ I almost shout, and then finally feel the joy as the end of his knob eases its way into me. I stand stock still waiting for it, my hole being forced open, his cock so big and hard, then suddenly the head is in swiftly followed by the whole shaft, making me gasp with pain and pleasure. He grabs my hips and without even building up to it, thrusts hard into me again, and again, and again.

Shocked I lose my concentration on my oral delights, but am reminded by this cock forcing its way back into my mouth, demanding attention.
I can feel he is close too, I suck gratefully, glad to have something to take my mind off the brutal fucking my arse is getting, though I know from the stiffness of my own cock I am really loving it too.

A hand appears to wring me off, grabbing my pulsating cock, I shudder with delight, the fucking is getting more intense, and just when I am about to scream and come, the huge rod inside my mouth explodes, its sticky come spurting in my throat, causing me to gag. There is no stopping me though, my own orgasm is imminent, the feeling of being fucked so intense I can’t stop myself, my cock swells enormously, I feel the spunk rising and then just as I am about to come, I feel the cock inside me start to shoot too.

This takes me over the edge, so far over the edge, I am quivering, my cock shooting spunk all over the place, my pussy being fucked hard even now, it is ages before I can recover, I collapse onto my seat in disarray, but by the time I rouse myself I am on my own again, the crowd has moved on to the next spectacle, leaving me soaked in my own cum, feeling so used… a feeling I love by the way!!!

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