Tom Stops By Part 2   added 5 years ago    

  By: Hillbilliewille

That twinkle in your eyes and mischievous look on your face tell me I'm in for a real treat.  You pull me to you and we kiss a deep lustful kiss then you pull Tom to you and your lips meet in an equally deep kiss.  The three of us stand there for a moment, bodies touching and caressing each other. 


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Naughty level to be set later

We finally step out of the shower and dry each other off with tongues as well towels.  Taking turns two on one licking and caressing each other.  I dry your back while Tom dries your front, our tongues massaging and caressing your body head to toe.  He nuzzles your pussy at the same time I lick your ass, probing our tongues into your from both sides, our hands covering your beautiful body all the while.  

"You're next", you say as you look at Tom and we begin a similar process on him.  You move behind him and tongue his shoulders and back while I suck his nipples and move down his stomach to his cock.  You reach around him and take his now erect prick in hand and masturbate it, stroking it and holding it to my mouth to be dried by my tongue.  I lick it tip to base, teasing him while you tongue his asshole and play with his balls. 

You are completely orchestrating this scenario and now tell us it is my turn and I stand to position myself to be attended by the two of you.   You take my front and he my back, He holds me close and his cock lays between my buttocks and he grinds it gently against me as his lips move over my shoulders.  You have sucked my nipples hard and are playing with my cock, moving down my stomach quickly to attend the drying of it.  Toms also moves down my body and lick every bit of me then runs his tongue between my buttocks and licks my asshole as well. 

"All done", you declare as you turn you back to us and taking a rigid cock in each hand lead us down the hallway to the king size brass bed awaiting us in the bedroom.  Upon our arrival you order me to get on the bed laying face down and I gladly oblige and you go to our "sex drawer" in the nightstand and take a bottle of flavored massage oil from it.  The two of you climb on the bed, one on each side of me and you offer some oil to him and taking some yourself the massage begins. 

Your hands start at my shoulders then up my arms and down to my back.  The touch of four hands on my body feels fantastic and it is arousing me tremendously my erection strengthening.  Down  my back to my buttocks, reaching between my legs to rub against my balls with one hand each while the others continue to attend the sore muscles of my back.  

"You take over Tom, I need some tongue in my pussy while I watch you massage my man", you tell him and you move to the head of the bed and open your legs and as I lift my head you move your cunt to my face and I eagerly stroke those tender lips with my tongue.  He straddles my butt and his strong hands move over my back shoulders and sides as his cock is cradled between my cheeks.  He slowly strokes it up and down in rhythm to the movement of his hands as you watch.   This all is so sensuous and I want us all to be pleased by one another and am ready to do anything you ask of me.  I eat at your pussy, driving my tongue deep within you and you are sopping wet at both the touch of my tongue and watching him cover me with his hands and tease me with his cock.  He draws his hips back and slips it between my legs and caresses my balls with the head.  I am so hard and turned on I want so badly to do more to both of you but I want to see what you want us to do next. 

"Roll over and let us do your front now", is the next command and Tom moves to my side and I turn to my back.   You move to my other side and take the bottle of oil and give him more and take some yourself.  I lay there arms above my head exposing myself completely to you and my massage continues.  My arms are attended as each of you make great efforts to touch yourselves against me.  Down my arms to my chest, my nipples are fondled and pinched and I grow even more amorous.  As the two of you move down my body I spread my legs and each of you straddle them and massage me with your privates which are also covered with the oil and it feels so wonderful.

You suddenly get up and go to the drawer again, I can't see what you take out but you tell Tom to sit on my stomach and he immediately obliges.  You then take one of my arms and fasten a restraining strap to it and attach it to the bed post and quickly repeat it on the other wrist.  Tied in place I am growing even more anxious with anticipation of what might be next.

You tell him to move back so you can 69 with me and he does as you move into place, your pussy over my face and my cock is quickly attended with your mouth.  You ask him if he would like to help and I can now feel his mouth sharing me with you.  As one licks up and down my shaft the other takes my head in their mouth, your hands playing with my balls and caressing my legs and abdomen.  You are dripping wet so I know this is turning you on too.  I trace your lips with my tongue slowly entering your pussy a bit deeper with each stroke until I am as deep as can be.  You open your legs to accommodate me and I lap at you like a hungry dog. 

"I'd like to suck two cocks Tom, move up here so I can do you too", you order and he sits up and lifts my legs places his knees under my thighs and his dick against mime and you take turns sucking us both.  Your hands busily play with us, guide us to your mouth and hold us together masturbating us against each other.  I couldn't be any harder or more turned on and I want to be in you so badly but will wait to let you decide where we go next.

"Why don't you sit on his chest and have him suck you now Tom, I know you'd like that", you tell him and with that you move from me as he moves up my body to position his cock at my lips.  I am so randy and turned on I want to fuck, suck and have the two of you in any and every way imaginable and he takes his shaft in his hand and holds it to my mouth.  I lick away the precum and engulf his head with pleasure.  It is hot and soft and I press my tongue against it and pull my head back and forth mouth fucking him as best I can.  You watch for a moment then move behind him, straddle me and taking me in your hand lower yourself to my rock hard prick and slide me deep into your body. 

This turns me on even more and I furiously suck him and he presses his hips back and forth mouth fucking me in unison to my movements.  You are bouncing up and down on me riding me so very hard and I can feel my cum welling up in preparation of exiting me and entering you.   You seem to sense this and tell Tom to move away and take a break.  He pulls back and you lift yourself from my cock and you begin kissing me.   Licking my cock he joins you and my body is now teased with your mouths stating there and down to my toes.
  Each toe is sucked and licked, then my ankles, calves, thighs, sides, stomach, chest, nipples, neck and mouth.   The three of us kiss passionately, two mouths, he and I, you and I, the two of you, the three of us, tongues lashing into each others mouths and over one another's faces.  All the while four hands play and fondle and caressing my body and privates.  I can barely stand it and want to be set free but know this is what you want and I love letting you have your way.  

"I want to watch you 69 each other now", you tell him and your wish is his command.  You move to the side and he turns and positions his cock at my face and takes me in his mouth.  His strong hands squeeze me and you reach under his, take his cock and guide it to my mouth.  I suck him in, holding tightly between  my lips and draw my cheeks against his shaft to give him all the pleasure I can.  His mouth is powerful and he takes me deep in his throat.  I peer over at you laying beside us playing with yourself, intensely watching us and I am so happy to be pleasing you this way. 

You move to your knees and take the massage oil bottle you pour some on your hand then start rubbing his back, then between his buttocks and against his asshole.  Slowly you insert a finger and he moans at this new twist.  You finger fuck his butt and he squirms even more as his cock and ass are now being titillated. 

"Would you like something a little bigger here Tom?" you ask. 

"Just what do you have in mind?" he asks.

"Oh I thought a nice hard cock would be good.  What do you think?"

"That would be perfect", he replies and he moves from my face and turning his body he straddles my cock, placing his with mine and masturbating the two together, lubricating each with massage oil and precum.  It feels good to have him play with me like this and you move your leg over me and place you pussy at my face again.  I lap and lick at you and you take my head in your hands and press me into your body until I nearly suffocate but I continue to drive my tongue deep into you and suck your clit with an intensity I have never provide you before.   I am so horny and want my cock in his ass more than ever and I feel him move into position, hold me to his hole and slowly insert me and lower himself onto my streaming hot, rock hard erection.
  He is very tight but soon loosens as the lubricants and his body adjust to me.  He slowly moves up and down taking me completely into his ass and he sighs with delight as he fucks himself on me.  You lay back and he takes you in his arms and fondles your breasts.  I lap at your clit and suck it hard into my mouth, pulling on it with my lips and twirling it with my tongue. 

The three of us are as one and you lift yourself from me and I wonder what is next.  Turning around you resume a 69 position with me but start sucking his cock as he butt fucks himself on me.  Your juices are pouring over my face and I lick and drink them as best I can.  You take him deep in your mouth and lick his shaft, play with his balls and rub his cock all over your face.

"I need a good fucking too!" you exclaim and rising up you turn around straddling me and move back to receive his cock.  Our mouths meet and we kiss long deep tongue kisses, licking each others faces furiously in a rage of passion.  He is now completely inserted in you and you rock back and forth against him and that makes him move even faster on me. 

The three of us are moaning and sighing with pleasure and nearing release of our loads of cum.  He grabs your hips and pulls himself into you, your breast are flopping back and forth and I reach to kiss and bit the hard erect nipples at my face.   We are pounding against one another, I lift my hips to drive myself into his ass and he pulls you against him penetrating you deep and hard and you shove yourself onto him in perfect unison with his hips.

We are all nearing climax and I can feel my semen ready to burst from me and I grow more full and long and Tom slows for a moment and lifts his hips so that I am barely in his sphincter.  He squeezes me a few time and also draws from your pussy them suddenly drops himself on me ramming my shaft to its' hilt and at the same time he pulls you onto his cock with a massive invasion of your body and we all explode.  Our juices empty into one another, I can feel my cum running out of him and down my legs where is is joined by your juices that are mixed with his.  He controls us, continuing to milk us and himself, shuddering uncontrollably our bodies racked with an orgasm of such intensity we are nearly having convulsions. 

We finally slow and the two of you lay beside me, kissing my nipples and playing with me.  We kiss each other and you finally reach up and undo the restraints.  Snuggling we fall asleep against each other to recover for another round later on.

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