In View of Another part 2   added 5 years ago    

  By: SassyGrlNstDr

He sat back down in the chair and motioned for me forward. I moved timidly, obviously not used to walking with the plug stretching me so tightly.


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You will use it every day’ he ordered me tightly ‘Before I come in each evening you’ll insert it. If you don’t Baby, then I’ll insert it and I’ll Dave and Sam help. Is that what you want?’

Shaking my head fiercely, my face flaming. ‘Good’ he whispered’ Now, spread your legs, I want to fuck you with your new dildo before you suck my cock for me’

He lifted the thick shaft from the drawer, watching as my eyes widen at the size of it. ‘Oh yes, it will fit’ he promised, seeing the protest in my eyes. ‘Now spread your legs. Brace your hands on my shoulders if you have to, but don’t move’

Ryan shifted forward as he lubricated the head of the dildo. Excitement flared inside him, fire pulsed in his cock.  I was his and tonight he would prove it to me.

I was shaking as I stared down at Ryan, barely able to stay steady, awash in the most incredible sensations of my life. The plug had me stretched to capacity burring me, making me so wild to have Ryan I couldn’t stand it. But it wasn’t him I was about to get, it was the thick dildo he was slowly preparing, his eyes locked with my as he spread the lubrication on it.  Spread your legs wider. We want everyone to get a clear view’ He told me softly

I flushed, my heart speeding with fear as the idea of someone watching. Then I couldn’t think anymore. My hand clutched at his shoulders as I felt the head of the rubber cock being inserted into my vagina.

Tight’ Ryan growled as he slowly pushed it further, small shallow, twisting thrusts that lodged it deeper and deeper inside me. It stretched me impossibly, made the lug in my rear shift gently almost throwing me head long into a climax.

Yeah, take it all, BabyI felt his hand at my lips as he pushed the dildo deep inside me, making my back arch and cry out loud.

He pulled it back, then pushed it in again, fucking me with slow easily strokes that had me forgetting al about who was watching, or who could hear me. All I cared about was the fire burning in my body and the need turning me into a creature of arousal, of lust.

Ryan. Ryan, I can’t stand it’ I tossed y head, my body clutching at the slick device as he thrust it over and over inside my body, making me crazy. I could feel each movement, each fold of skin as it stretched over the flared head and thick shaft, clutching it, gripping hot and tight as I fought for release.

No, not this time’ his finger plucked gently at my nipples as he pulled back, and then pushed in again. ‘You can’t climax on the dildo, baby. I’m Just getting you ready for my cock. And you know how I like to fuck you’

I screamed as the dildo speared home again in the long, hard thrust that had me teetering on a climax. Then he pulled it back easy, delaying me as I cried out, nearly begging for it again. 

Suck my cock’ he jerked the dildo from my body allowing it to fall carelessly to the floor. ‘Bend over and suck it, Baby. Remember, you’re being Watched.´

 I filled my mouth with his erection, not caring who saw or how angry they got. The hot flesh filled my mouth as Ryan’s fingered went to my hair, clenching in the curls as he moaned against the suckling motions as I drew on him.

I drew over the tick length slowly, wanting to please him, wanting him groaning in his need for me. I felt his cock throb between my lips and beneath my hands that clutched the base of it. His hips lifted to me, thrusting himself inside my mouth as he fought his own release. My tongue flickered against the head, laving it then sucking it deep, my lips stretched over the width. I love the taste of his cock, the sound of his harsh groans, the way his hips lifted to me.

Enough’ he pushed her back ‘Lay on the bed. Spread your legs real wide for me, Baby. I’ll make you come before I pull that plug out and sink into your tight little ass’

Whimpering, I moved to the bed, doing as he told me, lying back on the bed, my legs spread wide. I watched as Ryan moved over me, his hard cock angry looking, thick and full as he braced his weight on his elbows. He didn’t prepare me; he just adjusted his position then slammed himself to the hilt. That was all it took, as he set a hard, driving rhythm my climax shattered, causing my body to twitch. I heard myself screaming Ryan’s name, felt my body explode into white-hot fragments of pleasure that left me gasping, my chest heaving with the effort to draw breath.

Ryan pushed in, thrusted inside me again and again. His face was drawn into lines of agonized pleasure as he raided the tight ultra-sensitive channel. I could feel the snug fit of my pussy around his cock. The device filling my rear making the pleasure so extreme, so impossible to resist that within minutes I was shattering again, bucking against his body, hearing his triumphant male cry and feeling the harsh blasts of his release into my pussy.  

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