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It was a clear blue warm day and Mandy had thought to go hiking to clear her mind.  She hiked for about an hour and made her way to “Her hidden spot”. It was a small triangle grassy space with one side covered with mountain and the other shaded with tree and blooming shrubs. The grass sometimes was covered with flower petals; it made her feel young and dreamy. She lay down on the grass and soaked in her surroundings. Today she sat on the grass and let the sunlight warm her body.  The feeling was pure ecstasy which made her body soften into the grass.


The warmth had made her so comfortable she felt daring so she pulled her shirt off, slowly unhooked her bra, and then let the sun beam onto her chest. (She starts to imagine a secret admirer peeping from the side.  At first he is hidden and chooses to just watch. So she decides to lure him.) Her hands slowly begin to caress her body.



From her neck she slowly starts to lightly glide her fingers up and down, until her body is full of goose bumps. Up and down her neck to her breasts tracing circles around her nipples. Her nipples immediately perk and the excitement starts spreading throughout her body especially between her legs. She then begins to run her fingers down her stomach, keeping the goose bumps all over; stiff with anxiety.    (As she opens her eyes, she is staring at her admirer who is not so hidden and is standing over her with big juicy eyes and a nice hard aching love stick. His body muscular and smooth; he bents down and begins kissing her neck, then to her nipples. He takes his time with her delicious plump breasts suckling each until they looked like blossoming buds.)



 Her body slowly falls to the ground her round smooth ass does a little bounce when it touches the ground sending the vibrations straight to her breasts who bounce up with the thump. She rolls over and presses her nipples to the get tickled by the grass, gently she lowers her stomach and her clean shaved pussy to the grass.  She rubs herself against the sweet refreshing coldness of the carpet of green in front of her. Up and down in small deep thrusts. (Her lover’s long tongue slowly inches down her right side, and then on top of her stomach back down the other side, lubricating her skin moving to the tip of her clit. His tongue flickered: fast and short flickers, and then soft, deep, long ones, to the bottom and back up, up and down, down and up; taking in the language of her body. His long fingers penetrated her inside with the rhythm of his tongue.)



 Her kitty now is soaking wet. The throbbing becomes so intense she turns over and glides her fingers straight into her smooth wet velvet center. She starts from the outside and works her way in a circular motion, up to her clit; the other hand continues circles around the entrance of her center. Her fingers move as her lovers in her fantasy.  She feels the sudden burst as her body shudders and she feels the wave of little vibrations rippling throughout her body.

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case2000    (2011-05-12 03:06:25)    Flag as inappropiate
very sweet, this is how so many of my fantasy's in my mind begin too, love the mountains, love the exhibitionism / voyeurism, love the idea of her getting caught! great job =)
easypeasy    (2011-01-22 13:03:53)    Flag as inappropiate
Nice! Like the exhibitionism! :)
CanadianCasanova    (2011-01-20 13:41:28)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova Very sexy!

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