Peeping At My Sexy Next Door Neighbour Pt.2   added 5 years ago    

  By: krisse7777

   Finally it is Friday night and I have been waiting for this day to come. I did my usual routine, box of tissue and lube, sit on the chair in front of the window and wait. Looking at the clock, it is now 8 pm and I lean over to glance out of the window. I stare at the house next door. Nothing. No movement, lights, or car in the driveway. I check my watch for the time and date, just in case I got them mixed up. It is Friday and the time is correct. Confused, I stay for another 15mintues, hoping she will appear and is just running late, but still nothing.

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“Maybe she has other plans“ I thought. Getting up, I put everything back and make my way downstairs to have something to eat. After grabbing a beer and some leftovers, I put in my favorite porn, stationing my ass on the couch and start watching it. However,  I wasn’t feeling it. Usually with this tape I get so aroused that I can come numerous times, jacking off to the t.v. Now, my dick doesn‘t even twitch. Giving up I click the dvd off, finish up my drink and food, head back upstairs and went to bed.


The warm tongue swirls around my cock as the warmness sucks me. Hands running tightly up and down the length of my hard on as the mouth does it magic, feeling hair brushing over my stomach, swaying back and forth. I reach up and hold the head as it bops up and down, moving my hands over the silky hair. I hear the slurping sound and a moan ringing in my ears. But wait. That isn’t me making that noise.

I quickly open my eyes and there bending over me, is my sexy neighbor, naked.

I thought I was dreaming about her, but here she is in my room, tits bouncing back and forth as she has me all in her mouth. I am topless and her free hand touching my chest and my prick is poking through the hole of my boxers. She stops what she is doing, glances up at me with my shaft halfway in her mouth and realizing that I’m awake now. Looking at me she smiles, continuing her assault my erection. Head foggy from sleepiness and the feeling her giving me a great blow job, I briefly try to figure how she got in.

However, when she pulls off my shorts and stuffs me deeper in her mouth, scraping her nails over my balls, all thoughts scatter away and I decide to just take in the pleasure that she is giving me. Maneuvering her head from side to side, up and down, I hold her hair back to enjoy the view. Her full sensual lips are clasps around my cock, making it glisten from her saliva and I grunt as she picks up her speed, sucking and stroking it faster and harder.

I lift her head up and start kissing her, tongue dancing with hers. Wanting to know what her sweet pink pussy will taste like, I lie her down, run my hand down her neck and unto her chest. I see her nipples already hard, straining and pleading me to devour them. Watching her numerous times over the past month, playing with her cunt, finger fucking her drooling hole and squirting out her orgasm, I was determine to do the same to her.

Moving my mouth to her breasts, I circle my tongue over each nipple, tugging it with my teeth and suckling in as much of her perky breasts I can take in. She groans and puts her hands on my head. After paying some attention on her tits, I travel my tongue down her stomach and towards my destination. Her triangle is shape and trim nicely, her pussy lips are clean shaved. I growl at the sight and bury my head in it.

She squeals when I suck her clit hard, flickering over it. I stick my tongue in her dripping hole, loving her sweet tasting cunt. Over and over again I work my mouth on the pussy, her digging through my hair and pulling my head closer to her open legs. I first insert one finger than two and she moans loudly, grinding her hips on my face faster. Feeling her pussy walls clenching around my digits, I pick up my speed, knowing she is about to climax.

“Oh fuck!” she yells as she comes, body twitching and squirting on my fingers and mouth. Not stopping my actions, I continue to eat her out and fucking her with my hands. She puts her legs over my shoulders and squeezes them together, trying to stop me as she holds my head still. However, I didn’t. I don’t want to stop tasting her because I can’t get enough of her glorious pussy.

After a few minutes, she gives up fighting me and growls at me to make she come again. And she did, screaming out her orgasm as she trembles uncontrollably. Wanting to be inside her now, I look at her and see her eyes hood with passion. I start kissing her again and when I take my dick and rub it on her pussy lips and over her sensitive clit, she pants and tells me not to tease her and to just fuck her hard.

Obeying, I thrust my cock hard in her snatch, groaning in union. I close my eyes, feeling the sensation of her pussy that is soaking, gripping tightly on my prick as I push in farther. In and out my dick goes, slipping inside her warm wetness as I fuck her. She says to me that she wants to ride my dick and turns around. She leans against the wall behind the bed and I stare at her small tight ass, wiggling her waist .

Approaching behind her, she says in a very seductive voice “Let me fuck you” and pushes me down on my knees, leaning back. Putting my arms behind me, I watch her open her legs and straddles me, her slender back facing me. She spreads her pussy and eases down on my dick slowly, her secretion running out of the hole and down my wood. She rides me, first in a steady motion, pushing her ass out as she slides down my crotch then increasing her tempo.

Hearing her breathing rapidly, I sit up, move her dark brown hair over to the side, exposing her neck and wrap my arm around her waist. I lick my finger and reach over to glide it down to her clit, rubbing it in a circle motion. Kissing her neck and back, she rides me faster, my finger in sync with every thrust. Moaning, she fist her hands and I take over, pushing in harder that causes her to cum, gushing on my dick.

My cock is now so engross, it begs for release. I move away, push her gently down on her back and plunge my pulsing dick back in her drenching pussy. We kiss each other as we fuck, feeling the rhythm of our bodies moving. Wanting to be deep inside, I lift her legs back and push in. However, after a few thrusts,  I’m still not satisfied.

Desperately  wanting to go even farther, I place two pillows under her, tilting her hips, and pump in with all my might. Her legs opens wider, giving me full access. At this position, it feels like I am touching her womb and I grunt as I lose myself in her paradise. After all this time of watching her through my window, masturbating to her as she plays with herself in front of the mirror, I finally get to sample her.

Ramming in repeatedly, the tension starts to build and my balls tightening, knowing I am about to bust soon. When she reaches down between her thighs and strokes my cock as it goes in and out, that is the end of my control and I pull out. She gets up quickly, sucking my dick just in time as I shout out my orgasm and spill all of my cum in her mouth. My legs begin to shake as she jacks me off, running her nails over my testies and sucking me, swallowing every last drop of my cream.

   Finally when the last tremor subsides and feeling exhausted, I collapse on top of her, kissing her, tracing my finger over her now swollen pussy lips. We both smile at each other.

“Hi, I’m Stephan.”
“I’m Tiana.”

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