Lost The Bet Day 4- Part 5   added 5 years ago    

  By: sunny0

Day 4……………


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The Naughty Meter

I felt the clasp of something on my arm and realized I was tied to the bed posts. I attempted to tug my arm a little but you had me tied to the bed……and when I moved my head to see where you went, you were nowhere to be found.

“Honey?” I yelled.  “What the…?  I have to go to work.  I gotta get in the shower.  Babe…where are you?”  I was yelling to what seemed like no one.

For what seemed like eternity, I was wiggling against the restraints.  Futile….I was starting to get a little angry when you appeared in the doorway, wet from the shower.   The smile on your face when you saw me wiggling brought a stream of angry words to my mouth.  You said, “Shut up and do as you’re told.”

I looked at you and asked, “What about work?”

“I called you in sick.  Your boss said he hopes you feel better.”  And with that you sat in the bed next to me.    You traced your fingers down my arm and over my shoulder. 

You stopped at my neck and said, “Honey, I am going to kiss you here” and you kissed me on my neck, then you followed the kiss with finger traces down between my beautiful boobs and “here”  and kissed and licked your way down my cleavage.  “And finally here,” kissing and licking your way over to my nipple.

You popped a nipple in your mouth and began to suckle on it.  I so reacted instantly with these huge erect nipples.  Your hand splayed on my belly, fingers itching to go lower and play with my clit.

“You aren’t mad I called you out sick are you?”  You asked.

I shook my head no and kind of leaned back to just enjoy your mouth on my nipple and your hand on my belly.  You bit on my nipple causing a little pain and said, “Answer me.”

“No honey I am not mad….” But I was thinking about all the stuff I was supposed to do at work.  You began kissing down my belly and your hands were traveling at lightning speed down to my pussy.  You slipped two fingers in and began to work my pussy.

In seconds, I heard you say, "Holy shit, you are soaking wet.”  I blushed a deep rosy color and couldn’t help myself.  I felt you wiggle three fingers around inside me until I began to moan.    “Oh no baby, I can't have you enjoying yourself that much yet. “  So you pulled your fingers out of my pussy and said, “Open your mouth.” 

I opened my mouth and you slipped those three fingers into my mouth and I sucked them clean.  “Good little whore.”

Then you climbed over top of me and placed each of your thighs on either side of me right under my arms.    You reached back and undid the ties on my feet and pulled me up in bed so you had a better angle to put your cock in my mouth.    My hands still tied to the bed, my face at your cock level and you pushed up to your knees and once again said, “Open your mouth.” 

Like a good girl, I did and could feel you pushing your cock into my mouth.  I opened my mouth and began to lick and suck on your cock. 

I could feel you grab my hair and it almost didn’t seem like the licking and sucking of your cock was enough for you.  You shoved my head down on your hard cock pulling on my hair. 

   I was not ready for this as just a few minutes ago your tender touches were exciting me…and now this sudden, hard thrusting of your cock into my mouth.  I immediately gagged and you pulled my head away from your cock.   Then you pushed my head back to your cock and said, “take it bitch” and then shoved your cock back down my throat again.  

You did this several times and then would hold my head against your cock – your cock pushing deep into my throat.  Holding my head  and causing me to gag each time, not giving me time to adjust to each violation of my mouth. 

After several times and more tears you finally pushed my head all the way down onto your cock, deep into the back of my throat and I could feel my gag reflex kick in.   I could feel myself needing to vomit…I knew this was something you had done in the past with other girls…, but never asked me to do. 

  I could feel the vomit start to come up and I could then feel myself begin to vomit on your cock.  I knew you knew it was coming and you pulled out just a little and I vomited all over your cock, some spilled out on me, down my chin and onto my boobs.  You pulled out and grabbed a towel to wipe it off your cock and then my chin and finally my boobs. 

Next thing I knew, I could feel your cock back opening my mouth and finding its way to the back of my throat again.  This time I managed to take your cock again without puking all over it.    You were pushing yourself down my throat hard4  I knew that stealing a breath every time you pulled out was what I needed to do.    

Your cock was huge and throbbing; I could feel your swollen nuts against my chin and knew it wouldn’t be long before you were cumming all over my face.

You r cock was like a rod, hard, throbbing and I could feel the exact moment when all the pent up cum was going to spill out of you.  I was pulling against being tied to the bed, trying to attack your cock and swallow all your cum.  It was spurting out and right down my throat. 

You began to pull out and squirted cum all over my face, my eyes, my nose, mouth and finally all over my chin.

You sat back off to the side of me and said, “Fuck yeah.”  You grabbed yet another towel and began to wipe some of the cum off my face.  “I didn’t hurt you baby did I?” as you were tenderly cleaning me up. 

I knew I was a mess, globs of cum, my hair was wrecked and I was barely able to think straight.  As violated as I felt, I was so in love with you and was almost feeling like you couldn’t love me more then you loved me right now.  That look on your face spoke volumes. 

“Let’s clean you up baby, take a shower and then maybe take a nap.”

You untied my hands and kissed gently in the spots that were tied.  You helped me out of bed and we walked naked to the shower.    I sat on the ledge in our huge shower stall and you stood in front of me.  I rested my head on your belly and then smiled up at you, thinking back to what we just did. 

You turned the water on and lifted me up under my arms and began to rub the shower gel all over my body with your big hands.  I just let you. 

You slid your soapy hands around my body and then stopped to turn me around.    I stepped backwards and could feel your getting hard again so quickly cock slip between my soapy ass cheeks.   I pushed back against your cock and you let out a moan.   

  I leaned forward just a little and you seemed to understand that in a small way that was my gesture of saying yes to you.  You brought your hand up on my back and pushed my body down so my hands were on the seat ledge.   

You slipped your hand down to my swollen pussy lips and as the water flowed around me, you felt how hot my pussy was for you.  Your fingers slipping up and down my wet slit, slipping inside of me and circling my clit that was growing harder as you touched me.

  I began to rock against you and could feel your cock just push between my ass cheeks.  Your fingers circling my clit and my pussy juices began running down my leg.  1 finger pushing in me, a second right behind it and finally a third….fucking my pussy as I was bent over in the shower. 

Your other hand pulled away from my back and I could feel it push aside my ass cheeks and knew you were going to plunge your cock in my tight little asshole.   

 You pushed slowly at first and kept finger fucking my pussy- what a sensation, the water falling around us, the hot steamy feeling in the air, your fingers pushing inside my wet pussy and finally your hard cock filling my ass. 

You pushed hard into my ass and I was rocking back and forth against both your cock deep in me and pushing down on your fingers so I could feel you deep in me. 

I couldn’t wait for you to cum and god knew I was in for a huge orgasm.    You kept pumping your cock in my ass and ran your fingers from in my pussy up to my clit.  I wasn’t quite sure how I was still standing as I was getting weak in the knees but thank god I was holding the edge of the seat and bracing myself against you.

   Your cock began to throb and I felt you pull out just a little and then I felt your hot jizz fill my asshole as my pussy clenched on your fingers and I came all over them.

Your hand wrapped around my waist to just hold me up and you pulled me against you and we let the water run over us a few minutes.  Just standing there like that….finally you grabbed the wash cloth and began to wash my body.  Your touch so gentle and loving………I think we were both ready for that nap.

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Might have to try this.....

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