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We stand in the back of the full elevator to a posh hotel and wait for our 9th floor, listening to classical music. Not knowing each other’s real names, we go by our username, I’m “Always Hard” and hers “Asian Delight”. I saw her profile online in one of my favorite porn site earlier today, which will be nameless, and it instantly caught my eye when I came across a pair of nice caramel colored toned legs. They were spread wide that showed a small pussy, designed with a thick horizontal hairs and the rest was clean shaved, and fingers dipped into her wet hole.

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The comment on her picture said “Do you want to share my Asian beaver with my girlfriend?” My dick jumped and of course I replied “Hell yeah” on her ad as I stroke my hard on waiting for her answer. The instant message popped up and asked “If your up for it, do you want a quickly in an hour?” Oh fuck yeah, who in their right mind would pass up sex, let alone with two women, so I agreed, we made the arrangements and now here we are.

As we are heading up, I stare at “Asian Delight”. She is lean and fit, about 5’4, but looks taller because of her 4 inch yellow stilettos that matches her top that is half up to her midriff and the neck line goes under her breasts, showing her red bra. My eyes travel down and see her tight fitting black jeans that goes just below her hips, exposing her matching g-string. Her hair is wavy jet black that falls to the middle of her lower back and her dark eyes are a bit slanted, giving her an erotic look.

Her girlfriend, known to “Asian Delight” as “My Bitch” is a little smaller, with also black hair but it appears to be shorter in the pony tail with red highlights. She has on a high school uniform like outfit, red and white plaid kilt, cream button blouse and knee high white socks in a black stiletto boots. Her eyes are more slanted but also dark in color.

As we wait for our floor, the two women discreetly run their hand down each others asses pretending they are holding the bar behind us. “Asian Delight” moves in front of her girlfriend that is in the corner, puts her hand behind her back, lifts up the kilt a little and sticks one finger in her panties.

The other woman slightly opens her legs and I hear her softly moan beside me as “Asian Delight” strokes her. My dick gets hard, wanting this stupid lift to move faster. The girls looks at me, sees me watching them with my cock bulging through my pants and smiles.
Finally our floor arrives and I nearly sprint through the doors and head towards our room.

Once inside, “Asian Delight” tells me to take the chair that is on the other side, put it in front of the bed and have a sit. I did what she asks and I see her and her girlfriend starting kissing each other, caressing their tits and playing through their clothes. After both undress, I notice that “Asian Delight” is the dominant one between them as she gives orders to the other girl. “Eat my pussy bitch” she tells her “Do it right and make me cum hard.”

Loving a woman in control, my cock jumps as the girlfriend spread the legs, licking and eating the already wet cunt. “Asian Delight” grabs her own tits and moans, thrusting herself against the mouth. Pulling the girls hair up, she looks at her, demands her to fuck the dripping hole with three fingers and do it fast so she can climax.

Doing what she is suppose to do, she slips her digits in the moist, bury her head even farther and increases the pace. The dominate one groans, shoving the mouth harder on her muff, grinding it as the fingers goes in and out repeatedly. Taking my dick out of my pants, I stroke it in the same movements as her fingers, pretending it is my stiff rod in her. “Asian Delight” caress the girl’s hair and pull it back so she can watch her. Holding the woman’s head, “Asian” circles her hips and looks at me. She yells out her orgasm as she wraps her legs around the neck and lifting up her shaking body, eyes not leaving mine.

Feeling my balls tightening and knowing I was about to bust, I stop, wanting to save it for when I fuck the living shit out of my Asian, dominated woman. Her climax subsides and kisses the girl, tasting her own cum, telling her she is a good girl. She looks at me, licking her lips and sees my pulsing dick in my hand, leaking in secretions. “Are you ready for us now” asking me. I nod my head yes, anticipating what will happen next.          

They move towards me and strips off my clothes as they kiss each other. Sitting on the bed now, “Asian” positions herself beside me, leans over as her hair falls and tits hanging, brushing on my thigh and takes my cock in her mouth. She licks around my shaft as she sucks me, going all the way down while the other one sits on the floor between my legs, lightly tugs my balls and licks them as she runs her manicure nails on it.

I can hear the slurping sounds of the mouths, moving up and down faster and faster. Taking both their hair and pushing them to the sides, I watch them pleasuring me and then I see the girl sticks her fingers into her master’s pussy, ramming them while my Asian groans, causing a vibrating sensation on my dick.

Pulling up from my cock and pushing me down on the bed, “Asian Delight” tells me “I  want to see you eat my bitch’s pussy as I fuck you.” Without answering, the girl is already on the bed, straddles my mouth and faces her girlfriend as my Asian lowers herself on me. Her drench opening slides on me and I have to suck in my breath as I feel her very tight small pussy, warm and squeezing around my prick.

She fucks me, grinding hard going up and down as I lick the pussy that is on my face. I hear them kissing as she picks up her tempo, causing me to speed up my own as well. “That’s right hoe, cum in his mouth now” the dominate one says, her pussy clenching more around me. I hear the girl cry out as she spasms, tasting the juices flowing down my mouth. Her mistress orders her to get up, lick her ass then my sack while we continue fuck, and she did.

“Asian Delight” tells me she wants to taste her girlfriend’s pussy on my mouth. She grabs my head and kisses me, and swaps the left over cum between our mouths. Feeling the licking on my sacs as I fuck the sweet pussy, I go on my elbows to watch the slave rim the anus and then my testies. As we continue to fuck, I feel the very soak hole pulsing and quivering, but when I was about to move faster, my Asian gets up, she says to me “Not yet big boy. I want you to fuck my ass.”

Even harder now, I get up, stand behind her as she goes on top of the bed on all fours near the edge and the girlfriend lies down underneath her master’s legs by her sex organ. Spitting on my dick and her ass hole, I push it in her delicious ass. Thrusting in, it clenches and firmly grips me as it stretches to accommodate my size. Placing my hand between my fat meat and her ass, I feel it enter again and again, gliding easily in the back door. I pace myself, wanting to savour the view and feeling.

“Asian Delight” pants and yells to her girlfriend to make her come as I bone her. The other one munches on the slit while fingering her and I feel the Mistress ramming harder against me, forcing my balls to bang onto her. Back and forth she moves, bunching the sheets on the bed and when she barks for us to quickening our pace, we did. She screams out, squirting her cum in her lover’s mouth and a little on my leg, her ass gripping me as it convulses.

When I feel her squeeze and loosen around me over and over again, it is too much for me to handle and I shout out my own release. “Asian Delight” pulls off of me, places me in her mouth and sucks me. Roaring my climax, I take her head and fuck her mouth as I release my cum while she deep throats my cock and the girl teasing my draining balls. Tasting her ass on my prick, she milks me dry as she swallows every last drop of my cream.

Once we finish, the two got dress, kiss me and leaves while I stay in bed recovering. I close my eyes remembering what took place and smile. I grab my crotch thinking I can’t wait to see who else I will meet next on the amazing website.


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bethany31 This is quite easily my favourite fantasy on this site.
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Soohard08 Thank you for writing my dream, its exaktly what my higest dream is. Tank you soo mutch.
bethany31    (2010-10-13 18:05:31)    Flag as inappropiate
bethany31 Mmmm, I like this one.

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