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I lay in bed and await your arrival from work....usually meeting you at the front door..but not today.....i fall asleep waiting for you to come home....you see me laying in bed, naked....my beautiful round breasts, my darkened hard nipples, my legs barely open...you get turned and and realize that you have stumbled upon a moment in time that you can not resist....you reach over and grab a a scarf and tie my legs to the bed posts....you take your belt off with ease and tie my hands to the top of the bed posts....so gently, i barely stir....until i feel your sweet lips on mine..i feel you reach across the bed and grab my vibrator....turn it on low and begin to run it across my already hard nipples,

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A soft smile runs across my face, i lick my lips and enjoy the sensation of the vibration against my nipples, i feel your tongue on my nipples and feel you begin to lick at both the vibrator and suck on my nipple....you bring the wet vibrator to my other nipple while you continue to suck on one....the wetness of your tongue creates this soft moan in the back of my throat...you take a finger and tell me to shhhhhh....you use that finger to trace down the curves of my breasts and along the underside of them....you see the goosebumps you are causing....i try to wiggle and spread my legs a little..however the scarves will not allow that to happen...

You begin to slide the vibrator down my belly, into my navel, and down to where I am shaved, it sends ripples down my whole body and i can feel the wetness causing such a stir in me....i begin to moan again and you stop....look up at me and smile....youstick your tongue in my navel....and trail it down to my wetness...my legs struggle to part and you chuckle...you bring the vibrator down to my outer lips and just rest it there....knowing my legs can not part much on their owm....you open me gently and begin to use the vibrator on the inside of me,

Careful not to let it near my clit yet, you begin to slide the vibrator in gently and then with some pressure..knowing that the tightness of not being spread will feel incredible.....my hips rise to meet you...and then i hear the rustle of fabric and the unzip of your zipper...i feel the bed move and realize you are on top of me...with one motion....i feel you free my right leg and push into me....as you slide the vibrator up to my clit....the buzz of the vibrator and the pressure of your cock are sending thousands of sensations throughout my whole body....you begin to pull out so just your head is inside of me and then push your way back in slowly with short and fast strokes, pushing in deeper each time...

The buzzing on my clit is driving me wild while your cock enters and exits and plunges deeper in me...repeatedly you ram your cock into me...and with the pressure on my clit from the vibrator starting to weaken....i feel your body stiffen and feel the sensation of your cum in me while my juices mix with yours and i howl with delight.....~what a welcome home darlin'~

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