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Me and My boyfriend, "Jake" for this story's sake, have been together for a year and a half. He think that it'd be a great idea to have a threesome and experience others in our bedroom. I want to, but am nervous because I have never done anything like that. I do get excited at the thought of two men, or even a man and a woman. 


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 So lets just say I finally worked up the courage for a night of excitement. I am at home waiting for my boyfriend to get off work. I take my time getting ready for tonight's events. I told him that we are having a special date night. He has no idea what I have planned for him. 


As I get ready I put on my sexiest lingerie, the things my boyfriend likes the best on me. I pull on my black dress which covers up what's underneath. When I am ready I go to the kitchen to prepare a tray of snacks. When he arrives home he goes into the bedroom to change and freshen up. It is 7P.M. perfect timing. 


I go to the front door of our apartment. There is a man, a woman and another couple. They waited patiently outside as to not warn Jake. I let them into the living room and I turn on some music. It is soothing yet exciting. Jake hollers out, wondering what I am up to. I tell him to just finish getting ready. 

I walk back into the living room and see the men and women are getting acquainted. They all seem to enjoy each others company and they all are discussing why they are here. The single woman is a blond who has large fake tits. The single man is blond, with a few extra pounds. The couple are both dark haired. The woman has slightly smaller breasts than the blond, but she is all natural. And her boyfriend is shorter than the blond male, but his body is like a rock. 


I sit down and they all look at me expectantly. I asked them all here to help me please Jake. I sit next to the woman and put my hand on her thigh. She leans near me. I turn in to kiss her, and we start passionately making out. I really start to get into it as she pulls my hair out of the up-doo I had it in. I unbutton her shirt and glancing around I see the couple have followed our example and have started making out also. The blond's tits are being held up, perky by her pink bra. I kiss down her neck and into her breasts. She starts to feel herself under her skirt. I realize that she has no panties on underneath.

The area between her thighs is very hot. As I flip my hair out of my face I see the other man has pulled his pants off and started rubbing his shaft up and down.Just the thought of someone watching me gets me feeling even hotter.


In the back of my mind I wonder what Jake is doing, but I am distracted by the two blonds in the room. The couple have stripped each other down to their underwear and were grinding on each other. I go over to them, and the blonds move together and begin to caress each other. I steal the man away from his woman and begin grinding on him. The woman backs up.


I go to turn to give the man a lap dance, grinding my ass into him and see that the other woman has gone to the doorway where Jake is standing ecstatic. I could tell he had just enter, but was already erect.  He allowed the woman to take his clothes off, but his eyes stayed on me grinding into his woman's partner. A smile was on his face. I tire of dancing and take the blond man away from the blond woman and she ventures to the man alone. I remove my panties and grind my wet pussy around his manhood. The man pushes me down onto the couch and I gasp, becoming more excited.

I look over and see the other two women are on their knees taking turns sucking off Jake and the other man is behind his partner fucking her. He has his hand on the blonds pussy quickly moving his fingers around her clit. She is responding by rotating her pussy even harder toward his hand. She begins to really moan as she's pleasured, and as she goes down even further on Jake. Her moans set Jake off and as he pulls out he turns and begins to cum on the other girl's face. She opens her her mouth to catch as much as she can and licks what is around her mouth. 


I am being fucked by the blond man, my fingers digging into his back. The more he pounds into me, the more I moan and the more I want to be fucked. He continues and he works himself into a climax. He pulls out and cums on my stomach. The woman (from the couple) escapes from her boyfriend and comes over licking the cum off my stomach, and even begins eating me out. She climbs on me and are in 69. I start to eat her out, making her push her pussy closer to my face. Her tongue goes to work on my pussy and it doesn't take long to get my juices flowing freely. She laps it up and continues her work. 

Meanwhile Jake is now fucking the blond woman while the other part of the couple is face fucking her. As she is being double fucked, the blond man is below her rubbing her clit and sucking on her great breasts.I am still enjoying my partner, as she starts cumming into my face. She lets herself orgasm above me, making me move my tongue even harder. She starts to seize up and I roll her over continuing to please her and licking up her pussy. The blond guy has replaced Jake and Jake moves to me and the other woman. 


He helps me clean her pussy lips, while making out with me. All three of our tongues are at work and all the stimulation causes me to shake. Jake then returns me to the bottom position and the woman eats me out ferociously. Jake nibbles on my breasts, kisses up and down my neck and chest. In no time I have come to a climax, shaking and trembling. I can feel my muscles tensing and the pleasure that has taken over my body. I can feel Jake and the girl licking me clean as I continue to feel completely blissful. 


I am exhausted after this and so are the other people. Me and Jake help everyone find their things and leave. We clean up the place not speaking much, but I catch his glances every once in a while. I know that I fulfilled several of his fantasies in one night, and that I have opened the door for me. I am excited, for I know this will not be the last time something like this happens, maybe even with all those same people. So I believe that this would open the door to several more inviting opportunities. 

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abeautifullie22    (2012-05-15 07:38:19)    Flag as inappropiate
Very nice fantasy. I really enjoyed it.

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