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  By: paperman83

Kyle was a single guy and he only had a handful of relationships.  Although he was always faithful to his girlfriends, he never shared his secret with them:  His newspaper fetish.  Not to say he never wanted to, but it was a part of him he felt none of them would understand enough to enjoy it with him.  He does have a lady friend who likes living on the wild side, though.  And she was quite open about it, too.  She always teased him, because she felt his lack of a sexual side was much of a prude.  He just always just kept that part to himself. 


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One night at a party they both attended, Diana encouraged him to try new things.  “You’re single; you act as if you’re not even looking.  Pick a girl and start a conversation.”  Diana said.  Kyle looked to her with a blushing face.  “Easy for you to say. I’m just not ready, yet.”  Kyle explained.  Diana laughed in disbelief.  “Kyle? I want you to try something. It might help boost your confidence.”  She handed him a card.  The card read, ‘Dominatrix Private Sessions’.  Kyle laughed as he couldn’t believe that Diana would insist something so bizarre.  He had never thought about it, let alone want to do it.  “Just try it! You might like it.”  Diana said.

The next day, Kyle sat on his couch massaging his cock with his newspaper.  The card Diana had gave to him, sat on the table in front of him.  He couldn’t help but wonder what a dominatrix service could do for him.  In curiosity, he picked up the card and proceeded to call the number.  “Hello? Dominatrix Private Sessions, how may I assist you?”  The lady said.  Kyle paused for a second, and then spoke up.  “Hi, I was wondering if you offer services for newspaper fetish.”  Kyle ask.  The lady thought for a second.  “Actually, we do! The fantasy you wish to fulfill is completely up to you! You pick the setting for the room and we’ll supply the rest!”  The lady said.  Kyle made the arrangements for the following day and ended the call. 

The next day, Kyle drove to the Private Sessions place.  His heart beat skipped as he walked to the door.  At the front counter, he spoke to the same lady from the phone call and she lead him to the room his session would take place.  As he walked in, he could see book shelves lined up beside the walls. Tables like the ones you’d see in a library were placed in rows.  And casual looking women sat in chairs, pretending to read their books.  One woman had a playgirl placed on her lap and she was slowly masturbating under the table.  All of these women were dressed as book worms with their black skirts, white blouses and reading glasses on. 

They glanced at Kyle as he sat in his chair and waited.  Moments later, two very beautiful women walked in the room holding paper bags and they stopped at his table.  “Excuse me, sir. We need to sit our newspapers down on your table. It’ll only be a minute.” One woman said.  Kyle looked up to the women and smiled.  “Sure! I’d be glad to look after them for you.”  Kyle said.  With a smile, the ladies tipped the bags over onto the table.  Newspaper flew out of the bags and a few of them landed on Kyle’s lap.  “Oops! Don’t worry sir! I’ll pick them up for you.”  The other lady said.  She quickly kneeled to the floor and proceeded under the table.  Every woman in the room glanced at the action at Kyle’s table.

  The lady started picking up the newspapers from the floor and purposely brushed them across Kyle’s leg.  When she stood to her feet, she slapped them all down but one.  Then she looked at Kyle’s pants, noticing his huge erection.  “So, newspapers and pretty women turn you on!” The women said.  Kyle looked to the floor in slight embarrassment.  “Well, don’t worry! I know just the treat for a dirty boy like you.”

Kyle was stunned, but he loved every minute of it.  The dominatrix quickly changed her tone of voice with her assistant standing beside her.  “Get up, no questions asked.” The dominatrix demanded.  “Excuse me?” Kyle replied.  “That’s a question! I said no questions. Now, get up! You need to be punished for being such a dirty boy!”  The Dominatrix continued.  Kyle stood to his feet and the dominatrix’s assistant quickly grabbed him and pulled his clothes off.  Kyle stood naked in front of everyone in the room.  Then the assistant forced him to bend over the table, while the dominatrix held a rolled up newspaper.  She started spanking his bare ass with the newspaper and then gently rubbed the newspaper on his ass for pain and pleasure affect. 

The other girls in the room stayed focused on their role in the fantasy.  “Turn him over! I want to show him how a real woman whacks a pecker!” The dominatrix said.  The assistant grabbed Kyle by the shoulders and turned him around.  “Still hard, are we? Such a little guy to be subject to all this torture. Well, we’re going to add a little more!” The dominatrix insisted.  With Kyle now standing face to face with the dominatrix and her assistant, his cock was open for punishment.  The assistant grabbed a single sheet of newspaper and sat on the table behind Kyle.  She threw her arms around his chest and pulled him into her, so she could restrain him, while she rubbed the newspaper all over his naked chest. 

The dominatrix took her rolled up newspaper and smacked it on her open hand, like a club.  “You want me to whack you with my newspaper? You want to feel my newspaper on your hard cock, don’t you?”  The dominatrix asked.  She rubbed the rolled up newspaper up and down Kyle’s hard shaft, keeping him erect.  “You speak ONLY when spoken too! Now, count your whackings!”  She demanded.  She continued to rub the rolled up newspaper on his cock, till finally she pulled back and gently swung forward.  “One” Kyle began to count. “Two….Three….Four!” Kyle continued to count.  “Don’t lose count! Or we’ll have to start all over again!” the dominatrix said.  “Four!” Kyle repeated, just to see what would happen.  “You’re repeating your count! Maybe I should just masturbate that little cock of yours to help you remember.” The dominatrix continued. 

The assistant pushed Kyle forward and got up from the table to stand in front of him.  Then she assisted him onto the table, over the newspapers and spread his legs open.  The dominatrix walked up to the table and stood between his legs.  She unrolled her newspaper and wrapped it around Kyle’s cock and began to masturbate him.

The assistant sat in a seat beside Kyle and pretended to read her newspaper, while the dominatrix continued to masturbate Kyle’s cock with hers.  Gently, she rubbed the newspaper up and down Kyle’s cock, while Kyle’s attention was fixed on the assistant and the other girls in the room.  “You like that? You like it, when I rub your cock with my newspaper? Not as good as a warm pink pussy, is it? Take this newspaper! Cum all up inside it!”  The dominatrix said.  Kyle’s cock began to twitch, till he burst his fluids into the newspaper.  The dominatrix’s jerking motions began to slow.  Her tone changed to a sweet and innocent sound.  “Aww! You added some white-out to my paper! How sweet of you!”  The dominatrix said.  Kyle laid his head back on the table for a minute, but his fantasy wasn’t quite over, yet. 

The dominatrix walked over to one of the shelves and pulled out a roll of big green garbage bags and a roll of masking tape.  Then she walked back over to Kyle.  “Get up! We’re not done yet! I have to clean up the mess you made.”  She said.  The assistant got up and walked to the dominatrix’s side to help with the next part of the session.  The dominatrix tore off two garbage bags and placed one at Kyle’s feet.  “Step inside!” She demanded to Kyle.  As Kyle did so, the assistant gathered all the newspapers from the table.  She opened them up and began to toss some in the bag with Kyle.  Once the bag was about full, the dominatrix began to tape the bag tight around Kyle’s naked body. 

The newspapers pushed tightly into his skin.  Then they took the other plastic bag and threw itaround his waist.  To assure Kyle wouldn’t suffocate, they ripped a big enough hole in the bag over his face.  Then they Lowered Kyle to the floor and continued to place newspapers into the bag with him.  As the bag became full, the dominatrix taped the top bag tightly around Kyle.  Then the fantasy was complete.  “There now, that should suit you!”  The dominatrix said and started to walk away.  But before she walked out the door, she couldn’t help but think of a lyric to a song she heard.  “Take out the papers and the trash. Or you don’t get no spending cash.” She sang.

  Then in unison, they finished the lyric and headed out the door.  Kyle laid there, covered in newspapers and wrapped tightly in green plastic trash bags, till his session time was over.  A woman from a table in the room, unwrapped him and then explained that all the women in the room were employees of Private Sessions.  Kyle thanked her and went home with a smile of the most memorable night of his life.        

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