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  By: Elle

I've known Michael for a couple of months now and he's simply a-ma-zing! He knows exactly how to fuck me, how to tease me, how to make me beg for his touch, how to get me to the very edge of orgasm and stop, leaving me burning for the next time.

A couple of weeks ago I also met his cousin Chris who is absolutely spectacular - a little older than me and Michael, extremely handsome and muscular. I've seen him in boxer shorts and well... let's say he's quite gifted. I know that he's an absolute sex machine and I have often fantasized about having sex with him.

But recently I've been fantasizing about doing it with both him and Michael. I know that this is absolutely impossible; Michael is protective and jealous like hell. Of course I've had threesomes a couple of times before, but never with men that are related to each other. The thought of being taken by those gorgeous, passionate studs gives me an almost unbearable craving.

Chris often throws big parties at his house where everybody gets wasted. It would be perfect if some time after everybody else is gone, the three of us sit at Chris' deck to finish the booze (Michael and I always spend the night there after those fiestas because naturally none of us stays sober and able to drive)

Michael and I cuddle on one of the blue velvet couches and cover ourselves with a blanket. In the meantime Chris makes drinks and prepares the bong. 

We talk and laugh while we get more and more wasted from Chris' bourbon. I get really turned on when I'm drunk and so does Michael. And I'm sure Chris' mind is also occupied by dirty thoughts. Both guys keep joking with me about sexual stuff and by the looks Chris keeps giving me, I can tell he wants me. I'm not sure whether Michael doesn't notice them or pretends not to, because he's too busy holding his cigar with one hand and slightly rubbing my clit through my clothes with the other. He knows that this drives me crazy - feeling the touch distinctly enough to get wet but never being able to cum, especially when he stops and continues arbitrarily. 

When we finish the bourbon, Chris would go inside for some more. Michael and I are both so horny by then, that we start making out the second he disappears. I'm so wet that I don't care about anything but getting fucked right there. My hand goes down Michael's chest, past his perfect abs and unzips and unbuttons his jeans. "Wait, what are you doing?" - he asks me "my cousin we'll be right back!" but I don't listen. I know he's too wasted to stop me and way too horny to be able to think anymore. Before he knows it, Michael’s amazing, hard as a rock dick is in my mouth. I know it drives him crazy when I switch between hard sucking and slight, gentle licking. All he can do is groan with pleasure, take my head and move it back and forth.

Of course, we realize Chris had returned only after we hear him coughing. I stop sucking my boyfriend's dick, but I'm way too drunk and horny to be able to say something right away. Things are not better with Michael, who, naturally, still has his vision blurred and his dick erected. None of us is able to say or do something, while Chris just opens the bottle and pours himself a glass of bourbon. He leans to the deck, takes a sip, smiles lustfully and asks: "Is this a private party or can I join?" At first I don't know what to say. I've wanted to get fucked by him since I met him and realize this is the chance. My boyfriend is way too hammered to think too much, let alone fight it.

Without saying anything, I just smile and give Chris a sign to come. Michael, as expected, is unable to fully realize what is about to happen. Chris approaches, sits next to me and starts kissing me passionately. It's incredibly weird to be kissed and touched by another man right in front of my boyfriend, especially if this man is his cousin. His kisses are just what I've imagined them to be - passionate and controlling. While kissing me, he helps me undress and soon I'm totally naked in front of the two men. I enjoy the thrill of both of them sliding their passionate gazes up and down my body.

I sit between them and Chris starts kissing my lips and caressing my breasts, while Michael's covering my back with kisses, all the while rubbing my clit. They both remove their clothes, and stand in front of me. The sight of the hot, strong bodies with perfect chests, strong arms and huge dicks intensifies my impatience and thrill. The thought of sucking their dicks and later get fucked by both of them simultaneously almost drives me crazy.

I am ready to start the classical first part - giving them both head, but Chris surprises me. He lifts me up and bends me over the deck, facing the night ocean. A second later I feel him massaging my pussy and sticking his dick into it. And the next thing I know is he’s slowly fucking me from behind. I'm surprised but enjoy 100% being fucked by another man right in front of my boyfriend, seeing nothing but the amazing sight of the dark ocean. While thrusting, Chris is kissing my neck and pressing me firmly against himself. The hard dick is pounding me harder and harder and I scream in pleasure. I spread my legs and secretly hope this lasts longer.

Soon, however, Chris tells Michael to come and after a couple more thrusts takes his dick out of my pussy. Then Michael takes me to the couch, sits on it and makes me sit on his cock. Facing Chris, I take his dick into my mouth. Michael grabs my hips and starts pounding me up and down. I moan, while licking and sucking Chris' hard cock. It is sooo amazing, my bf fucking my hot and craving pussy, while his cousin keeps sticking his penis deep in my mouth.

Later they switch again. Chris picks me up, stands behind me and again fucks me himself. Now it's time for me to lean forward and blow my boyfriend again, while Chris is holding my hips, this time thrusting much harder.

After switching like this for about an hour, we move to the bedroom. I feel horny, ashamed and excited what follows. When we get in, Michael lies on the bed and tells me to come. I climb on top of him and stick his dick into my pussy. While fucking me, he pulls me towards him and starts kissing me. In the meantime, Chris gets behind me and starts working my butt hole. I shiver with anticipation and lust. I close my eyes and imagine the feeling of the two cocks moving inside of me.

Chris starts shoving his huge, hard dick up my tight butt hole and I moan. Finally both cocks are inside of me. Michael is pounding me harder and harder and soon Chris also keeps up. I moan with pleasure and pain while both dicks ping pong me. On the left I can see the three of us in the big mirror (which obviously is put there with an explicit sexual purpose) - me, sitting on my boyfriend's dick who is pounding me hard and Chris thrusting me even harder from behind in the ass.

Later I decide that it's time I let my boy fuck my ass. I turn around and sit again on Michael’s lap this time sticking his dick into my asshole. Before I start moaning, Chris gets closer to me and once again shoves his dick into my cunt.... Both men are groaning while thrusting, thrusting harder and harder. It is incredible and I sense that I’m not far from cumming. But I want to enjoy this incredible banging much longer. I tell the guys to stop and take the doggy position. Chris now has both my ass and pussy to choose between, while Michael stands on his knees in front of me and puts his cock into my mouth. "Ohhhhhhh" I can't help moaning when I feel Chris rhythmically switching between my asshole and pussy.

He obviously doesn't care how much more painful it is for me when he shoves his big cock so fast and hard into my butt hole. I feel it really sore after having been cruelly pounded for more than an hour by the two studs.

It’s later again Michael’s turn to pound me from behind, while Chris is due for blowing. Anal sex in doggy is Michael's favorite thing. He always grabs my tits and fucks my butt like crazy. He's actually fucked me a couple of times so hard that I couldn't walk the next day (but of course that doesn't stop him from banging me anally almost every day)

My boy can’t wait to take a firm position, shove his cock inside my butt and start banging it rhythmically. I am screaming but the thrusts get harder. At some point he stops and orders me to fuck my ass against his dick myself. I obey though I am crying in pain. In a couple of minutes Michael grabs my hips and starts banging me against his dick. Every time I try to turn around Chris makes me face him again and puts his dick deeper into my throat.

- Ohh, baby, please it hurts… - I’m crying although I know it just gets Michael more turned on.

- Oh, I know you like it, Elle. You love getting fucked for hours in the ass. Now you got it. Ohh I love thaaaaat…. I love banging that beautiful ass.

After what later turns out to be almost an hour, I can feel Michael's gonna cum. The thrusting gets insane. I am again trying to cry with pain and again Chris stuffs his dick back into my mouth. Just when I think I can't take it anymore, Michael makes a couple of final thrusts after which I feel the spasms of his body as he fills up my anal with his sperm and groans with pleasure. When the last drop has been shot in my hurting ass, Michael takes his wet cock out and collapses on the bed. I realize it's Chris' turn to ejaculate in my anus. I cry when he gets behind me, shoves his throbbing cock into my butt and starts thrusting moderately.

While fucking me, Chris slides his left hand down my dripping pussy, sticks two fingers in it and starts moving them in and out. Still weeping, I moan in pleasure. With Chris rubbing my clit it is much easier to bear him pounding my butt.

- Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh - the thrusts get faster and harder and I hear the slopping sound of his cock banging my wet, dripping asshole.  We are both very close to the orgasm and Chris' thrusting also gets freakishly hard. And then it happens....  My pussy and butt almost explode with my powerful orgasm and Chris' share of sperm warmly filling me all up. I sense his cock relaxing inside of me after which Chris slowly and painfully takes it out and we also fall on the bed and fall asleep.

In the morning before Michael and I set off, the guys would give me another hour of goodbye banging.


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Clarkee    (2013-01-01 16:23:27)    Flag as inappropiate
This is fantastic - made me cum ;-)
Clarkee    (2013-01-01 16:23:26)    Flag as inappropiate
This is fantastic - made me cum ;-)
BitterSweet3    (2012-02-29 21:02:55)    Flag as inappropiate
You are such a dirty girl. Love it :-)
bethany31    (2011-02-19 06:21:16)    Flag as inappropiate
bethany31 Naughty. :)
capstan    (2011-02-05 14:37:18)    Flag as inappropiate

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