A Chance Meeting   added 5 years ago    

  By: softmouth

Greg ran to escape the rain and sat on the bench in the beach shelter.

"Are you on your own son?"

He looked around and saw a frowsy middle-aged blonde sitting in the corner; she was dressed in a pvc mac with high-heels and red nail varnish.

"Yes might as well give up for today,"he answered.

"You on holiday?"she asked looking him up and down.


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The Naughty Meter

Greg felt a bit irritated at this cross examination, he was an introverted type not given to chatting least of all about himself.

"Just down for the day,"he replied.

"How old are you son?"she persisted and stared hard at him.

"Greg blushed deeply, "twenty five" he lied.

"Really you don't look it," she laughed and gave him another penetrating look.

Then the woman stood up infront of him blocking his view of the beach and opened up her mac.

Greg gasped with the shock she had only a black bra and panties and suspender belt with black stockings.
Her hips were full and she had a large bottom with sizable breasts that more than filled the scanty bra.

Then utterly unabashed she put her right hand down her panties and began to masturbate slowly. Greg sat rooted to the spot unable to look her in the face staring at her crotch watching the fingers move rhythmically. She removed her hand and stepping forward pushed her panty crotch into Gregs nose.

"Have a good smell son," she laughed.

Greg sniffed the sweet fishy odour and then he pushed his tongue into her crotch to taste her juices.

Her hands came around the back of his head and she pushed herself into him.

"Ohhh lovely lick my crotch son go on tongue my pantie crotch thats great I'm going to use your mouth to make me cum."

She then pulled her crotch to on side while jerking her hips, " get your tongue in my cunt boy suck that clit I want to cum."

Greg felt the power of this randy woman as she began to spasm he could see nothing now as she smothered his face with her wet open cunt, holding his head in a firm grip, using him like a sex toy too make her climax.

The frantic motion stopped and she began to moan squirting out her cum into his mouth forcing him to swollow or be choked. At last she released her hold, "good boy"she said and closed her mac and was gone in an instant. 

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