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  By: SassyGrlNstDr

The dream was back, vivid and how, torturing me with the need. My lips opened beneath HIS harsh growl, my mouth accepting the smooth thrust of his tongue as he kissed me. His lips ate at mine as he kissed me, making me arch against him, my skin to sensitize, and my body to heat with longing. My hands went to his shoulders, feeling the smooth hard muscles beneath his skin, my nails flexing against it. I groaned harshly, fighting to get closer, to make the kisses deeper rougher. I wanted him as I heard about, a demon, kisses hot and addicting, his touch demanding.

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As sweet as candy” he groaned as he finally gave me what I wanted.

His lips ground down n my as he raised over my body, his tongue a conquering warrior as it captured my. He bit at my lips, licked them, sucked my tongue into his own moth as his hands went crazy on me.

His palms cupped my breasts, his fingers tweaking at my nipples, plumping them, driving me insane with the hot flashes of sensation that arrowed between my thighs, making me arch closer to the thigh that suddenly wedged itself between mine.

‘Yes’ his voice was a hiss of approval as I moaned at the caresses.


His lips left mine to travel to my neck, his teeth scraping t my flesh as his lips and tongue had me crying out at the sensations he produced there. I opened my eyes slowly, realizing it was no dream lover biting at my skin, licking the small wound gently. It was Ryan unlike I had ever known him to be.

His big body was braced over me, a large muscular thigh pressed tightly between my legs as I rode it languorously. I could the moisture of my desire seeping from my body and coating his flesh as well.

 Ryan?’ my nails bit into his shoulders as his lips moved to my breast, his tongue stroking one nipple with quick, hot flicks of his tongue.

I can’t wait any longer, Baby’ he gasped against my nipple, his teeth clenching on it briefly as I cried out.

My heart was thumping out of control. My thighs tighten around his, my hips arching against him as pulse after pulse of need tormented my inner body. His lips were playing at my breasts, sipping from them, suckling them tightly into fiery depths of his mouth.

I could only arch closer, pressing the painful tips of my flesh into his mouth. My head tossed on the pillow as sensations assaulted my body, one after another, too quick to grasp or make sense of.

“Ryan” I called his name out with a vein of fear. I needed to catch my breath, to make sense of the painful clenching between my thighs and the fire racing through her system like nothing I had know before.

It’s okay, Baby” he whisper against my stomach as moved lower. “I won’t hurt, baby. I swear I won’t hurt you. But don’t fight me. Don’t fights me or it may be more than either of us can handle”

I know that ‘he likes it rough’, I’m thinking. As his hands clasped my hips, his teeth biting at the smooth skin of mine stomach. ‘I know he goes crazy if I try to resist something he wants. I’ve heard stories about him with other girls. They say “he makes her take him and makes her love what he is doing to her. He loves it when they fight him. Says it makes him harder, makes him ride them like an animal”.

Fear skated beneath the not need he was drawing from my body. He wasn’t giving me time to assimilate the sensations. To control my body.

I screamed out his name when his mouth suddenly covered my clit. He drew it quickly into his mouth, his tongue flickering over it with light, quick strokes that threw me instantly into orgasm. But he didn’t stop, despite the near painful sensitivity that attached the hot knot of nerves; he kept the flickering assault on me, holding my hips between his hands as he suckled in time with the caress.

I pushed at this head, thrashing against the bed as I fought to escape the building inferno he was commanding. He growled, the sound vibrating against my clit as he locked my hips in place, his mouth never once releasing me from the torment.

No!” I screamed out against the shattering intensity of the sensations.

The girls who have told the story say ‘never tell him NO, because he’ll make you take it. It makes him so horny he goes crazy”. I

The words hit my mind as the assault increased and I felt my blood pounding at my clit, his mouth working it, destroying me. He was intent, focused and out of control. When the second orgasm hit me, I wail echoed around the room, then I screamed again as his mouth dived for the small silted entrance to my body.

His tongue pushed into my vagina as he held my hips arched to his mouth. Growling sounds of pleasure pulsed against me as his tongue drew the slick heat from me, his mouth sucking at it harshly. I twisted in his grip, lust ripping through me until it terrified me. Not yet, not again. I was flying too high; I would shatter beneath his mouth if he made me ….

His thrusting tongue flung me into another pulsing dimension of sensation. I could feel the slick essence of my climax flowing from my body, into his mouth. It coated the bare flesh of my pussy and my inner thighs, made his lips and cheeks slide against her hotly. No barrier between his ravenous desire and my flesh.

Then he was raising above me, pulling my thighs apart. I meet his eyes and I cried out weakly. His pupils were nearly black, his faced flushed and damp from my cum.

“Now” he growled

I felt the thick head of his cock lodge at my entrance. “Tell me no” he whispered roughly, his teeth bared, his expression so carnal it was sin.

“Ryan” my head twisted weakly agianst the sheets, perspiration coating my skin, glistening on his as he lodged the head of his erection in my tight entrance.

I felt the entrance to my vagina stretch impossibly and my eyes widened as his went to the point where nearly possessed me.

You’re stretched so tight around me´ he voice was guttural as his fingers went to where the lips of pussy flared around him.  Tell me to fuck you” his eyes darken further as he commanded me.

I was breathing harshly, blinking up at him as he started down at me.

Ryan” I protested

I warned you” his whispered “I warned you, Baby, Now tell me. Tell me to fuck you. Say “fuck me Ryan Hard.’ Say it now Baby”.

His voice was so thick and rough it didn’t even sound like him. The his hand went to my breasts, his fingers gripping my nipples erotically as he rocked against me.

“Say it “he demanded ‘Now!

Fuck me, Ryan. Hard’ My head fell back as the breath left my body.

His cock plunged inside me, tearing past my virginity, sinking furiously to the hilt as the words left my mouth.  I couldn’t breathe for pleasure. My inner muscles gripped his pusling cock, stretching impossibly to accept him, protesting the intrusion with a bite of pain that nearly had me climaxing on the spot.

Ryan arched over me, bracing his arms at my shoulders as he bent his head to me. His tongue speared into my mouth as his ho[s began a harsh thrusting temp that had me gasping for breath, for release. He was killing me. The powerful pistoning strokes slammed into my body over and over again, drawing me closer ever closer to death. The orgasm would kill me. I couldn’t stand it, not yet.

I began to fight him. My nails biting into his shoulders as I bucked against him, tearing my moth from him, unable to control myself, my body or the pleasure/fear racking through me.

He ripped my hands from his body, pounding me harder as he slammed them to the mattress, holding them there. His mouth went to my neck as he fucked me forcefully, yet kept me from release, driving me higher, harder.

No, No Ryan’ I screamed as he controlled my thrashing body

Don’t fight me, baby’ his groan was a tormented plea. ‘Please, baby don’t’ fight me now.”

His words barely registered as I felt my inner flesh clutching at him, heating; melting a painful pleasure unlike anything I had known building. I fought him, fought the pleasure and the rising vortex taking over my body.

Don’t fucking fight me’ he raised to his knees, his face a mask of tormented desire as he slammed his hips harder against me, driving his cock so deep inside me I felt as though it were ledged in my stomach. “Damn you, don’t fight me’

He held my thighs apart, ignoring my struggles, my gasping pleas as sweat dripped from his body and my vagina pulsed around the driving cock possessing it.

It was happening, I was going to die. I fought it, my nails bit into his arms, raking his flesh as I fought to get away from it, as I writhed beneath the pounding cock. When it struck, I couldn’t scream. I couldn’t move, I could only gasp, and my vision darkening as the explosion tore through my body. I hear Ryan cry out, but only the driving flesh between my thighs commanded my attention. The involuntary tightening of my flesh around his thrusting erection, the sharp painful orgasm that wouldn’t stop.

She is going to pass out Ryan thought, as he pushed himself toward his own ejaculation as he felt the spasm of her body, the continual gush of her orgasm along his heated flesh. The multiple orgasms ripping through her body were too much for her. She was dazed, uncomprehending as he tried to hold her to him. She shuddered against him. Finally, with one last harsh push into the heated, tight depths of her slick flesh he felt his sperm erupt for his body, blasting her with his hot, thick release……

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nicole27    (2011-11-02 23:51:44)    Flag as inappropiate
Im ready t fuck hearing that shit!!!!!!!!!!
anonimusrick    (2011-04-24 21:08:02)    Flag as inappropiate
anonimusrick lucky Ryan.
ora_lee    (2011-01-17 13:06:58)    Flag as inappropiate
ora_lee mmmmmm - sounds like my kinda fuck..
CanadianCasanova    (2010-12-22 13:54:54)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova Hot story!

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