Losing the Bet- Part 3, Day 2   added 5 years ago    

  By: sunny0

Day 2

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The Naughty Meter

I knew what you were expecting this morning and I knew what I owed you, but I hate being a loser and I hate owing you anything.    So this morning I woke before you and began to masturbate quietly.  It wasn’t difficult to work myself into a tizzy with you lying next to me. 

The hard part was keeping quiet…I was fantasizing about what my “losing the bet-pay up” was for tonight.  I was looking forward to heading to the airport to pick up Candis.    As I was thinking about Candis, I was tickling my clit and playing with my pussy.  I was still keeping an ear to you, as I didn’t want to wake you yet.

I could feel you roll onto your back as your alarm was beeping. You hit the button and began to stretch a little…now was my opportunity as you stretched, your eyes closed and I got up on my knees and crawled over your body.  My pussy was just over your face and yet I knew you didn’t see it yet, so I reached out with my tongue and licked at your cock. 

“What the hell? “ you growled…..and then opened your eyes.   “Baby you have been busy…I see, “as my glistening wet pussy was staring you in the face.  By this time, I had the tip of your hard cock in my mouth and was suckling on it.  I leaned back and placed my pussy full on your mouth. 

Daring you not to slap my ass and/or lick at my pussy.  I leaned my whole body back just a little and began rubbing my pussy against your face.  Rubbing so that my juices were all over you……your fingers began to pry open my pussy lips and I could feel your tongue dart in and out. 

Your cock was deep in my throat and I was sucking on it hard.  I kept pushing my hips backwards and shoving my pussy onto your face.  Your tongue fucking me until I couldn’t take it anymore. 

  You knew my body and you knew when I was about to cum….you tongued me hard and licked at my juices until I came all over your face.    At this point your rock hard cock was just waiting to bust a nut all over my face…you slapped my ass and pushed me back onto the bed, you took your cock in your hand and busted your nut all over my face.

“Fuck babe, wake me like that any day. “  You kissed me and slipped your pussy covered tongue in my mouth and let me suck my own juices off you. 

You grabbed my face and pulled back a little and stuck your forehead against mine and said, “Playing with Candis tonight will be a win for both of us.”

I smiled at you and said I was looking forward to picking her up from the airport.  “No playing with her before I get home baby,” you said and then tweaked my nipple.

I laughed as I went to make you breakfast and you headed into the shower.

Candis and I spent the day flirting with one another and getting our bodies ready for the evening.  We gave each other manicure and pedicures and feather light touches to both our bodies all day.  We even snuck a few kisses in.

You came home from work and were excited to see us both lying out on the deck on the beach chairs.  Drinks were flowing and you listened to us talk about our day.  You held two bags at your feet and said that each of us had a bag of gifts. 

   I leaped up to grab my bag and you laughed out loud.   “Patience baby,” you said as you held my arms down so I couldn’t grab the bag.  You sat me down in the chair and said, “Candis get your ass over here.”   She got up and walked towards both of us and said, “Yes master.” And you smiled- she knew her role. 

“Honey, tell Candis what you want her to do.” 

Sitting down on the chair below Candis and below you, I looked up and told her to take off her clothes.   She reached down and unbuttoned her pants and slipped out of them.  She let them fall at her feet.  She was taking her shirt and bra off when you smiled at me and then I saw you reach into her bag and pull out a collar with a chain attached.

  I reached out and grabbed the collar from you and attached the collar around Candis neck and then I felt your hand grab my wrist and attach the wrist cuff chain to my hand. 

“You two are locked together all night.”  We smiled at one another and she said, “thank you master.”

I looked at my wrist cuff and then over at Candis and then tugged on it a little.  She looked at me and I said, “Kiss me.”  She leaned into me and softly kissed my lips.  I pushed my tongue into her mouth and wound the chain around my hand pulling her body into me. 

Her kiss became hotter and more erotic with the use of both of our tongues.  I pulled back a little and said to Candis, “I have been waiting all day for you to eat my pussy.  It’s time for you to please me.” 

You stood behind Candis and began to push down on her shoulders-although she didn’t need the help, you pushed her down to the button on my jeans.  She undid them slowly and pushed them down over my ass, over my hips and finally down my legs.

  I stepped out of them and you slipped your hand inside my panties and rubbed my lips and said, “your pussy is shaved so sweet and it’s going to be pounded by my cock tonight my little slut.”  You smelled my hair and bit down on my shoulder while Candis was on her knees in front of me.   

“Lick me through my panties first, “I managed to breathlessly moan out as you pulled your hand out of my panties.  Your hand went right for my mouth where you said, “Open and suck.”  My mouth opened and you shoved two of your fingers in my mouth- tasted my sweet pussy on your fingers while I could feel Candis’s mouth sucking on my panties. 

With your free hand you pulled a vibrator out of the gift bags and handed it to me.  I smiled at you and turned it on.  I leaned down and began to use the vibrator on Candis’s nipples.  You pulled her hair away from her face and watched her suck my panties into her mouth.

  The vibrator buzzed around her face and I told her to open her mouth.  She opened her mouth and I stuck the vibrator in her mouth and told her to wet it so it slipped easily into my pussy.  She sucked on the vibrator, spit on it while I slipped out of my super wet panties and threw them at you.    I watched you pull them to your face and inhale the sweet smell of my pussy.

Your cock was growing hard.  Candis naked, my pussy smell on my panties, my sweet lil pussy inches from Candis’s face wet and a moan escaped from your lips.    You barked at Candis to get on her knees and you began to pull your pants down. 

Your cock pushed out of your jeans and was so hard.  I pulled on Candis’s collar so that her face was close to your cock and I said to her, “suck his cock and I want you to suck his cock just until he is ready to cum.”  Candis obliged while I watched her suck your cock.

I reached into one of your bags and grabbed a paddle out and began smacking her ass.  Each smack left a red print on her ass, nothing that hard but hard enough to know who was in charge.  “Suck his cock”, whack –another smack, “harder” and then whack.

  I grabbed her hair and pulled her face onto your cock and watched your cock disappear into her mouth.  She took it all in and then I saw her began to gag on your cock.  You pulled back a little and she spit on your cock.  You pulled me close to you and jammed your tongue in my mouth.

  I stepped over Candis as she was sucking your cock and began kissing you. I grabbed your ass and pulled you hard into Candis’s mouth, as she was gagging on your cock.  Your hands went to my tits and were squeezing them and playing with them. 

   I pulled back and told Candis to lie on her back- so she was facing up.  I squatted on her face and rubbed my pussy all over her face while I took your wet with her spit hard cock into my mouth and sucked your cock.  You grabbed my wrist cuffed hand and pulled on the chain so her head came up off the floor and was flush against my pussy.

  I pushed down and told her to tongue fuck my pussy- it was so reminiscent of this morning and I was reliving that in my head.  I was so wet…your cock was leaking precum out and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I had a mouthful of your cum….and Candis had a face full of my wet pussy.   

You kept rocking your cock into my mouth and I was sucking like mad while my pussy juices were all over Candis’s face.  You pushed back and came all over my face.    She reached up with her hand and took some of the cum dripping off my face and rubbed it into my clit.  Then she licked it off my clit.   God was that amazing……….

You turned to the bag and pulled out a strap on and said, “well now that we are all warmed up…stand up. “  We both stood up.  I still had some of your cum in my hair and on my face and Candis’s mouth was wet with my pussy juice.

  I pulled her to me and said, “Kiss me and clean this cum off my face.”  Candis‘s lips met mine and I could taste myself on her mouth.  Her hand came up to my face and wiped your cum off. 

I felt you come up behind me and slide a harness around my waist.  You helped me into the strap on and slapped at my ass.  “Own her baby. She is all yours.”

I looked at Candis and said “on all 4’s bitch….”  She got down on all fours and looked up at me.   Her eyes were begging me for it….I walked over to the bag and pulled out a blindfold and a flogger.    I placed the blindfold gently on her eyes and told her to pay attention to my voice and to everything I said or she would pay the price.

You stepped back to watch and sat down in the chair- eye level to the action and to Candis’s face.    I slowly walked around Candis and began to flog her gently.    I pushed my strap on against her ass and rubbed it up and down her ass for a few minutes.  She leaned back into my strap on and I heard myself say to her, “Did I tell you to do that bitch?” 

She said, “No” and stopped moving her hips towards me.  I flogged her harder on her ass and you smiled at me. 

I got up and walked in front of her- my ass right in your face and told her to pick up her head…she lifted her head up and I said to her that her chin needed to remain high up and that she needed to use one hand to stroke my big cock. 

She began to rub her hands up and down on the dildo attached to me and I told her to tell me how big my cock was…I could hear her telling me dirty comments about how big the dildo was….so I leaned back onto your cock and rubbed my ass against you-

I could feel your cock getting hard…and so I pushed my dildo further towards Candis and said “take it in your mouth”

She opened her mouth and I shoved the dildo in the back of her throat. I wanted to feel what that felt like to push my cock to the back of her throat.  You reached out a hand and began to play with my pussy while she took my dildo in her mouth.   Your fingers were pushing up into me and pushing my hips towards her face.

  “Spit on it.”  And she did, Candis spit and gagged all over the dildo.    I pulled her hair hard pushing her head onto the dildo and held the back of her head against my strap on until she gagged.    I released her again and then flogged her hard.

I pulled the dildo out of her mouth and turned to look at you….” I am gonna own her now.”   


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