Evesdropping, Fantasize, Act, ... Pt 2.   added 5 years ago    

  By: buster

It's a rainy evening and I'm all alone in a hotelroom in an unknown city. I'm on a busines-trip and after a long boring meeting I'm stuck in this hotel 'till my flight leaves tomorrow afternoon. I ordered some delivery-dinner by phone and am lying on bed watching some mildly interesting tv-program. All the sudden I hear a woman moaning in the room next to mine. Damn, these walls sure are thin... Or is she just moaning really loud? Amused I lie there, listening as the moaning continues. It seems she's watching some porn or someting and I don't hear a bed screaching so I'm guessing she's performing a solo...

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The Naughty Meter

Actually, that's pretty fucking hot! Quickly I feel me getting all the more arroused and my cock starts growing hard in my pants. Gently I take it out and start stroking it as I listen and imagine the scene. I imagine her lying naked on her back, legs spread wide, massaging her nipples while her middle-finger slides over her vagina, playing with the hard clit and letting it slide gently in and out of her wet pussy. She's moaning loud!

She wants to be heard I can tell. "Oh yeah! Mmmm... My pussy is soooo wet... I want hard dick... Mmmm Yeah, FUCK ME!!!" Wow! how hot would it be to call her up in her room and describe our hottest fantasies and see where it takes us? Lying there, with my hard dick in my hand I'm fantasizing what could happen... Describing my deepest, hottest fantasies to a complete stranger, getting crazy with lust 'till we take it one step further... Mmmm Heart racing I call the next room and hear the phone ringing through the wall. "Hi there..."

Breathlessly I answer the phone and hear you say "Hi there." My response of "hello" comes out totally winded. I try to cover but your next statement makes my head spin. "Want some company?" I can hear you and it sounds hot as hell." I gasp out loud and look around my room quickly. Its an unrealistic thing to do, I mean I know I am alone. But your comment still makes me look around. "what?" I ask . "I can hear you and it sounds so fucking hot.

I am in the room next door. Your moaning is intense and making my cock hard. So what do you say?" "Ummm," I mumble. I can hear you sigh aloud and say, "what if I blindfold myself- I wont know who you are or how to pick you out of the crowd tomorrow." This thought intrigues me and I say, "OK blindfold yourself and knock on my door." I throw a robe on and stand near my peephole in the door and wait for you to knock.

I lay down the phone and smile... This is gonna be great ! Naked as I am I quickly put on a chamber-robe and the tip of my cock points out, hard and horny as hell. I then take a silk lint to bind my eyes with. I go out of my room and in front of your door. I put on the blindfold and, expecting that you’ll be peeping at me, I gently start caressing my body under the robe. I take out my hard cock and start stroking it slowly. I know I have a nice body and love to show it off. Nothing makes me hotter than being stared at by hot, horny women!

I now fully open my robe and am about to knock when I hear the door open. I can almost feel you gaze at me as I stand there before you. Then I feel yoursoft, warm hand caressing my nipples and squeezing them a bit. Your hand lowers and takes my cock in it. You pull me inside by the cock and I can hear the door close behind me. « This way, stud » I hear you say as you lead me through the room and push me with my back against the wall. «

Let me see what you can do with that organ ». Your voice comes from a bit lower and I expect I’m standing next to the bed where you’re lying... I let my robes fall and start to play with my balls and my cock. It’s really hard and big and just dying to feel your touch... I hear you breath slow and deep and the smell of wet pussy is all around the room. It drives me wild... I imagine you lying there on the bed, your legs wide open, caressing a divine, soft pussy... All creamy and tasty... Hmmmm. Soon my mouth will be full of that taste !

oh so right you were to think about me laying spread on the bed with my fingers tickling my clit and just slipping in and out of my wet pussy. Your hard cock peeking out at me hit my pleasure zone super hard and I could feel my body rocking against my 3 fingers. "So stud...........what did you have in mind? " I whisper....watching you stroke your cock. "Are you gonna play with that cock all by yourself or let me in on the fun?" Your cock hardens even more and you push it towards the sound of my voice.

I stop playing with my pussy long enough to guide your hips closer to my face. "Can I taste?" I ask. I believe I already know the answer to that as you push your cock towards my mouth. I look up at you to make sure you cant see out of your blindfold. I imagine that your eyes are rolling behind your head as my mouth touches the tip of your cock. You havent said anything yet but as soon as my mouth and tongue touch your cock, there is a hearty moan coming from your lips. I slide my fingers up your belly and just tweak your nipple.

Your whole body pushes towards me. "Open your mouth" i demand of you and with that your mouth opens. I slip all three of my pussy soaked fingers in your mouth and you begin to suck my juice off them. I try to match your rythm with your cock in my mouth. my other hand just rubbing your balls and encouraging your cock to further claim my mouth. Slurping and licking at your cock. I take my fingers slowly out of your mouth and firmmly hold your cock in my hands. Twisting my hands up and around, over, stroking and licking and sucking on just the tip.

Your moans are filling the room. You push your cock deep into my moutha nd I gag just a little, then spit on your cock and suck some more. I feel your body tense and then hear you moan louder. "Oh baby, do you want to cum for me?"

Your tong playing with my cock feels so amazing and I’m still savouring the taste of your sweet pussy-juices in my mouth... I would love to explode in your mouth and have you taste my cum but not so fast... « Tie me up » I hear my horny little mouth say. I’m almost surprised by it myself but hey... I hear a little laugh coming from down there... « You were getting so buck-wild when I heard you from my room... Let me be your toy... That faceless dick that fills all your holes when you most crave it ;

That instrument for your naughtiest fantasies..." I hear you rise from bed and coming really close to me... I can feel your warm breasts rub mine and your soft breath on my face. « Sounds yummy. » you whisper in my ear while sucking on it. You push me on the bed and I lie down. I love the whole thing more and more. It’s always been a fantasy of mine to be the faceless sex-toy of a horny stranger. I hear you swiftly move around the room. I’m almost trembling with anticipation when I feel you bend over me to tie my hands. I feel your titties hitting me in the face and I’m licking, trying to score a nipple !

Very quickly I feel like my hands are well tied-up to the bed. Spread-eagled,naked and helpless I lie there, my cock sticking out like a telescope... And I can almost feel you looking at me, imagining how I can serve you first... What would be yummiest ? My mouth is craving for your pussy. How I would love to lick into you and taste those wonderful juices again firsthand... My cock is begging you for some more fun... My whole hot body screams out to you !

To be continued..?

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sunny0 love it...........
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bethany31 Nice one buster

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