An Encounter of the Cheating Type.   added 5 years ago    

  By: Story_Teller

   This is a true story.
...but I was a little lavish with some parts.


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   I'm a married man, thats true. Most people know it, my friends know it. But we've hit on hard times in our relationship and she blew the scene and left me a broken man. Of course, there was no money to file for divorce so we stayed married even to this day. Just as things were looking up and we were talking of reembarking on that lover's journey again, things went sour on my end and I broke the commitment. See, I stayed clean and fucked no one while my wife ran around on me just days after we split apart. Oh no, not good ol' me... Then, it happened.


   She came down to my place at around 11:00pm. It was a cold one out and the wind was howling something fierce. We talked for a few minutes, it was particularly awkward since we hadn't spoken in some time. We watched a little television and got bored real fast. She eyed me from across the room. I could feel her gaze undressing me, unleashing the beast that is my violent sexuality within her mind. I tried my best to not look in her direction, but the tension was almost palpable in this tiny bedroom of mine.
   She calmly stood up from the chair across the room and strode gracefully to my bedside and firmly took her place next to me. She suggested a movie, one to "set the mood." I chose Schindler's List. The movie started and the action picked up slow, but soon we were touching and feeling and gently pressing lips to lips. I unbuttoned her pants with my teeth, as if I were some kind of dog digging to its buried treats. Clothes flew off bodies and hit the floor with soft patters no one paid any mind to. She kissed my neck gently with her soft lips and whispered sweet nothings into my ears. Her exotic breath was warm on my skin as her mouth sampled my beastly image.
My shirt came off, the silky hairs on my chest shimmering in the dim light. I was in my true natural beast form now, naked and savage. Once, I might have been a husband.. but tonight, I was all lover. I pounced on her soft figure and kissed down the hills and valleys of her picturesque body. She rippled with excitement the lower my lips dared go. Soon I found my tongue at the mercy of her beautiful labia.

  Her hands slid to the back of my head and grabbed my hair as she moaned in absolute pleasure. I was pulled away from those pristine lips and forced on top of her. "Fuck me." She pleaded. Her eyes watched mine, begging, as I adjusted myself on top of her form. She wasn't ready for the power my body could deliver. She gasped and clawed at my back, tearing the flesh and sending little rivulets of blood down my back. My hands felt every inch of her soft skin, from her face to her legs. She was mine, pulled into the very fabric of my being by a single, intense feeling.

  Finally, I could stand it no longed and release came demanding.. I slid limp to the other side of her. We shared a long look of silence in the calm darkness of my room. Then she was gone, and life went on.

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