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  By: aussiemerk

I was out walking on my lunch break this afternoon. The heat was oppressive so I decided to duck into the local Book store to take advantage of there air conditioning. After walking around the book store for a while I found a computer related book and sat down in one of the chairs on the lower floor and pretended to look through the book, while really paying attention to the girls that were walking through the store.


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The seat I had chosen was close to the section of books related to sex topics and erotica.


I had been in my seat for a few minutes when an attractive woman probably in her mid 30's came along and started looking through the self help books in the next section. She long legs and  a short skirt that barely covered her ass. I found myself moving slightly in my chair trying to get a better view of this girls ass.


After spending a few moments looking at self help books the woman looked around slightly and then stepped over to the sex books. I started to wonder what sort of books this woman was looking at.


After a moment or two the woman turned around and walked towards my direction. Quickly I dropped my eyes back to my book and pretended not to notice her as she came over to the seats near me and sat directly opposite my chair.


She sat down in the chair and started looking at a book. Trying to be inconspicuous I glanced up and had a look at the book that she was looking... At book on exhibitionism. I glanced up away from the book and noticed that the woman was looking back at me with a grin. I was still looking at her face when I noticed that she was moving her legs slightly. I glanced down to see her legs were now open slightly giving be a clear view of her nicely shaved pussy.


I could feel my cock pulling against the fabric of my pants as I looked up this complete strangers skirt. I looked back up at her face and noticed that her grin was even bigger now then before. She looked strait into my eyes and then down at the bulge forming in my pants. Looking back at my eyes she licked her lips slightly.


The woman looked around the shop quickly. There were other people around but no one was paying particular attention to us. Looking back at me she moved her ass forward on the seat slightly, allowing her skirt to slide a bit further up. In this position I had a completely clear view of this woman's gorgeous pussy, however anyone else looking over wouldn't notice anything out of the ordinary.


The woman moved her legs together, then apart again. She still had the book in one hand, but I noticed the other Hand slowly moving up to unbutton the first two buttons on her blouse.  The way her top was positioned I could see that she had no bra on. Her nipples were straining at the fabric of her top just like my cock was straining at the fabric of my pants. The woman then moved her free hand away from her buttons to the spot on her top where her nipples were poking through the fabric. Slowly she circled her nipple with the middle finger of her right hand, while carefully concealing what she was doing with the book in her left hand from prying eyes.


She blinked her eyes and brought her attention back to her book, seeming to ignore me. She flicked through a few chapters in the book before seeming to take more of an active interest. I was beginning to think that my private show was over. I started to look back towards my book when I noticed the woman once again had her legs open but this time I could make out a bit of wetness around her pussy lips.


The woman looked back at me, and was once again grinning at me. She raised one eyebrow and then looked around again to make sure that no one was looking. Once she was confident that there were no additional onlookers she started slowly moving her hand down her body.


I could feel my heart beating through my chest with anticipation as her hands moved down to her skirt. She moved her leg to the side a bit further, exposing herself to me a bit more, but also gaining full access to her pussy for her hand.


Slowly she rubbed the outside of her pussy in long slow circles all the while looking at me watching her. Round and round she went... Then she took her index finder and concentrated her attention on her clot for a few moments. This woman was getting vey turned on. Each stroke of her clit was accompanied with squirming in the chair.


She stopped rubbing her clit and then ran her finger up and down the length of her pussy lingering at the bottom playing at the opening. Slowly she ran her fingers back up to her clit, circling two or three times, and then back down again. The second time she pushed her middle finger deep into her pussy.


I looked back up to her eyes again. She had a devilish grin on her face as she brought her hand up to her mouth. Closing her eyes she sucked the juices from her finger and then went back to rubbing herself. She started slow but quickly picked up speed. Faster and faster she rubbed her pussy I could see the strokes were getting harder and more deliberate.


Suddenly the woman slammed her legs back together with a whimper. She was breathing heavily and still had her hand locked between her legs. She was biting her lower lip to keep from making any sound, but her eyes were locked on me and her breathing was heavy.


She relaxed after a bit her orgasm finished. It was only then that I realized I had been rubbing myself through my pants. With that the woman got up from her seat. Turning around she bent over and placed her book on the ground, giving me one final look at her pussy and perfectly round ass.


Then turning around she came over to me. Leaning over she placed one hand on my cock through my pants and the other, still wet with her pussy juices she ran over my lips. I opened my lips a little and tasted her pussy juice.


“Thanks...” she said which a whisper. “Now you should take care of yourself..”


I started running my hand up the side of her leg, up under her skirt. She let me get away with a quick touch of her ass, then she moved away. With one last grin she fixed her skirt and her top, then walked away slowly, looking back every now and then to make sure I was still watching.


I looked down at my watch and swore under my breath... I was late back to work horny and frustrated. The rest of the day was going to be a long one...

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