Pleasing my Master   added 5 years ago    

  By: pantielover

This is one of my favourite fantasies, i hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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I’m walk up and down in my front room; I’m freshly bathed, shaved and powdered. I’m wearing a pair of ruby lace briefs and matching bra, diamond print opaque hold-ups, a purple and black tiger striped top, denim mini skirt, black patent court shoes and of course my breast forms. I am wearing my favourite long straight black wig; I have done my make up including the dark purple lipstick and nail varnish that my Master likes me to wear.


This is the first time that I’ve worn hold-ups and a mini skirt with my brand new shoes and it feels really good. I love the look of my legs in the hold-ups and heels; my Master likes it to and has told me so graphically.


I pose in front of him, facing away from him and bending over showing my legs and the tightness of the mini skirt stretched over my arse. Doing this starts to turn me on and my own cock starts to harden, he likes it that I get turned on when I pose for him and so do I. I start to run my hands over my body, stroking my tits, arse and thighs as he tells me to. Once I am fully hard he calls me over to him. I obediently kneel on my heels in front of him and at his instruction I start to kiss and stroke the crotch of his jeans feeling his cock under the material. I undo the button and slowly pull his zipper down with my teeth before sliding my right hand under his boxers and start to slowly stroke him. After a while I slowly pull his boxers down and expose his thick cock and balls.

I cup his heavy balls in my left hand, lift his cock up to his stomach with my right and run my tongue up his length before taking the head into my mouth and running my tongue around it. Slowly I start to take him further into my mouth, sucking and licking him greedily; I feel his cock getting harder in my mouth as I lower my head onto his shaft. My Master now starts to fuck my face with his by now rock hard cock, holding my head in his hands he pushes himself into my throat. I am totally at his mercy, and it feels so good that my cock starts to twitch in my briefs.


Pulling his dripping cock from my mouth he tells me to kneel on the sofa and open my legs, I do as I am told. I feel him move between my legs, lift my mini skirt up to expose my arse and then pull my briefs aside before slipping his hard cock, lubricated with my saliva, into me. He grips my hips and starts to fuck me with slow deep strokes, his balls bouncing on my arse cheeks; his cock feels so good as he thrusts it into me that I start to moan. He allows me to reach back so that I can stroke my cock through my briefs, by then I am so hard that I cum explosively in a few strokes.


That, as always, was his cue to fuck me harder, instead of making love to me; he starts to take me like a bitch. My master hammers his cock into me slapping my arse, calling me his cum soaked bitch and I am. The force of him fucking me pushes me into the back of the sofa and I grunt in pleasure with each thrust of his thick cock. He starts to moan and I feel his cock stiffen and twitch inside of me, now he starts to thrust faster into me, pulling me back onto him as he does so. With a deep groan he empties his balls deep inside of me, his hot cum fills me up as he grinds every last bit of his cock into me.


Finally he pulls his cock out and I moan as it leaves my stretched arse, he stands back to let me get off the sofa and kneel once more in front of him. I take his softening cock in my mouth and lick and suck him clean as his cum leaks into my briefs to join mine.

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Petra You sexy lady, your yummy!!! x
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Location: My House | Roleplay: Master/slave
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