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i have met this couple once before and knew they got a real kick out of the fetish scene. She was a major sub with serious rape fantasies and he was one of those dominant charactors that make me comply (I have to say at this point that I’m no push over, a switch, my role swings from sub to dom depending on the partner and circumstances) – they fascinated me.

Consequently, I decided to dress the part this time – corset, 10 strap sussies, stockings, (no knicks), killer heels and, to complete the look, a diamond encrusted dog collar. 


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The Naughty Meter

I felt hot as hell, as I tightened the collar round my neck – yearning to get tangled up with that luscious couple again, her soft curves and his insatiable hard body made my cunt pulse with anticipation.  I knew he had a cock to die for, last time I had spent forever exploring it with my mouth, this time I wanted it deep inside me and had decided that his reluctance to wear a condom was a risk worth taking (foolish I know but…)

He came through with a glass of red… giving a horny groan, he gave the collar a tug – declaring it no where near tight enough and gently adjusted it, holding it firmly, he took his first kiss of the night, nodded in approval and left me to finish getting changed. I took a large slug of wine to try and calm my excitement, knowing that there would be a very long night ahead, glanced in the mirror and then calmly and confidently went through to join them.

Social chatter always frustrates me when I’m feeling horny, so I took sub by the hair and started to reacquaint myself with her body… her tender mouth responded in earnest and, as we kissed, my hands roamed over her soft skin, she felt so delicate and fragile. Cupping her breasts, my mouth found those irresistible hard, excited nipples, ripe for plucking with my teeth. Her fine fingers responded to my caresses, diving straight for my eager cunt. I could sense him pacing the floor as he watched us and turned my head to see him nursing his hard cock, impatient to join in the action – but on his level.

 I had downed that red wine way too fast and my head was swimming with lust, I needed a clear head for the evening ahead, so I made my excuses and headed to the kitchen for a glass of water. I was taking a few minutes to catch my breath when I heard him come up behind me. His hand went straight to the colla, in a firm grip he pinned me to the work top, face down, arse up and slid his hard cock deep inside me in one smooth movement. My cunt gripped around every inch of that fat cock and as it rubbed against my cervix and started its rhythmical pounding my screams of ecstasy were silenced by his free hand that gagged my mouth. Just as my orgasm came hard, gripping his cock in place, he carefully withdrew and invited me back into the bedroom.

Still coming down from that orgasm, I remembered that sub was in the house, and there she was… bound in a kneeling position, arms tied to thighs, with a hood covering her face, face down with her arse in the air and a butt plug firmly in place.  I could see her fidgeting, trying to get some satisfaction from the solid, inanimate object and could hear the moans of frustration… He suggested that I put on my strap on and help her (A hint; this “delicate, fragile lady” does not use lube!!) as I began to gently remove the plug, the moans of frustration grew in intensity, I quickly realised that gentle was not going to do it for her. So armed with my 8” I entered her gaping arse which easily devoured my toy and pushed back for more – I started to pound her, revelling in the sight of those firm soft peachy cheeks bouncing in response to my action and as I did he filled her mouth with his hungry cock – she was in heaven – except for one small unfulfilled gap that needed filling.

I flipped her over so that her head fell over the edge of the bed. He re-entered her mouth (getting deeper down her throat from this angle)  whilst I re-entered her arse and wanked at her cunt with her monster black dildo. Her whole body started to shudder before going completely limp and as we withdrew she rolled over onto her side, sighing, as we untied her.

Well, I was not wasting the opportunity, here I was, dressed to kill, wearing my strap on and he was going to have a taste of his own medicine – he could see in my eyes what I wanted, and that was all it took. He pulled on his hood and his collar and knelt before me – I towered over him and made him lick the taste of his woman from my cock before gripping the back of his head and fucking his face. His hand reached up between my legs and started to finger my power crazed cunt, the harder I fucked him the harder he fingered me until the juices poured down my legs, over my stockings, his chest, my shoes, his knees.

Sub joined us, responding to the mess around us, and started to lick at my stockings, pushing his face down to my shoes – they lapped at my cum and I knelt into the puddle to share the taste on there lips. I pulled off his hood, as us girls bit and sucked at each others faces, and he immediately stood up – hard cock in his firm grip. We took the cue and turned our attention to his engorged member, sucking and kissing his shaft and balls as he wanked his cum over our faces, into our open mouths, spilling over our ripe nipples as we kissed and shared that sticky, white cream.

As we shared and rubbed the mix of juices over each others bodies, he lit up 3 cigs and poured fresh glasses of wine – we needed a short break, now that the fore play was over – I for one still had an arse that needed fucking!

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bikerjohnny    (2011-02-21 21:34:22)    Flag as inappropiate
bikerjohnny Wow, incredibly horny, love the way you switch, a perfect girl!
CanadianCasanova    (2011-01-13 20:34:42)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova Hot! I loved when you let him suck the juices off your strap-on!

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