Satin Shirt And Rubber Gloves   added 5 years ago    

  By: Sissyslutjulie

You are totally mesmerised by the outfit I have chosen, your glance starts at my red lips and works its way down my body, looking at my breast you notice that they are covered by a vibrant almost electric blue satin shirt, this is tucked into my black leather pencil cut skirt about four inches above the knee, my hands are sitting on my hips covered with rubber gloves the same colour as my satin shirt, you can’t be sure of their length as they are covered by the blouse. You then notice that I am wearing black stockings, you can’t see my feet as I am wearing blue four inch high heels. As I start to unbutton my satin shirt you drop to your knees and pry my leather skirt to my hips revealing my black satin panties over the top of my black satin and lace garter.


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As I keep undoing the buttons of my blouse, you start to lick and suck the front of my panties; I feel your warm breath on my sissy clit as it penetrates the satin material. I remove my shirt and unclip and zip my leather skirt. I let it fall past your face and step out of it, you then grab the waist band of my panties and pull them to the floor I step out of them and straight away you place my sissy cock into your mouth. You take the full length in to your mouth and into your throat. I inhale with a gasp as it feel soooo good, I look down at you as your head moves back and forward along my sissy clit.

With my hand covered in the rubber glove I grad the back of your head and feel the motion of you bobbing back and forth, I tell you slowly, and with that my hand moves to your forehead as you start to lick my sissy cock, you feel the rubber encased thumb run across the top of your cheek under your eye and trace your jaw line down to your chin the whole time your hand and mouth are working on my sissy cock, I step away as I am at the point of exploding and I want you to make me come the way you did when we last met, fucking my sissy hole. I walk past you to reveal the seams that run up my stockings being supported by the garter, and my elbow length rubber gloves.

I spread my legs apart to lower my height and lean forward for you to enter me and let me cum, I don’t look at you as I want to be surprised by the feel of your hard cock entering me from behind. But you don’t, you have stayed on your knees and walked over on your knees, I feel your hand spread my sissy ass, and then I feel your tongue lick the inside of my ass cheeks, your tongue then runs from by sissy hole down to my sissy balls, I breath heavy as I have never had this done before, I feel your tongue probing my hole and this drives me wild, I love the feel of your tongue working back there,

I start to moan and uncontrollably start to rock my hips and ass, for every minute you are working back there brings me closer to Cumming, you continue licking and sucking, and I lose control pushing my ass against your face, my body shakes uncontrollable spasms as I climax, I can’t believe I have just cum. I turn around and thank you, with that I push you to the floor. I am going to make you fuck me good for making me cum so easy like a little sissy whore without pleasing you first.


As you lay back I drop to my knees, I need to be rewarded by tasting your cum, I grab hold of your rigid cock in my hand and all you can feel is the rubber material, I start to move my hand up and down your full shaft, I rub the pre lube that drips from your cock around the head of your manhood, the sensation of the lube and rubber together causes you to moan. You look down your body to see the rubber glove working the head of you cock and my tongue licking your shaft, you moan yes, I still feel cheated by you for making me cum so cheaply and easy, you will pay, I will taste you, and I will get you to fuck my sissy ass, and I will get to feel you cum inside of me.

I swivel my body around and straddle your face, you feel the nylon from my stockings against your cheeks. I lean forward to take your cock in my mouth. I cup your balls in one hand and wrap the other around your hard cock, you feel totally encased in rubber, you suck my flaccid sissy cock into your mouth where you taste the left over cum from my climax, at the same time you start to finger my sissy hole. I start to massage your balls with my left gloved hand and stroke you with my right gloved hand and suck your manhood, my head moving up and down in unison with my hand, I start to moan with pleasure because your hard cock is in my mouth, I taste the pre lube from your shaft, the taste is intoxicating and I start to moan longer and suck harder.

My sissy cock starts to swell in your mouth, I am so turned on and need to taste you cum, I pause stroking and sucking you and sit up right, I’m riding your face when you start to lick my sissy balls and sissy hole, I pause for a moment and enjoy the feel of your tongue working on me, I raise myself a little so that I control where you lick me by moving forward or back up and down. My god it feels wonderful. I hop off your face as I am nearing Cumming again, yet I still haven’t tasted you or had you fuck your little sissy.

I move down your body so you can see me sucking your cock, I move between your legs and take you in my mouth again, I arch my back so your view of me between your legs is my mouth sucking your hard cock, the gloves moving up and down your legs and across your abdomen, and my sissy ass sticking in the air encased in my garter and stockings. The taste of your cock in my mouth, the feel of your hard cock in my mouth, is fantastic. I am hypnotised by the aroma of your cock as my mouth works up and down your shaft. My gloved hand masturbates you to the same beat of my mouth swallowing you. My hips start to rock with the enjoyment I am receiving from sucking your cock, my free hand now runs up and down your leg. You love the feel of the rubber gloved caressing your legs, the other rubber gloved hand working your cock, my warm mouth also working your cock.

You raise your hips as I taste the more pre lube leaving the head of your cock, I enjoy the taste of what is to come as your explode deep down my throat, I quicken my pace and my strokes, your are breathing heavier and your hips are moving quicker, my rewards are soon to follow. You let out a gasp, I feel my rewards entering my throat, my lips clamp down so none is wasted the second and third pump from your now erupting cock fills my mouth. Your cum runs down my throat my god it taste so good, I swallow the remaining cum and remove my mouth from your cock, we both sort of have a small laugh and I tell you then that I love the taste of your cum and how I can’t get enough. I go back too cleaning your cock with my tongue and mouth. I’m  so turned on I need your cock deep inside me, I need to feel your balls slapping against my sissy butt as your cock is being rammed deep inside of me.

I run my gloved hands up your legs and across your pelvis as I keep sucking your cock, the last of your cum drains into my mouth and I swallow it. Your cock is becoming hard again as I suck your cock and you feel the rubber gloves caress your legs, cock, and pelvis. You let out a slight mmmm, I know I am doing the right thing by pleasing you.

With your cock now hard again I hunger to have it fuck me, I want to feel it fuck me hard and shoot its load deep inside of me, with you still on your back I get to my knees, I straddle you legs and place my sissy hole above your cock. I hold your hard cock with my gloved hand as I guide it to my sissy hole, I feel the head of your cock push between the opening, I throw my head back and let out an aaaaahh as I slide down your cock inch by inch, until you are fully inside me, my sissy cock protruding between your pelvis and my satin garter belt, you reach out to hold it and I start to run the rubber gloves across your chest and down your body,

I start to slide myself up and down your cock, feeling it deep inside of me, your rub the pre lube from my sissy clit around the head, this is driving me crazy so I force you to stop as I want to feel you explode inside me and feel your cum in me, as I run my rubber gloved hand over your body and arms you raise your hips to penetrate me deeper, this tells me to quicken my pace at riding you, I start to rotate my hips on the up and down strokes. You sit up a little so you can reach my ass and spread my ass cheeks apart to enter me even deeper;

I place my gloved hands on your shoulders to give support, I run my fingers across your cheeks, as this drives you wild feeling the rubber, my left hand runs down your back, you yell out my god, I know what this means, I feel your cock erupt inside of me, I can’t help but yell out yesss, it feels so hot when you cum inside of me, I feel your cock erupt once, twice, and then the final time, I feel your warm cum inside of me as I wrap my gloved hands around your neck.

I slide up and down your cock a few times to drain all your warm seed from you. I climb from you and you lay back down again, beside you I start to caress your body with the rubber gloves, starting from the top of your body to the tips of your toes, you enjoy this as every inch of your body is being taken care of, you especially enjoy this when I pay extra attention to your nipples squeezing them between my rubber gloved fingers,

I massage your balls with my hands and slide my fingers between your ass cheeks, you sit up and push me to the floor, you then slide down my body and take my sissy cock into your mouth, you force my legs apart with your hands leaving me totally exposed, you work your tongue up and down my sissy cock and then start licking my shaved sissy balls, I start to purr like a cat and watch as you expertly work on me, your head between my stocking thighs your eyes above my satin garter belt, you bring your head right up and take me in your mouth again, I start to moan and place my gloved hands on your head and start to rock my hips as I guide your mouth to my sissy cock. You call me your little cum slut, I can’t but help respond with a yes, what are you, you ask, your cum slut I respond.

You go down on my sissy cock and suck it, I moan that I am about to cum and respond with yes, yes, yes. You get to your knees and tell me not yet my little cum slut, you grab hold of your man hood that I so grave and beg for and guide it to my sissy hole, I feel the head of your cock pushing against my sissy opening. Tell me what you want, you demand, please fuck my sissy hole, I want to feel you fuck me, cum inside of me, I beg, I need your cum in me, own me I beg. You raise my legs on to your shoulders and run your palms down my stocking legs and across my garter belt. I feel you push your hard cock slowly in to my sissy hole, you grab my ankles and spread my legs so that you can increase your tempo, I feel your hard ridged cock go deeper and deeper into me, I start to moan in pleasure; the feel of you fucking me drives me wild, I beg for you to cum inside of my sissy self, I get to be your sissy whore, your thrusting hard and fast I can feel your balls slapping my sissy ass, I beg for you to cum, please cum I moan.

As your thrusting increases I feel my little sissy cock erupt with cum, I shot on my stomach, my pelvis, and I have cum dripping from my garter belt, I use the rubber gloves to smear it into my body like moisturiser, it’s at this point you let out a moan as you explode a second time inside of me, pull out the final remains of you climax drip on to my pelvis, I also rub this in to my skin, you lay beside, relaxed and spent.

We lay there for a few moments when I decide to get dressed, I straighten my seemed stockings and adjust the garter belt, I slide my panties up my legs and see you smiling at me. I slide into my blouse and button it up, and finally raise my skirt and tuck the shirt into the waist band before zipping it up and closing the button; I look at you before leaving and notice that you have an erection growing from watching me dress. I feel bad leaving you this way so I walk over to you and kneel on the floor, leaning forward I take your cock into my mouth, and start to suck up and down your shaft, you moan again, and ask me what I am, I remove my mouth from your shaft and tell you I am your cum slut and sissy whore, you remind me not to forget it and force my mouth back to your shaft, my gloved hand masturbating your cock into my mouth.

You lift your hips and tell me to “suck it you little bitch”, I stroke my sissy clit over my skirt, loving the way you make me describe myself and naming me as your bitch, you grab my head in both your hands, my mouth open, the head of your cock just in my mouth, my gloved hand working your cock , my other hand rubbing my sissy clit through my clothing, you grown “take it bitch” as you release my head from your  hands and cum in my mouth, I milk your cock with my hand and mouth, until I can no longer feel your manhood leaking from your cock, I feel so pleased that I have satisfied you, I thank you stand and leave.

Until our next meeting.               

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shamjz    (2011-10-02 02:05:39)    Flag as inappropiate
dear satin he he,you realy know how to use words that make men hard to the core...well done
bikerjohnny    (2011-02-06 11:46:28)    Flag as inappropiate
bikerjohnny So very horny, I would so love to be having your sissy ass, sucking your sissy ass like that, great fantasy, got me so hard reading it x

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