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  By: bikerjohnny

Recently, I decided to experience the other side of my sex drive, have always had a thing for girls with an extra something between their legs, and this has been building up inside me so much that decided to do something about it. Plus find that TVs and Tgirls tend to think like me, be more sexually oriented, and generally dress like without having to be asked to.
So here is the first email encounters from my side, leading up to my first meet which will come at a later date....


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The Naughty Meter

Hi Bella
Just a quickie before go home from, yes do some occasionally, but office empty now (share with an estate agents) so thought rattle off a few lines.
Like the photos by the way, how long does that sort of transformation take??
Didn't get to finish the Waldorf dream, met you there one evening, you'd already checked in and were in the bathroom getting yourself ready.

Went to the mini bar poured us a drink, as you emerged fully dressed up for the occassion.
Wow total transformation, slinky dress, high heels, stockings and who knew what else underneath.
We kiss, long time before you feel the pressure on your shoulders, sinking to your knees you pull my stiffening cock really gotta go giving myself a stiffy now and haven't got time for that

Hi Bella
Ok ended up with stiffy this end too so thinking not so straight.
So there you are sucking my swollen member into your so hot and wet mouth, tongue chasing it's way over my head, I can feel the spunk rising's way too soon, I look down and you have lifted your skirts revealing stockings and suspenders your hard cock poking out of see through black knickers, so turned on you are having to free him and rub yourself off too.

I have to stop you as otherwise I will finish there and then, coaxing you up and onto the bed, me still standing over you now.
I pull your knickers down to cup your balls then lightly begin to stroke your cock slowly up and down gradually building up speed and grip. I can't wait anymore and sink my lips over your swollen head sucking him in deep, swirling tongues, my lips sliding up and down your head tasting your juices rising.
......leave the next bit till next time.
Sweet dreams......

Hi Bella
I like the name, v pretty
Just a quickie as off to France first thing and should really go and pack
However did leave you last time with your cock in my mouth, your juices rising and have spent a good part of the day working on the next bit.
So knowing you are only moments away from your happy ending I pull away, pull your legs up get the lube out and start playing with your pussy. First one very lubed finger, slowly in and out then two. Seeing the look in your eyes as this second digit slides in I know you are going to be putty in my hands.

Gently cradling your cock in my other hand I slowly wank you in time with my fingers, releasing the grip as soon as I feel it twitch and swell.
Eventually I decide to give you what you want, and leaning over you, supported on my arms, I place my throbbing knob on your gaping hole, and push.
It’s exquisite as he enters you, filling you up splitting you, until he is bedded deep inside.
I hold him there, letting you savour the feeling, before handing you the lube so you can wank yourself at the same time.

Slowly at first, in and out, faster and faster, deeper and deeper, before long you are crying out, your eyes glaze over and I can tell you are moments away again.
Stopping myself, I remove your hands, taking them above your head, trapping them in my left hand, pinning you down, my hand at one end, my oh so stiff cock at the other.
With my free hand, I caress your lubed head, the sensation almost too much to bear, but you know that you’re not going to get off that easy. Every time your cock swells towards that sweet moment, I stop, my cock just keeping you there with his slow relentless thrusting, you don't know whether begging will work, or pleading, but you know it is going to be up to me when you come.

Finally I take pity on you, (and only cos I'm off for the week and even I couldn't leave you hanging for that long)and thrusting faster again, my grip tightens around your shaft, my lubed hand sliding up over your swollen head, but this time not stopping as I feel your pussy lips gripping me tighter inside you.
Unable to stop yourself now you spurt your lovely juices all over your cute lingerie, as my cock swells to enormous proportions shooting my load far inside.
Was loads more but everyone just arrived to go...
Bye for now
see you when get back

Hi Bella,
Wow, its been a long time since anyone's asked me what lingerie I like!!
Now unfortunately going to blow any cred I had left, RED, or black but preferably red. Anything see-through, obviously stockings (quite like patterned ones) and got to be matching set.
Fairly slutty tastes really (sorry) oh and as I know you've got great legs, short lycra skirts/dresses will always do the trick (but that's for later, as part of the dom bit is changing otherwise nice girls into raving slut nymphos. Has lost me loads of girlfriends over the years!!).

I did quite well up to now managed three paragraphs before throbbing erection has gotten in the way again. I really must get him a leash!! Images of long kisses, my hands sliding your dress up to reveal your new (red??) lingerie, caressing your hard on through the material, easing you down to your knees sucking my grateful prick whilst I look down to see you wanking yourself at the same time, then you bent over the couch, pulling your knickers to one side to expose your pussy, tongueing you then lubing you up and slowly forcing my way in, before building up to a pounding rock hard dick inside you, turning you over to ring you off as I continue to fill you up, leaning over to kiss you, to fill both holes at once, your cock against my stomach ready to blow.....

HI Bella
just reread last email with same results, except this time I'm naked in bed, my stiff cock is getting the attention he deserves, and finally my day long hard on can be dealt with.
having trouble matching your reluctant butterfly kisses, but imagination is a great thing, your warm wet mouth sucking him in, oh god he's tingling now, my hand making light quick strokes steadily moving him towards that ending he so wants. will i tease him the same way i'm going to tease you?

ohoh getting so close now, switch to you riding me cowgirl style, love the thought of you grinding into me burying my cock deep inside you. I start to stroke you off   to match my excitement, with a final grind you push down on him burying him so deep, your cock swells, that slight pause as the tenion builds to bursting and then your hot spunk is shooting all over my stomach oh god yeah i'm coming now spunking where you just did god I’m shooting buckets, quick flick of the nipples just to get last few shots out and phew  thankfully can relax now.
I really enjoyed that glad to be able to share it with you, in spirit if not in reality, did have to go back and tidy up the typing, coming and typing at same time didn't really make too much sense, but I knew what I was trying to say.

Well traditional sleepy time mood coming over me, so will send you goodnight kisses, I'm so looking forward to your new red lingerie,
night night bella xx ---------

Hi Bella
See me knocking at door to studio sometime early eve or even late afternoon to be greeted by a tall slim girl in a nice dress and high heels. Realize that you are taller than me in your heels but as they make your legs look longer are worth being the shorter one for first time in my life. Knowing how studios can be I'm expecting a sofa bed or something like that. Awkward pause as we finally meet in 3D reality, but soon broken as we drift to kitchen area for a glass of wine. Sitting down together we chat for a while before I lean over and gently cupping your face kiss you at long last. We take a while enjoying this before my hand drifts down to your leg teasing the inside of your knee gradually sliding your dress up stroking your thighs heading ever so slowly upwards.

After what seems like an age I finally reach the top of your stockings bare thighs parting to my touch, daring my hand further till I feel your panties on the back of my hand. Turning my hand slowly I cup the material feeling your throbbing cock beneath straining to be felt.
I cup your balls teasing you some more before finally freeing you pulling your panties down stroking the soft skin on your hard member. Slowly so slowly I start to wank you, I'm desperate to take you in my mouth and make you really squirm, but for now I hold back. You feel the same need though and sinking to your knees between my legs unzip my trousers to release my own throbbing erection. Not holding back at all you bend and kiss him those light butterfly kisses I have been promised before taking pity on him and sinking him deep inside you.

So there you are on your knees in front of me, my hard cock between your lips, bringing him closer and closer, when you switch tack and reaching down you grab some lube, cover him with it and then sitting astride me just lower yourself slowly onto him. He's like a rod now, you grind down on him, your dress rides up, held up by your own erection, poking out of your new red undies, your silky stockings rubbing against my hips. You move your hips back and forth, riding me like a horse, allowing me to wank you slowly in time with your movements. You lean forward to kiss me, our toungues darting in and out mimicking the action below, your stiff cock rubbing against my stomach, ready to blow at any moment.

I grab your bum to increase your speed, I'm past the moment of no return, arching up into you, swelling now so much inside you, till that final pumping release. Turned on by my orgasm, you grab yourself and in a few quick strokes take yourself over the cliff spurting hot warm spunk all over me, finally easing back, months of pent up sexual tension spent.
Hope gives you that nice warm feeling its given me. Now back to my accounts
Johnny xx

Hi Bella

Am looking forward to sliding my hand up your smooth legs, turning you on as you feel me through your stockings, getting to that smooth skin above, feeling you grow under my touch, stroking you through your new lingerie, peeling them down to release you slow gentle strokes to bring you to full arousal,
more will have to follow later...

Hi Bella,
Sorry for short ending last night but was typing only a few yards away from CSI wifey, hope she thought I was surfing porn hence guilty look and hard on...
I do remember feeling of nylon on my legs, it does feel so sexy, particuarly a light finger lightly making its way up the inside of the thigh,, skirt being slid slowly up, the coolness on the legs, unable to prevent yourself opening wide to allow better access, the feel of fingers circling your erect cock through the scanty material of your knickers, balls being lightly cupped, the throbbing getting more and more insistent, needing to be freed, to an awaiting hot wet mouth, head exposed, tongue circling, you feel your legs being lifted to expose your pussy to probing fingers, opening you wide for what's to come.

Your legs held back, pinned down as that blood engorged prick comes nearer then enters oh so slowly, is it more heavenly going in or being dragged slowly out? You cease to care as gradually faster and faster the pounding starts never to stop until you are shooting your glorious load again and again, pumping hot spunk all over you, rock hard cock filling you starting to swell and lose control, taking you futher over the edge..
Hoping this leaves you as hard as it leaves me,
Til later

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