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The Naughty Meter

Cindy was shocked to suddenly find her bikini bottoms being pulled down her legs by the watery hands of the hot tub. Her pussy was now exposed and in that instant she felt fingers probe inside her vagina. She felt hands rubbing her tight butt. She felt a fingers spread her wide and fill her up slowly.

“I ... I don’t ...” Cindy said under heavy breaths, wondering if this magic had gone too far, wondering if all this was weird or merely a new way to experience pleasure.

“Shh ...” Hannah said to her again. “Embrace it, baby. Let me please you. I guarantee you that I am getting more pleasure out of my experience as I swirl about your body.

Cindy was so close to climaxing already. The number of hands that Hannah had created with the water was so amazing. She felt powerful jets of water probing her clit and climbing into her pussy. She felt hands grabbing her butt and swirling around her asshole. She felt fingers pinching her nipples and pushing her large breasts together. 

“I ... I want to see you ...” Cindy said aloud to Hannah. “I want to kiss you, please!” Cindy shouted.

Suddenly, Hannah rose again from the water, only to Cindy’s surprise, Hannah was made completely of water. She stood before Cindy, transparent and bubbly. Cindy could see right through her body at the wall behind her. She was still having a hard time understanding how all this was possible, and Hannah new she needed some convincing. While this clear nude watery being with Hannah's face, figure, and voice stood calmly before Cindy, she could still feel dozens of hands caressing her body from underneath the water.

“It’s real.” Hannah said, showing off her liquid body to Cindy. She extended her liquid arms outward, and splashed Cindy's walls as spray flew from her fingertips.

“Go ahead, and touch me, Cindy. I want you to touch me.”

Cindy did as she was told, and slowly rose up from the side of the hot tub, and reached her hand out towards Hannah. She was afraid to touch Hannah, not knowing what would happen, but she knew she wasn't going to be able to even keep herself from finding out. She touched Hannah's watery body, and just like water, her hand sunk into Hannah's liquid stomach. Cindy could feel the warmth of the hot tub as she swirled her hand around in Hannah watery body. Cindy looked up at Hannah and could see her expression on her clear face. She saw that she was enjoying Cindy’s touch. Her liquid breasts rose and fell as breathed deeply, and she quivered every so often as if Cindy was doing something more than just touching her stomach.

“You’re going to make me cum if you keep touching me like that.” Hannah told Cindy. 

“But I’m barely touching you.” Cindy reminded her.

“It doesn’t matter. I feel you’re hand inside my pussy, on my tits, on my ass.”

"Really?" Cindy asked. She slowly pulled her hand from Hannah's body, and stood up in the hot tub. She stood face to face with a very liquid Hannah as she now stood there naked and dripping wet. She looked into her watery eyes, and Hannah smiled back as she saw a smile on Cindy's face. Cindy was curious to see what this magic meant.

"I know you're curious. You can't hurt me. In fact, nothing can hurt me anymore." Hannah told Cindy.

Her words toyed with Cindy imagination, and her curiosity took over. Cautiously, Cindy extended her hand towards Hannah's face. She tried to caress Hannah's cheek, but soon found a similar result as before. As her hand touched Hannah's wet face, it sunk into it. Hannah didn't budge as Cindy's hand sunk into her own face. In fact, she closed her eyes and moaned. 

"I still feel in everywhere." Hannah said as Cindy touched her in ways she never thought possible. Cindy's continued to push her hand through Hannah's wet face, and her hand popped out the other side. Cindy giggled as she was amused by Hannah's magic, but she was unaware of how horny she was making Hannah just by touching her liquid body. 

Hannah’s hand shot out and grabbed onto Cindy’s hand with a splash. She pulled Cindy’s hand from her face, and threw her back down into the hot tub. Hannah could no longer control herself as she then pounced from her standing position and in a splash she dove her liquid body against Cindy’s. Hannah's body exploded as she landed on Cindy, and Cindy was in shock as it felt like a large bucket of water had hit her.

Before she could even regain her composure, Hannah rose back up from the tub, still made of liquid. Only this time she slowly eased up onto Cindy; this time she maintained her human-like form and didn’t just fall apart. As she looked down at a soaked Cindy, her face and head solidified and regained their skin pigmentation. She leaned forward and kissed Cindy's lips, and Cindy could finally kiss back as Hannah lips were normal again. As they kissed, Hannah’s body became more solid. As Hannah’s bare breasts regained their sexy soft curves, she pressed them against Cindy's own. As they kissed, Cindy reached around and found Hannah's firm solid butt. She clinched her bare ass so that Hannah was tight against her. Hannah pulled at Cindy’s breasts, longing to get at her nipples. She slid her solid knee between Cindy's leg, and begins to rub her bare pussy with it.

Hannah rubbed her wet naked body up and down against Cindy's, feeling the bare skin on bare skin for the first time that evening. Glorious and naked, these two girls caressed each other's bodies like never before. They ran their fingers everywhere they could find as the water of the hot tub bubbled around them. Hannah pressed her tits firmly against Cindy’s and Cindy moaned back against her, pushing her tits against Hannah. Hannah pushed her huge breasts against Cindy’s body as she looked deep into her eyes and smiled. Cindy looked back at her magical friend, and kissed her softly on the lips as she could feel Hannah’s warmth radiate off her body.

Hannah lowered herself slowly back in to the water, and placed both her hands around Cindy’s breasts. Hannah lovingly licked her nipples as she held her, pushing and pulling at Cindy’s breasts. Cindy ran her wet hand down Hannah’s sexy back as she continued to play with her body, in awe of what Hannah’s hands could do without magic. She moaned as Hannah pushed her breasts together and nibbled ever so slightly as she licked her. Hannah ran her hands back into the water, and pulled the water from the tub back onto Cindy’s curves, keeping her breasts wet as she caressed them. Cindy arched her back into Hannah, and let her feel every inch of the body that she had magically given her.

Cindy pulled Hannah back up so that she could kiss her again, and Hannah looked deep into her eyes.

“Now that you know more of what I can do, how about I try this.” Hannah said, and she held her hand out before Cindy. Cindy watched in awe as only Hannah’s forearm became liquid as Hannah slowly twirled her hand about. Hannah then lowered her hand back into the water, and instantly Cindy could feel several fingers quickly in her pussy and around her ass. Cindy closed her eyes as Hannah controlled every inch of the water that filled the tub while she retained her solid form. With her solid hand, Hannah caressed Cindy’s face and kissed her once more on the lips while various watery hands continued to probe and massage Cindy’s clit from under the water.

As the two girls kissed, Cindy snuck her hand down Hannah’s wet body, and found her nude and shaven pussy. Without hesitation, she inserted her own finger's into Hannah's magical pussy, and Hannah moaned loudly as she felt her penetration. Cindy felt the watery hands from below stop as Hannah’s now solid hand rose back from the water grabbed her own wet breasts with her hands. As she played with her on gorgeous breasts, she pushed down against Cindy's fingers. Hannah rode Cindy's fingers, raising and lowering herself onto them. With her free hand, Cindy caressed her own body as she watched Hannah use her fingers.

“Yes. Fuck me like that.” Hannah demanded as she bobbed up and down on Cindy’s fingers. Cindy inserted more fingers into Hannah’s soaked pussy and played with her clit with the ones that were not inside her. Hannah pulled at her own breasts with her hands, and managed to lick her own nipples as she lifted them upward.

“Oh yes. Ohhhh yes.” The powerful Hannah moaned as she moved up and down faster and faster. The bubbles in the water that surrounded the two girls seemed to intensify as Hannah moved quicker on Cindy’s hand. Hannah’s hands roamed all over her own body as the sexual sensation was pushing her closer and closer to a powerful climax.

But then, with a lustful look in her eyes, Hannah glared down at Cindy. Although Hannah's own hands were on her own breasts, Cindy suddenly felt an invisible force pull her hand that was fucking her friend. Unable to continue to please Hannah, Cindy looked up into Hannah's horny eyes.

“Not yet.” Hannah told Cindy. “I want your pussy first!”

"Yeah?" Cindy cried as she was all for letting Hannah eat her out.

Without a second thought, Hannah pointed at Cindy. As her hand rose upward, Cindy felt weightless. Completely naked and dripping wet from the hot tub, Hannah merely conducted Cindy up from the tub with her magical powers. She smiled as Cindy floated up out of the tub and into the air. Cindy felt so calm and at peace as she floated. This feeling of weightlessness was so relaxing. With her thoughts and her magical hand’s gestures, Hannah set Cindy down on the edge of the hot tub. Now with Cindy's gorgeous wet body spread and completely naked, with her giant new tits, her firm body, her long wet legs presented before Hannah, Hannah slowly sunk back into the water, and started to kiss Cindy's inner thigh. As she kissed deeper and deeper towards Cindy's pussy, Cindy began to moan. Cindy placed her hand on the back of Hannah’s head as Hannah found her way to Cindy's shaven pussy. Cindy was startled at first, but the moment that Hannah's tongue met Cindy's clit, she knew she wanted nothing more than to have Hannah between her legs forever. She simply sat on the edge of the hot tub and let Hannah eat her pussy.

She looked down at Hannah and Hannah was looking back up at her, smiling between her licks. Hannah spread Cindy’s pussy apart with her fingertips as Cindy’s hands roamed down her stomach. Hannah's tongue seemed to go deeper and deeper into Cindy's pussy, climbing up inside her and making sure that Cindy felt it everywhere. With her tongue on Cindy’s clit, Hannah took her fingers and buried them deep inside Cindy as well. She slowed fucked Cindy with her fingers as she took Cindy’s clit into her mouth and sucked hard. With her fingers still deep inside Cindy, Hannah momentarily rose from her lounged position between Cindy’s legs so she could get a full view of what she was doing to her friend. With her fingers still deep inside Cindy’s pussy, Hannah watched as Cindy enjoyed her own breasts. She smiled as Cindy pinched her own nipples. Her breasts were so new and large that Cindy found it possible to lift her nipples to her own mouth and please herself with her lips. Amazed at the sexiness of the sight of Cindy’s body, Hannah leaned down to her satisfied friend. Hannah kissed her softly on the lips as she continued to fuck her with her fingers. 

“I want you to cum for me, baby.” Hannah told her.

“Yeah?” Cindy moaned back as she rode Hannah’s fingers and played with her own breasts.

Hannah slowly lowered her nude figure back into the waters of the tub, keeping her eyes on her friend’s body.

"I want you to cum in my mouth." Hannah told her, and she clapped her mouth back around Cindy’s pussy, sticking her tongue back inside her. Those words only made Cindy push Hannah’s face harder into her pussy. Cindy bounced faster and faster against Hannah’s tongue. She grabbed hold of her own breasts as Hannah’s tongue grew inside her, climbing deeper and deeper. Her tongue explored areas inside her pussy that Cindy didn’t expect could ever be touched.

As Hannah stuck her tongue far inside her friend, she focused her magic on pleasure and nothing more. As her magic radiated from her body, it slowly began to glow a white glow. Even the hot tub beneath her naked body glowed a bright white. Hannah's tongue finally hit the right spot deep inside Cindy's pussy, and Cindy’s mouth opened wide.

“Oh fuck!” Cindy cried as the combination of Hannah's actions and her magic surrounding the entire room brought out an intense orgasm in Cindy. Cindy screamed out, and pressed her large tits into the air. The orgasm rocked Cindy’s body. It was so power full and intense that suddenly the walls of the room began to shake ever so slightly. Hannah retracted her amazing tongue and kept her mouth open against Cindy’s pussy. As her juices flowed into Hannah’s mouth, Hannah body seemed to fade ever so slightly, become slightly transparent as she enjoyed the taste of Cindy’s orgasm. As she too gained pleasure from giving pleasure, Hannah’s magic was suddenly becoming hard to control. Cindy noticed that the pictures on her wall were not falling off the walls due to the minor earthquake their sex seemed to causing, but were simply being pulled towards the two naked girls as if they were a gravitational pull stronger than the gravity of the Earth itself.

As the amazing orgasmic wave of pleasure passed, Cindy lost her balance and fell backwards off the edge of the hot-tub and off the bed as well. Despite her dizzy fall and the lack of energy to catch her self with her arms, she never hit the ground. Just before she would have hit her head on the floor of her bedroom, she stopped. She was simply floating inches off the ground. Cindy just floated there, upside-down, still trying to get her senses back her after cumming the hardest she had ever came in her life. Cindy managed to look up and could see Hannah standing up in the hot-tub with water running down her breasts and her thighs. With a simple thought, she had caught her friend from falling and hitting her head. Hannah motioned for Cindy to come to her, and soon Cindy found herself floating back up towards Hannah. She pulled Cindy right to her mouth so that they could kiss. Cindy kissed Hannah passionately, thanking her for the amazing orgasm. As their tongues' met, Hannah pulled Cindy towards the middle of the hot-tub.

"That was amazing." Cindy said, caressing Hannah’s wet hair and face. She could taste her own cum on Hannah's lips, and the two naked girls slowly lowered down back into the warm waters of the hot tub. Cindy pressed her breasts and her legs against Hannah's, still feeling the effects of such a powerful orgasm. The taste of her own cum only made her want more from Hannah. It was so wrong, yet so right.

“Still dreaming?” Hannah said as Cindy couldn’t stop kissing her lips and her face.

“I don’t care. I want more.”

“More of what?” Hannah asked, teasing Cindy.

“You. This. You’re magic. I just want this. Please. What else can you do?” Cindy begged to know as she took Hannah’s large wet breasts in her hands and pushed them upward against her body. She wanted Hannah to show her how her abilities could take her to sexual places she never thought she would go. She wanted the freedom to get away with the dirties and kinkiest of things.

Hannah pushed Cindy's kisses down to her neck so she could take a moment to hear these new thoughts and desires of Cindy’s. Hannah could now see all the deep seeded kinky ideas that Cindy thought was hot. She could see that Cindy didn’t care at all that she could fly or walk through walls or move things with her mind or even grow her own wings. All Cindy wanted was to have amazing new sex with Hannah. She wanted to do all the things she could truly get away with as long as she was with Hannah. Hannah saw all these thoughts in Cindy’s mind, and she couldn't wait to share them with her.

"That's hot." Hannah told Cindy as she could see all of her kinky desires. Hannah stood up the hot tub, leaving Cindy below and allowing the hot water to drip from her nude figure. Cindy soon found Hannah's neatly shaven pussy in her face. Hannah took this minor pause in the sexual action to devise a new magical plan. She had shown Cindy so much in that moment, and she couldn’t decide what magic she could show her next, and what magic she might want to keep a secret. Yet as Hannah's thoughts wandered what sexual experience she should bestow upon her wet brunette friend, Cindy started to give Hannah a sexual experience of her own.

Like a sexual magnet, Cindy's mouth was quickly drawn to the dripping tiny shaven vagina of her friend. Having such a perfect specimen in front of her face, she had no choice but to pry Hannah's thighs apart with her fingertips and lovingly lick her clit. The instant, Cindy’s tongue touched Hannah, Hannah went into magical shock. A flash of light suddenly filled the room, blasting out the windows along with a gust of warm winds from Hannah’s own body.

"Oh fuck, baby!" Hannah cried out as Cindy pulled at her clit with her lips. Hannah could not longer plan ahead, and placed her hand on the back of her friend's head for support. The slippery surface of the floor of the tub and the sudden spasm of her body's reaction to Cindy's tongue made it hard to stand. Cindy pried Hannah’s legs farther apart and placed her foot on the edge of the tub so that Cindy could climb beneath her. Cindy slid her finger inside her soaked pussy while she continued to flick her clit with her tongue.

"Yes. Fuck me like that! Fuck me deeper!" Hannah demanded, and Cindy obliged by tripling the amount of fingers that were in her blonde friend. She soon fucked Hannah faster and faster, and Hannah's thoughts wandered uncontrollably. She was overcome by the powerful force of Cindy's desire to fuck her harder and harder. She pushed at the back of Cindy's head, begging for more of her tongue inside her. Without magical powers, Cindy pleased her amazingly powerful and sexual friend. She worked her tongue and her fingers as hard as she could to return the favor of orgasmic bliss.

Hannah lost herself in Cindy's touches, and fell to the side of the hot tub exactly where Cindy had once sat as well. The tables had turned. It was now Hannah who would get the amazing oral sex. Cindy pulled her juicy lips from Hannah's pussy, and continued to fuck her with her three fingers. Hannah pushed back against Cindy's hand, her large breasts bouncing with each thrust of Cindy's fingers.

"You like that? You like how I fuck you?" Cindy asked Hannah.

"Oh god yes. Yes!" Hannah cried out as she cocked her head backwards and pressed her breasts into the air. As she screamed, a powerful warm wind blew in from the window's of Cindy's bedroom. The wind was far too warm to come from the city night outside. Hannah pulled her senses back together, and pressed harder and harder against her friend's hand.

Cindy pulled her hand from Hannah’s pussy, and wasted little time in grabbing her body and lifting her from the tub. Hannah felt weightless as Cindy easily picked her up and pushed her completely out of the tub. She forced Hannah on to all-fours, with her pussy spread back towards Cindy. Cindy leaned out of the hot tub, spread Hannah’s pussy, and started to lick her pussy from behind. Hannah moaned as she felt Cindy’s tongue inside her, probing her as she dripped water all over Cindy’s bed.

Cindy inserted her finger once more into Hannah from behind as she licked her clit. Her tongue rose up from her pussy and up around her ass as she continued to finger-fuck her. Hannah looked back at Cindy as she was furiously working her clit with her tongue and hand. She smiled as her kinky behaviors from her sexual adventures was taking hold. Hannah needed to push the limits and let her dark desires be known to her friend.

"More. Fist me!" Hannah cried out, and without hesitation, Cindy did as she was told. What was once a tiny cute pussy was now stretched out as Cindy made a fist with her hand, and inserted it into Hannah from behind. Cindy pulled her whole hand in and out of her friend. Hannah placed a free hand on her breast, and Cindy watched as they started to grow bigger and bigger in her hand. Hannah was trying to hold herself together, but Cindy realized that Hannah's magic was getting uncontrollable as she got closer and closer to cumming. The sight of Hannah's sexual experience was so hot that Cindy had no choice but to take her other hand and finger herself. She played with her own pussy while she fisted Hannah.

"Fuck!" Hannah screamed. This time when she screamed, her eyes went solid white and rays of light beamed from her body. Cindy pulled her fist from Hannah's pussy, and quickly clamped into her pussy with her mouth. She stuck her tongue in farther than she ever thought she could. Cindy felt a rush of cum gush into her mouth from Hannah's pussy. She licked and sucked Hannah's cum up as her finger remained in her own pussy. Rays of light beamed from Hannah as she experienced an orgasm of her own. The picture frames that were once being pulled off the wall were now completely off the wall, and simply floating as if there was no gravity in the room.

Then suddenly Cindy was tossed into the air as the white light that was beaming from Hannah's body became blinding. Cindy felt her body land on the soft bed away from the tub, but still couldn't see as the room was filled with light.

Then as suddenly as it rocked all her senses, the light was gone.

The hot tub was gone.

Hannah was gone.

She looked down at her sexy nude self and saw she was completely dry. Her body was still as Hannah had left it, but Hannah was no where to be seen. Cindy looked around the room to see if the orgasm had tossed Hannah onto the floor, but she wasn’t there either. Cindy was at a loss.

But as Cindy looked up towards the ceiling, she noticed an amazing sight. Cindy looked up and saw tiny white glittery particles floating freely above her bed. She looked in amazement as these shiny floating diamond-like specks of dusty moved about so calmly. Cindy held her hand out, and like snowflakes they landed on her hand. As they touched her hand, they seemed to melt into her skin, giving her a very warm and soothing sensation. As they melted into her, she could faintly hear the soft moans of a woman in her mind. This woman’s moans were very sexy, as if she was lying on her back naked in a cloud of pleasure. Cindy turned and watched these diamond flakes fall and rise, unaffected by any type of gravity. Cindy simply rested on her back and looked up at this strange sight as if watching a show made specifically for her. She continued to hear the woman’s voice giggle and moan in her mind as these flakes landed on her bare body as she lie on her bed. With every touch of these flakes, Cindy felt joy. It was as if she was watching a display of happiness and pleasure.

Then a current seemed to pass through the flakes, and they spun around the room. In a tornado like swirl, the diamond flakes spun about her room above her. They came closer and closer together, moving faster and faster in a spiral motion. They seemed to slam together near the top of Cindy's dresser in an explosion of white light.

As the light faded away once more, Hannah was left in the aftermath, sitting calmly on Cindy's dresser in nothing more than her sheer white robe. Her nude body was glistening with sweat. Her large breasts hung as she leaned forward off the dresser, trying to catch her breath. Her tiny pussy was wet as she was dripping with cum from her amazing orgasm. Her hair was disheveled and she was breathing heavily as if she had the most amazing sex ever.

"That was ... wow." Hannah exclaimed. 

"What happened?" Cindy asked, wondering why her room was the way it was.

"Most times when I cum ..." Hannah started again between breaths. "I usually just burst like that. Magic orgasms can be far more ... amazing than regular ones, as you probably noticed." Hannah bragged.

Hannah just sat on Cindy's dresser, naked and gorgeous except for her sheer robe that hid very little of her amazing curves. While she was somewhat exhausted from the orgasm that Cindy had given her, she still desired more. She had a sultry and ambitious look on her face as she sat on the solid wood. No longer confused, Cindy turned and sat on the edge of the bed. As she looked up at her magical friend, she held her arms out for her to come into them. But she did not. She smiled a wicked smile, and popped her sexy body down off the dresser. Her thoughts caught her fall and she slowly and softly landed her toes back on the carpet. As Cindy took in the intoxicating sight of Hannah’s nude body hardly hidden by her favorite sheer robe. Hannah turned her head towards the wall that connected to the living room. She had turned away from Cindy’s open arms as she had other ideas in mind.

"Let's go into the living room." Hannah suggested as she turned back to her friend. She turned around and finally walked towards the shared wall. Hannah's body started to slip through the solid surface as she would not allow herself to be stopped by the wall again. It was obvious that because of her abilities, Hannah no longer respected the laws of physics. Cindy was astonished yet again as Hannah's firm body, tight ass, sheer robe and all, simply disappeared through the wall as she continued to walk directly through it. She was now alone in the room, and bounced her naked form up off the bed and onto her feet. Still amazed at getting such a good look at Hannah's ability to pass through solid objects, she pressed her hands up against her own wall, seeing if it truly was solid. 

It was.

Hannah's torso suddenly popped back out from the wall, her epic breasts hanging for Cindy to gaze upon. She was still part way submerged in the wall as she looked at Cindy.

"Sorry you can't just walk through walls like I can, baby. You'll have to take the long way." Hannah told her. Hannah’s hand came through the wall, and she pointed where Cindy’s door once was. As she pointed the door reappeared in the wall, and slowly opened up for Cindy. Hannah turned back to Cindy, smiled, and then tucked back through the wall again, removing herself from Cindy’s bedroom.

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