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  By: Law

It's late at night. I haven't really spoken to you and have been out of the house since the cinema and you're not sure why. Am I punishing you? Have I lost interest? You normally wouldn't care except you've been horny ever since and nothing seems to do it.


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Unexpectingly I walk in the room and come over to you and give you a passionate kiss. My tongue searching your mouth. You're half surprised but as you strat to respond in kind I pull away. "Put these on".

You're dressed in a corset which pushes your breasts up so they are almost on show and a lace tutu showing your ass off with stockings, suspenders and killers heals on. I'm trying hard to remain casual but its killing me and secretly you know it is due to the bulge forming in my trousers. I throw you your jacket which comes in a just above the knees. Just enough to cover your modesty but you still look amazing and you know it.

As we get in the cab you're intrigued to know where we're going but dare not to ask as you prefer the surprise. I reach over and place my hand inbetween your legs and place my fingers on your already wet pussy. I don't do anything but just keep my hand there. The anitcipation is killing you and you squeeze your legs around my hand as your pre-cum starts to soak your thong.

Ten minutes later the ride is over and we get out. We're going to a club and as we enter we're both handed a mask that covers our eyes. You're intrigued as you check out the other guests. Men dressed in sutis and women in equally as slutty clothing as you. We walk into the main room, the music is playing loudly and you're shocked to see I've taken you to a sex club. All around you around are people performing sexual acts in twos, threes and in some cases more. Is this your punishment or a treat. Whichever way you're not arguing as the club smells of sex which turns you on even more.

We go to the bar for drinks (champagne naturally) and take a seat on one of the many sofas. In front of us are two women and two men having sex. I sit there in silence as I start to stroke your pussy all the time looking over at the debauchery in front of us. One of the men beckons you over, you're unsure but I give you a gentle push and you leave your seat, crawl over to him, knee between his legs and take him in your mouth. As you spit over his cock and drink in his pre-cum I begin to undress. 

You're getting hotter and hotter as you can feel his cock growing in your mouth. You know he's going to explode in your mouth soon but before he does You feel someone pull at your her and pull you to your feet.  As they're stood behind you you feel their stiff cock pressing against your ass. They put their arm around you and lead you backwards to a chair which you stumble on to. As you turn around you realise its me. I'm stood over you naked and grinning, you decide to thank me by leaning forward and taking me in your mouth. Two cocks in 15 minutes. What have you done to deserve this you think?

I pull my cock from your mouth and kneel in front of you. Your turn and haven't you waited for this. I move your thing to one side and press my mouth to your now sopping wet pussy. You groan in pleasure as my mouth laps up your juices and my tongue flicks over your pussy and ass. You're unsure about who you're supposed to be looking at - me or the various people gettign themselves off by looking at you. You cum hard as my fingers slide up your ass. I kiss you so you can taste yourself and then remove your thong and put my cock inside you. I push the fabric of your thong over your face so you can smell yourself and begin to fuck you slowly and a little deeper each time.

You clock a slim brunette girl walking over and then disappear behind me and you wonder what she's doing. As she pushes her fingers up your ass and strokes my balls you know from the way I've just groaned that she's licking my ass. This makes me fuck you a little harder. Another woman, blonde this time walks over "may I?" she says as she stands on the couch and straddles you pushing her cunt into your face. You've no idea what's going on as all you can feel is my cock, the fingers up your ass and the pussy in your face. She straddles you harder and harder pulling your head into her as she grinds into you.

You can hardly breath but you know you have to carry on if you want this. her taste engulfs you and you feel her buckle down onto your mouth as she cums hard squirting her juices all over your face. I stop for a second as I have to support her so she doesn't fall over. She gets off you and thanks you with a deep long kiss as you swap her juices.

We're left alone for a second but only physically as you can feel the eyes on you. I begin to fuck you harder and you can sense my climax is near. I pull down your corset down and suck hard on your breasts as I work myself up. As i'm fucking you a guy appears next to us offering you his cock which you take willingly as he forces himself down your throat. You start to choke on his cock as you can't breathe, the sensation along with my cock in your pussy is too much and you can feel yourself getting warmer inside, the feeling spreading down to your legs. I don't know why but I feel a sudden urge to join in the fun.

My mouth reaches out to his shaft and you let me take him in my mouth. The site of me sucking another man's cock makes you cum hard. The orgasm lasts for a full minute as I pound you and suck his dick looking at you all the time. Your orgasm spreads through you whole body and you scream with pleasure as you watch his cock disappear in my mouth.

When you come to your senses you want to share his cock with me, he's fucking our mouths now as our lips are on either side of his cock. Precum and spit drips down our chin onto your body. He squeezes our faces together and fucks us hard. Our faces touch and we take it in turns to take his length into our mouth. He pushes far into each one of us making us gag with the spit dripping down our necks. He suddenly pulls away and sparys his cum over our faces as we kiss each other. you're now eating his cum off my face as I continue to fuck your throbbing pussy.

With cum dripping off us we continue to kiss each other spitting his cum into each others mouths. I can't contain it anylonger and force my cock in your ass. I'm not gentle so this hurts you as I start to cum violently deep in your ass. As I'm still cumming I pull my cock our and put it in your pussy. Some of the cum spills out onto your stomach but most of it is is your ass and pussy. I collapse on top of you. We can feel each other swet and cum (and everyone elses) as we kiss. You can feel my cock going soft inside you. I get off you and start to dress quickly, that was just the beginning.

There's more in store for you back at home I tell you. As we hurry to get our things together I lead you to the door kissing you tenderly on the way out. We can feel the cum on each others faces. As we huury to the cab rank my cum starts to drip from both your holes and down your leg. Being the filthy slut you are you squeeze it out and as it starts to trickle down your thigh you smile to yourself and wonder what happens when we get home.

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sunny0    (2010-10-28 18:52:37)    Flag as inappropiate
sunny0 I can see why you like the cum swapping. Parts of this would be totally enjoyable to Kevin and I.

Thank you!!

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