"A Hotline Night" A Newspaper Fetish Story   added 5 years ago    

  By: paperman83

So, I was sitting at home, bored and watching cable TV.  The cable that I pay my hard earned money on had proved to be useless, as I’ve already seen it all.  I channel surfed for what seemed to be an hour and then I came across a commercial.  “Are you at home alone with nothing better to do with your time?  Many girls are standing by for your call.”  I thought about it for a second and wrote the number down.  As if my boredom couldn’t get any worse, I gave the hotline a call.  “Hi, I’m Josh. This is my first time and I thought I’d try it out. Talk to you soon.”  I left a message and hung up the phone.  An hour flew by and my phone hadn’t rung in, so I look around the room for something to do.  Glancing at my desk, I saw the newspaper.  “I’ve already read it.  But I am a bit lonely, so why not!“  I say to myself.  I walked to my desk and picked up the newspaper and then headed to the bar in the kitchen. 

I laid the newspaper down on the stool and started to undress myself.  Throwing my clothes to the side on the floor, I then picked up the newspaper and opened up the pages.  Then I spread them out, completely covering the counter top.  Then I used the stool to hop up on the cold counter.  My ass and my back could feel the cold temperature of the counter top, through the newspaper.  My balls rested on top of the newspaper, sending blood to my cock and making it hard.  And like always, I placed a full sheet of newspaper over my naked chest.

  This had always given me the full sensation of being blanketed with the newspaper.  Then, I grabbed a single sheet from the pile of newspapers and placed my cock on the middle of the page.  I folded the page over so that the edges were connected, creating a ring around my hard cock.  Then I started to masturbate.  Rubbing that newspaper all over my hard cock.  Feeling every indent and crease, as I clenched the newspaper with my fingers.  And then, the phone rang.

I was too involved in my happy time to get up from my position.  Besides, I was feeling kinky and daring, at the time.  Good thing my phone’s headset was nearby as I had put it on.  A rush flew over me right before I hit the talk button.  “Hello?”  I said into the phone, while stroking my cock slowly with the newspaper.  “Hi, I'm Jen!”  The girl said.  I introduced myself and we began our conversation.  Every moment of the conversation was a thrill, because I thought Jen couldn’t hear what I was doing through the phone.  I continued to stroke my newspaper wrapped cock.  “So, what are you doing tonight?”  Jen had asked me.  “Just….Reading the newspaper.”  I cautiously replied. 

“Is that newspaper more entertaining, than our conversation?”  Jen asked.  She didn’t seem too upset, but I’m sure she wanted to talk to someone who would give her their full attention.  “No, not at all! I was just….reading an article that I didn’t have time for earlier.”  I replied.  The thrill became intense, while I stroked myself during the conversation.  “Is it good?”  Jen had asked.  I lightly laughed to her question.  “Well, it’s news. But nothing really important.”  I stated.  Then she said something I never expected.  “No. I meant is it good? You know….That newspaper wrapped around your hard cock. Is it good?”  Jen asked me again.

I don’t know how she figured it out.  I must have underestimated her, thinking she wouldn’t hear me masturbating.  She must have been listening the whole time and my admitting to reading the newspaper was the kicker.  I became silent for a second and stopped masturbating, till Jen had spoke up.  “Oh, don’t stop! Please! I want to hear you masturbate your hard cock with that newspaper!”  She said almost jokingly.  “Are you serious?”  I ask.  She giggled for a minute and gave me an answer.  “Well, I kind of figured it out. I heard you masturbating and the sound of paper in the background.”  She admitted she knew.  “You said you were ‘reading’ the newspaper. So you kind of tipped it off for me, there!”  She said.  “Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to hear you continue.”  Jen confirmed.  I figured what the hell.  If she wanted me to continue, then I will.  I began to stroke my cock again with the newspaper. 

I could hear her breathing through the phone.  “Yes, that’s good.  Tell me how it feels.”  Jen demanded.  I thought for a second and then replied.  “Well, I’m naked and laying on my cold counter top, over spread out newspapers.”  I began to say in detail.  “Are your balls resting on the newspapers.”  Jen asked me.  “Yes, they are.”  I replied.  “Well, your cock must be super hard with the cold counter top and the texture of the newspaper combined.”  She said.  I laughed about it and told her she was right.  “Now, tell me how it smells and smell the sheet you’re using around that hard cock of yours.”  She demanded once again.  Determined to continue our conversation, I pulled the newspaper from my cock and placed it over my face.  Then I took a deep breath, as I took in the scent of my cock on the page.

  I pulled the newspaper from my face and placed it on my chest.  “It’s warm and smells of my pre cum.”  I stated.  “Good! Did you enjoy it?”  Jen asked.  “Yes, yes I did enjoy it.”  I said.  “Now, I want you to taste the newspaper.”  Jen had ordered.  “Taste it? I’m not sure I understand.”  I asked in confusion.  “I want you to lick it. Lick it all over and make it wet.”  Jen explained.  I placed the newspaper back upon my face.  Sticking my tongue out, I glided it all over the page.  Tasting the warmth of my cock and the newspaper with my wet tongue.  Jen had spoken, before I had finish licking the newspaper.  “Now, quickly wrap the page around your hard cock and finish masturbating yourself.”  She said.  I quickly wrapped the wet page around my cock and began stroking my shaft. 

To feel the wetness from my tongue on the page, as I stroked myself was intense.  Jen had used her imagination very well for something she had never heard of.  “I wish I was there with you.  To watch you stroke your hard cock with your wet newspaper.”  She said wishfully.  “Think of me as you hear my voice. Pretend that I am there with you and that wet newspaper is my pussy, just aching for you to cum inside me. Think of me moaning OH! Yes, I want you deeper inside me!”  Jen moaned out loud.  Her voice and the sensation of her moaning had filled my ears and thoughts with a tingle.  “Get on all fours and stroke it hard! And when you’re ready to cum, release the newspaper from your cock and cum on the newspaper under you!”  Jen demanded.  As I could feel my cock closer to exploding with cum, I quickly got up and into position. 

Then I began again with each stroke coming closer to an orgasm.  I moaned with her, as the wet newspaper glided along my cock.  The page started to tear, as wet paper usually does.  I began to stroke myself faster and faster.  With Jen and I moaning louder together over the phone, I could feel myself closer to cuming.  I thrust my cock deeper into the newspaper.  Till finally, I removed the newspaper from my cock and my cum flew out and all over the newspaper under me.

Jen and I had let out an exhausted breath.  “Wow! I think I just came with you!”  She admitted with a laugh.  “We’re not done yet! I want you to lower you face to the cum, on your newspaper.  With your tongue, I want you to taste it. Lick it up.”  Jen said, still in the mood to dominate.  I lowered my face to the cum covered newspaper and stuck out my tongue.  Hesitant as this was my first time actually tasting my load, I closed my eyes and began to lick up my cum.  “Now, swallow it.” Jen ordered.  I swallowed what my tongue had licked up from the newspaper.  The taste had followed to the back of my throat and down into my stomach.  I thought to myself that it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. 

Actually, I kind of liked it!  “Still not done.”  Jen had said.  “Before your cum dries to the newspaper, I want you to lay over top of it. Glide your naked chest over it.”  Jen said, giving her last demand.  I quickly laid my chest down on top of the cum covered newspaper.  Then, I began to roll all over it, letting it cover my chest like lotion.  “What now?”  I asked her.  “Lay there till we are done talking.”  Jen replied.  We continued to talk for what seemed like an hour.  She had asked me how I developed my newspaper fetish and I would tell her about my fondest times.  The places I did it, the things I did it on and all the fantasies I wished to fulfill with it. 

s it was getting late, Jen had decided to end the conversation with a phone number to call her back.  I had written the number down on a piece of newspaper I ripped off from a clean page.  I thought it was kind of kinky, since her and I didn’t know each other personally.  After saying goodnight to each other, I hung up the phone and started to jump off the counter top.  The newspaper had stuck to my chest as my cum dried to it.  I pulled it off and had noticed the letterings of the page had printed themselves on my skin.  I laughed so hard, as I walked towards the bathroom for a nice hot shower.  


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