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  By: LeaSecret

I started going into chatrooms just before they became filled with ads for webcams, when it was still possible to go to one of the free sites and maybe find a decent partner for cybersex. I just needed some help getting off. Knowing someone else was at the other end and desperate for release was part of the thrill. I didn't want to meet anyone I talked to online or have to deal with men trying to get pictures or my phone number. Just words typed and shared.


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I still want that. For years I've fantasized about a place I could go when the mood struck and type up what I was feeling, get comments from others, see what other people are thinking about. I've wanted to carry on a more or less anonymous correspondence that I could tap into when I need a bit of help. Someone I could tell about my new vibrator while my fingers are still shaking and damp. Someone who could tease me a bit and get me horny with descriptions of what they're doing. 

Figures that I'm at a total loss now after finding this place. But I'm getting a bit wet so at least I have something to work with.

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Comments for Pen pals

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doncupido    (2009-06-21 01:48:32)    Flag as inappropiate
doncupido Ah yes, the good old days but I think actually this site here is even better. Although a chat would not hurt, the adrenaline level is higher if you have a conversational experience.
Porphyre    (2008-08-10 15:41:35)    Flag as inappropiate
Porphyre Not as rare as you might think. It's all in where you look.
kupkakes    (2008-05-14 19:16:06)    Flag as inappropiate
kupkakes love this site,its full of imagination that we can share, so keep typing and let the words flow x
unknown    (2008-05-14 01:46:28)    Flag as inappropiate
yip love the written word!!! Imagination is the key! I'm new here as of yesterday, glad I found this place! Keep writing peeps I love it!
wisteria    (2007-12-30 14:44:58)    Flag as inappropiate
since joining this site .. have to say it's been a constant pleasure ha ha .. the guys are literate , talented, and sensuous too. ...Tantalisingly tasty morsels can be found right here...
dreco045    (2007-12-09 23:13:37)    Flag as inappropiate
hey im new to all of this but am aching to hav hot wet web sex, show you what you want to see.why is it so hard to find someone for cyber sex?.... im keen, so lets get in touch
gesundheit99    (2007-11-04 12:12:51)    Flag as inappropiate
i'd like someone just like that too. you know, just an anonymous person trying to get horny as much as you without any hassles or threats. It is a lot of fun that way. i guess that's why they created this site. for people like us
ijar    (2007-10-19 19:08:24)    Flag as inappropiate
I know what you mean. It's just rare to find good cyber partners now.
n0guru    (2007-10-19 09:08:16)    Flag as inappropiate
I feel that I missed what little 'purity' there was with online relationships. I am still looking for a similar place to relate with others in a friendly (but not prudish) annonymous way.
AndrewCormac    (2007-10-07 23:18:03)    Flag as inappropiate
You've found me, Lea! Let's get in touch!
Celebnar    (2007-10-05 23:56:48)    Flag as inappropiate
Celebnar I hate the commercial world where its bimbo's and block heads. To find someone like the days of old is tough. A mere 4 years ago it was fine...
give as well as I get. Just finding that right hard.
dana    (2007-09-27 04:34:44)    Flag as inappropiate
dana I second that. This place gets me going.
AEriac    (2007-09-17 17:52:39)    Flag as inappropiate
Cybersex is even better when your wife is in the room with you while you type away.
patpongparty    (2007-09-16 18:21:33)    Flag as inappropiate
yummy..........i love it dripping wet
Valence    (2007-09-12 18:30:44)    Flag as inappropiate
So true. Incredibly hard to find a good cybering spot nowadays, especially with someone who can type out a half-way decent sentance...
neenaallo    (2007-09-11 20:21:26)    Flag as inappropiate
As they say.. been there , done that. Nope for me it is the typed word. I have an imagination, and i like to use it.
Katie    (2007-09-09 17:41:51)    Flag as inappropiate
Katie I completely agree. Far too many guys instantly showing themselves or screaming for your cell. Whatever happened to using imagination (at least for a few minutes!)?
TheMachine    (2007-09-06 18:02:28)    Flag as inappropiate
Wow, I know what you mean. Hard to find a literate person, nevertheless a good person. There are a few places still, but the type of people you're looking for is ever rarer.

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