A Bi-Curious (Newspaper Fetish) Fantasy Of Mine   added 5 years ago    

  By: paperman83

As the title says, it's a bi-curious fantasy. There's this guy I knew He always dressed in girl's clothes and acted real female. And out of all honesty, due to the fact that I'm not gay, I was alittle bi-curious. And I once had a dream about him. So I guess, since he was the closest thing to a woman that a guy can appear to be, then I'll use him in my fantasy. And like my other stories, this is also a newspaper fetish fantasy. 

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My fantasy begins at my house, late one night. My sister has a couple of friends over, includeing this guy who went to highschool with us. He dresses up in girl's clothing, but in my fantasy, he is wearing a tight formal dress. His penis only showing a small bulge, as he hides his huge cock very well. He is real petite looking and has a soft voice. 

My sister and her friends are ready to leave for a party, but the guy friend decides he doesn't want to go, leaving only him and I alone in the house. I am in my room with dim lights on, laying naked on top of spread out newspaper. Masterbateing with it and rubbing it all over my naked body. He comes upstairs to use the bathroom and I make just enough noise to catch his curiousity. When he is finished in the bathroom, he stops at my door to listen to the crinkleing of the newspaper. Without asking, he opens my door and sees me.

I, at this point, am okay with performing infront of him as neither of us will judge each other. He walks to my chair next to my bed to watch me masterbate with the paper. I continue as if he isn't there. After awhile, his boredom of watching sets in and he gets up from the chair. Then he pulls his dress up and whips out his large and hard cock. I allow him to sit next to me on top of the newspaper. He does so and starts to stroke his own cock. I watch him for awhile, then I take my newspaper and rub it litely on his cock. He seems to like it, so I continue.

I sit up and get behind him, so that his back is faceing my chest. Still sitting behind him on the bed of newspaper, with my hand wrapping my newspaper around his hard cock, I reach for another sheet from my pile and place it on his face. He breathes in the smell of the newspaper, then I run it down through the top of his dress. I stop at his nipples and rub on them over the newspaper, while I masterbate him with my newspaper. He begins to like it even more. He tilts his head back, resting it on my shoulder. Enableing me to kiss the side of his neck. He enjoys it so much that he turns to kiss my lips. I am hesitant, because I have never kissed another guy before.

So I close my eyes and place my lips upon his. We make-out, while I continue to masterbate him with my newspaper and play with his nipples through the newspaper I placed over his chest. Then I open my eyes while kissing him and feel free to explore my sexuality, because kissing him feels the same as kissing a woman.

After awhile of kissing him, I decide to progress the activity. I get up from the bed and step to the side. I pull his legs down off the side, so he is half way laying on the bed. He places his hands on top of the newspaper covering his chest and plays with his nipples through the newspaper. I continue to masterbate him, till I get the urge to suck on his cock tip. So I get up and grab some strawberry flavored sex jelly and kneel back down to the floor with his cock waveing in my face. I open up the strawberry sex jelly and run it down his cock tip and let it flow down over his shaft. I take my hand and wrap it around his cock to masterbate him and spread the jelly all over his cock. I become impatient and quickly wrap my lips around his, now, strawberry flavored, hard cock.

I suck on his cock tip like a lolly pop, then I take his full shaft into my mouth. Tasteing the strawberry flavor as the jelly glides down the back of my throat, forceing me to swallow it with his dick fully inside my mouth. The tightening of my lips as I swallow, makes him moan. I continue to massage his hard cock with my lips, swirling my tongue around his shaft. When the taste of strawberry had disapeared from my mouth and his dick, I continue to swallow my saliva. Tasteing his pre-cum, as it flows through my mouth and down my throat. I suck him harder and harder, faster and faster. I hear him moan loader and loader. I start to moan, hopeing my voice will vibrate his cock and maximize his pleasure. Untill he climaxes and his cum empties into my mouth. I do not swallow it, as I forbid to swallow another man's load. I let it drip down his shaft. 

As he and I finish and I am expecting for him to do the same for me, we hear a couple of voices in the corner of the room. We look around to see my sister's other lady friends sitting on the floor watching with the door wide open. And apearently they had been quietly watching the whole time. I say, "Why not" and let them watch, while he does me, just as I had done for him.

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