Losing The Bet...Part 1   added 5 years ago    

  By: sunny0

I lost the bet…..
You know the football bet- the one I couldn’t keep my mouth from jabbering about.  It was my idea and you just agreed. A full week of being your sex slave.  Anything, anytime, anyplace…………….for a week.


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You didn’t gloat but as the score of the game crept up in your favor, you knew my nerves were getting the best of me.    You sweetly called my name and asked me to come sit with you.  You patted the spot on the couch next to you.  You softly moved my hair out of my face and leaned in to kiss me gently. 

  Your lips just brushed mine and then you whispered in my ear, “I own you for a week baby. “

I settled in next to you pretending not to be anxious.  Your hand held mine and you stroked the top of my thigh to ease my mind but boy was my mind racing.

You turned to look at me and said, “Baby you trust me correct?”

I swallowed and mumbled, “uh huh.”  You stifled back a laugh and couldn’t resist with your deep belly roll laugh.  “Ok love muffin- it’s gonna be an awesome week.”

I stood up and you looked at me and said, “Did I tell you to get up?”  I have this perplexed look on my face but you said, “I won, remember?  It starts NOW.”  You reached over to my shirt and begin lifting it over my head.  “I want to see your tits sweetheart.”  Your hand pulled my shirt over my head and you pulled my whole body towards you. 

You grabbed at my tits and pushed your face between them.  You gripped one hard and began sucking on my nipple; your other hand was squeezing my other boob.  I so loved you touching me, I almost forgot this was your win.

Your sucking on my nipple distracted me that I didn’t feel your hand reach for the button on my jeans.   You undid and stopped sucking long enough to push my jeans down.  You looked up at me and said, “touch yourself baby.”

I slid my hand down to my shaved pussy and pushed open my lips.  Your hand still on my boobs squeezing hard.   “Baby- I said touch yourself.  If you can’t do it right, we will have to get the paddle out.”

I looked down at you and smiled.  I was touching myself- so I wasn’t sure what you were looking for from me today.  I began to open my mouth and you said, “no talking sweet tits, not unless I tell you too.”

I ran my tongue over my teeth and hid a smirk.  What a week for you- sex whenever you want and whatever you want, and no talking.  “Fuck- I am screwed” I thought.  Stifled back at laugh as that’s exactly what was going to happen to me. 

I began rubbing my clit hard and pinching it, then slipping two fingers in my pussy. “Better baby,” I heard you say.  Then you turned your attention back to the TV and said to me, “keep playing- I want your pussy wet.”  You swatted my ass and got up and walked away.    You turned to look at me and said, “baby you are sexy, your ass is sexy and is gonna look even sexier after I am done with it.”

My whole body shivered and I sighed loudly.  I knew the mood you were in and knew it was gonna be a long week.

I began to explore my pussy with my fingers, loving the feel of my own fingers in my pussy. Stroking my clit, rubbing my little love button and then slipping two fingers in and out. 

I slipped my leg up on the arm of the couch and began to really work my clit and my pussy- I could feel my wetness all over my fingers and so was ready to taste when I heard your voice bark at me, “Don’t you dare.  That wetness is mine and whoever else I say it is.”

 I looked over my shoulder at you and smiled.  Crooked my head and just with my eyes invited you to taste.  You walked towards me and that’s when I saw my cheetah paddle in your hand.  At that moment, I swear my pussy was slick with my wetness.  You stepped behind me and breathed in my hair.  You whispered , “baby you are so beautiful.” 

That’s when I felt your hard cock ram into my ass and you just rub yourself against me.  Your hard cock, the material of your jeans- just excited me.  I began to moan.  You swung your arm and slapped my ass hard with the cheetah paddle.   I almost fell over, it was so hard, but you caught me with your arms and said into my ears, “Lean into it.”

I began to slowly bend over and could feel your hand just rub over my ass cheek where you just slapped me hard.  Your touch was tender.  I knew my ass would be red.  You reached a hand around my body and took my nipple between two fingers and pinched ever so lightly.

  Then you slapped my ass again with the paddle and it was just as hard.  The sensation between the hard slaps on my ass and your light touches on my nipple was driving me insane.   

 You moved down my body and kissed my ass cheek, you slightly bent my body further over the arm of the chair-and traced your finger down my slit.  “Umm baby, you are getting there.  Your pussy is wet and you haven’t been a bad girl.  Do you want to be a bad girl?”

I shook my head, “yes” and waited a few seconds and then looked at you. 

You were eyeing my pussy and then I felt the slap with the cheetah paddle again.  “Bitch, answer me, do you want to be a bad girl?”

“Yes,” I croaked out. 

“Louder, bitch.  Tell me you want to be a bad girl.”

“I want to be a bad girl,” I hollered.  “I want to be your bad girl baby.”

You laughed and said, “oh yes you will be my bad girl.”  As you said that, you stuck a finger in my pussy hard and slid it all the way in.  You pushed it in and out a few times, slicking it with my love and then pulled it out.  I thought you might lick it but you offered it up to me and said, “Suck it baby.”

I opened my mouth and you shoved your finger in. I sucked on it, licked it and cleaned your finger with ease.  “Spit on it, bitch” was your reply.  I spit on it and you pushed my face away and ran your hand over my red ass cheek again.  I thought I knew what might be next- that finger was going into my ass.

You pushed open my ass cheeks and kissed my ass.  You grabbed at the cheeks squeezed and slipped your tongue into my ass feather lightly.  You were kissing my ass cheeks and licking so softly.  I felt your teeth nibble on one of my cheeks and that’s when you slid your finger into my ass. 

You pulled back on my hips as your finger slid in.  “Lean into it baby,” you murmured.  I wiggled my ass towards you and heard you say, “that’s it baby.” 

slowly applied more pressure again, letting your index finger slide just a little bit further inside of me. Only about half an inch of your finger moved into my ass. My ass clamped down hard around your finger.  My asss- so tight, yet it still responds to the wiggling of your finger.

  I feel you wiggle your finger back and forth and slowly slide it in and out of me, having my sweet tight little hole full of your finger.   I can feel you sliding in and out, as I know you can feel me clenching down hard around your finger.   Your other hand continues to pay attention to the rest of my ass, wandering around it with your soft fingertips caressing my skin.  

My breathing becomes a little labored as it feels so good-my hips are rocking back into you.  My ass working back and forth in front of you in order to match the slow rhythms of your finger moving in and out.   As all this is going on, I feel your other hand working its way back into my pussy.   

No sooner do you have two fingers pushing into my pussy, I am riding your hand- pushing against your fingers, pushing down to take your fingers all the way in. Backing my hips into your finger and pushing down onto your other fingers.  Listening to you talk dirty to me the whole time…I cum all over your fingers.  

I know losing the bet shouldn’t feel like I won but for tonight- it may be that we both won.  I know the rest of the night and the rest of the week may not be this gentle. 

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